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  1. Lower Dan Tien Attributes

    What about the dantien 2 meters underneath the body? Does anybody know something about that? Doesn't the different locations have a name besides upper, middle and lower?
  2. How to cultivate more YANG enegry?

    Have you been to the doctor and checked the possebility of having low metabolism or hypothyroidism? I am also thinking about the emotional part of you. Fear, dissapointment, lack of hope, other peoples resistance and the lack of friendly and supportive environment can drain energy. Maybe you need to work some negative feelings out and learn to take better care of yourself before the energy will come back again? That this is just a part of a process. I think yoga helps to open up for more energy. I would stay away from sugar and too much fruit, and let the body rest when it needs it. If you don't feel safe,then find safety.(Sorry my bad English, I am Norwegian).
  3. What is the Most Important Thing?

    The most important thing is acceptence. So that one is able to accept everything that happens.
  4. I have thought that myself. But after a while I was thinking that nobody tell their sexual partners why they want sex. She is not doing anything wrong at all. She is focusing on something else than pleasure. When did that become bad? If she used them for pleasure then it is ok in this society,isn't it? The green dragons like to ejaculate. They are young and not yet ready to start interesting about energies. They would probably spill their semen by masturbating anyway, at this young age. Then it is better the woman get it. And the green dragons may feel they get something back from the woman. Pleasure.Exactly what they want! And maybe they think love as well, because she is giving them a blow job(like no other girl at their age would do like her).
  5. I have read the white tigress book. I did not find that it was necessary to sit and meditate for an hour afterwards.I must look again. I see the light in the semen and suck that into my head immiadetly. The energy from the orgasm can sometimes be unhealthy,yes,when its filled with bad feelings. That is not a gift to be happy about. I can feel the energy from it come to me but i don't think the bad feelings are sucked up. Because thet is like trash being throwed at me. It falls down to the grown. the men she calls green dragons are the ones she take advantage of, but the boys themselves can possibly feel they are loved. Because they want a blow job, right? And the boys are not strangers,but someone she dates a while before having sex with. So it is romantic. I do not like the idea that she is keeping a secret from them. I will be open about it if I am starting this practice. I miss some the focus on love/the heart in mantak chia and white tigress. I like karezza al lot. The woman who find a man who like it as well is lucky.
  6. Hi. I am Ada!

    Thank you
  7. Hi. I am Ada!

    How am i going to be able to do anything else than reading, asking and comment from now on? I am from Norway by the way. I have been at a lot, but this is so much better, because here you guys have moore knowledge about unusal stuff. I am very interested in cultivation of energies, inner and sexual alchemy, tantra, mysticism and God, of course. I am a seeker of truth, filosopher and poet.