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  1. Robert Peng's New Book

    goldisheavy, I didn't realize you were the Ambassador of Mandatory Posting and commend you on bringing it to the attention of anyone who cares that I've posted twice in the last 2 years.........A career in Cyber-Sleuthing maybe? Even though I haven't posted a lot, I do frequent this site a few times a week and value the commentary of many of the members. All I know is Mr. Peng has had a lot of fans here, myself included and I wanted to point out his new book for anyone interested. Anyone who sees a conspiracy in this, God bless ya! ToP-fan
  2. Robert Peng's New Book

    Hey goldisheavy, I have nothing to do with Robert Peng or the association that is selling his book. Like VCraigP said, Mr Peng's work has been discussed many times here and I thought pointing out that he has a new book might be of interest to some of the forum members. There have been many instances where folks have notified others of a new book or dvd etc. If you google "Robert Peng book", I believe it will bring up an attachment to click on that will take you right to the ad. So don't be so heavy Goldy and have a happy meal instead.
  3. Robert Peng's New Book

    Hi All, Robert Peng has a new book called,"Qigong Master-My Life and Secret Teachings." I got my copy yesterday and it covers Robert's early years in China with his Master Xiao Yao.......From there you learn the system that Robert developed, Elixir Light Qigong. Chock full of practices and good Qi! You can get your copy at: Price:$28.00 + 5.00 s&h
  4. I know Matrix Energetics has been discussed on another thread previously and what one can accomplish using the tools learned in the system and this is neither a plug nor recommendation for it. For the past few months, I've been hanging out at their website and have read the posts of various practitioners and one of things people seem to pick up effortlessly is the moving of energy, chi, ki or whatever you want to call it. Dr. Richard Bartlett had studied over 40 energetic paradigms and in his research discovered that when you're using a "system" you have to play by the rules of the system....Why does something such as moving energy have to require years of study and had work? Could it be as easy as tapping into the "Morphic Field" ala Rupert Sheldrake of chi, prana etc and all disciplines and use them instantaneously? People are doing this now.
  5. DUDE...................from reading your various posts, it's kind of obvious that you worship at the altar of Dr. Chunyi Lin....................I was just pointing out a new healing modality and you pop in stating that Dr.Kinslow stole a finger growing technique from Lin. How do you know where Lin got it from? Actually, I have to thank you for your post because it made me decide something that I've been contemplating for awhile...................It seems that in the past year, this site has become a place of bickering, pompous know it alls..............."my chi is bigger and better than yours!" and now I'm firmly convinced there are more horses asses in the world than horses. So I'm leaving Tao Bums and moving to another dimension...................Chow!
  6. