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  1. Does this mean all DVDs (Gift of the Tao I, Gift of the Tao II, and Sequential Energy Activation)?
  2. Celibacy and sexual energy

    You cannot expect others to like hanging around with you if you do not like hanging around yourself. You are not 'messed up' because you are lonely, you are lonely because you are messing it all up by holding yourself in such low regard and pushing others away from you. Who wants to be around someone who's so negative about themselves? And how do you know all women reject you based on superficial qualities and differences of personality? Have you even met all the women in the world? You have no girlfriend, fine. You have no guy friends, so what? Your current experience is the result of your past actions. If you want to change your future, then look at what you did before to cause your current undesirable predicament and choose right now to do something different. Only when you do something different (or look at something in a different way) can you expect to get different results.
  3. Relaxing music?

    Hemi-Sync has this Metamusic Series that you may like. Most of them have mp3 samples you can listen to. Since they have the Hemi-Sync in them it should also help you get to sleep more easily. You can also try Chunyi Lin's Back Into the Universe and Inner Beauty CDs if you like Chinese style music. The origin of the Inner Beauty music is quite interesting: "...The music came to Master Lin during a five-hour early-morning meditation. After the meditation he copied the music he heard and gave it to musicians to play."
  4. Wang Liping on sitting (in lotus posture)

    Hmm, interesting, what is the title of the book this is from?
  5. Chunyi Lin 1 hr Teleseminar Free

    The Healing Connection - December 22 2009.mp3 If you enjoyed the free teleseminar I encourage you to sign up for the weekly sessions of The Healing Connection (Link) with Chunyi Lin.
  6. The Tao Bums Daily Meditation Challenge

    Here's a 100 Days of Qigong chart from Chunyi Lin: http://www.learningstrategies.com/Qigong/100Days.asp I started my own challenge on October 1st and I'm actually already on Day 100 of my 100 Day Spring Forest Qigong practice of 30 min-1 hour every day, but I did not practice it at the same time every day as instructed on that SFQ page, so I guess my next challenge is to do 100 Days at the same time every single day. If anyone is doing a combination of Active Exercises/Sitting Meditation for their 100 Day Challenge and has the problem of 'falling asleep' or 'zoning out' while in a sitting meditation, I suggest starting out doing Active Exercises more often than you do Small Universe/Sitting Meditations, then gradually increasing the frequency of your Small Universe/Sitting Meditations. In this LSC recording, Chunyi Lin says the reason you zone out like that is because your liver energy is low. The Active Exercises must help you build liver energy, because after 2-3 weeks of 3 days Active Exercise/1 day sitting meditation, I stopped zoning out, and ever since then I've always stayed conscious in my sitting meditations. What did I gain from my 100 day Gong? I've noticed little effect on my blood pressure, my weight has dropped about 4-5 kg since I started (it may be related more to dietary changes than the qigong), I'm less attracted, sometimes even deeply disgusted by 'junk foods' that I used to enjoy, and am less frequently hungry than I used to be. My allergies are much less frequent and usually only about 20-40% as bad as they used to be when I actually do get them. Halfway through (around the 60 day mark) I switched from Level 1 Active Exercises to Level 2 Active Exercises. When I first tried using Chunyi Lin's sword fingers/pulling energy out/adding energy in, I had to focus and concentrate fairly hard to get the healing energy and imagery going. Recently (Day 90+) I had the opportunity to try healing someone (with SFQ), and it felt MUCH easier and effective because of the L2 Exercises. It was like the Karate Kid doing 'wax-on, wax-off' every day, I did not realize how useful it would be for the healing of others until one day I had the opportunity to apply what I had practiced. I kept a log of my practice in a simple Excel spreadsheet, and it really helps to be able to see your progress. It was one of the things that kept me going until I reached Day 100 instead of just stopping 2-3 weeks in like I often did before when I attempted to start a daily practice. I did not talk about it too much (online or offline) because I found that in the past when I talked about my qigong practice I actually ended up spending more time talking about meditating than I did meditating. Good luck with your Meditation Challenge Guys , I'm going to let off a couple of weeks (though it's become such a habit now that I'll probably do my qigong every day anyway) and then come back and do it at the same time every day.

    Eh? In Spring Forest Qigong I think Chunyi Lin specifically says to not think of the energy you're pulling out as excess/blocked energy and NOT negative energy. I remember a story in his audio course about him once healing a patient by taking on their sickness, then having to transfer the 'sick energy' to a plant because he didn't feel good, which made the plant's leaves turn yellow. Then he felt so sad he went into meditation, and then came up with the idea of thinking of the blockages as simply energy rather than negative energy. So he tried that and it worked, so in his course he teaches students not to view the blockages as 'bad energy'.
  8. Chinese soup spoon form

    Generally, when among friends and family anyway (esp when I go visit relatives in Hong Kong), we only use the spoon for scooping up meat, vegetables, etc. and maybe tasting the soup initially. To drink the soup we usually lift the bowl and drink directly. Of course, don't forget to slurp ^^ Actually I don't even bother with the spoon, I just lift and slurp for the soup and use chopsticks for food pickup/cleanup. In formal situations though I'd probably just use the spoon and drink very carefully
  9. qigong empowerment question

    Actually, doesn't Chunyi Lin from Spring Forest Qigong teach reverse breathing as well? Though the way he teaches it you don't do it as forcefully, he says to do it just 'a little'. And he doesn't tell you to forcefully push your stomach out, just to let it out. Perhaps it's doing it too forcefully that causes problems? From http://daily.finerminds.com/mind/healer-chunyi-lin/ Energy Breathing Step-by-Step: * Sit or lie down in a comfortable position. * Put a smile on your face (this helps relax your mind and body). * Place the tip of your tongue gently against the roof of your mouth (this connects the two main energy channels in your body). * Breathe through your nose in slow, gentle, deep breaths. * As you breathe in, gently pull your lower stomach in a little. * As you breathe out, let your stomach out. Yin and Yang: The upper part of the body belongs to yang energy; the lower part of the body belongs to yin energy. Breathing in is a part of yin energy; breathing out is yang. One of the reasons we get sick is that yin and yang energies are not communicating well. By pulling your lower stomach in as you inhale and letting it out as you exhale, you are enhancing the communication of the yin and yang energies.
  10. Stuffy/running Nose, Allergies/cold-like Nose Help?

    Have you tried Spring Forest Qigong? Whenever I do it my allergies don't act up as much, if at all, for that day. The active exercises work better than the sitting meditation, but both do help my allergies when I do them. I suppose if I did it continuously for 100 days it might open up my channels and cure it permanently.... Another thing you can do is simply take a Vitamin C supplement every morning.
  11. Just Be Happy

    I wrote an article over a year ago on Finding Inner Peace which, now that I think about it, I should have named 'How To Be Happy'. Here's the link to the full article if you want to read that: http://hubpages.com/hub/Finding_Inner_Peace My main point is that happiness is something that comes from within. You can choose or learn to put certain conditions on your happiness, so that you'll only allow yourself to be happy if X, Y, and Z are present. You can also just choose to be happy, regardless of what happens. It's all up to you. In the end it's your choice whether you want to be in the experience of happiness or whether you want to hold on to the experience of misery. Happiness is a choice. Sadness is a choice. Which do you choose?
  12. Hey guys!

    Hey guys, I'm looking to expand my horizons and find new ways to work with my body and my energy. Ultimately, I hope to be able to find some method to help me learn how to facilitate healing in myself and in others. I've dabbled a bit with Spring Forest Qigong and NEW Energy Ways. I heard a bit about Kunlun Nei Gong, and was directed to this site, so I'm here to figure out what that's all about, and perhaps discover more tips for working with energy.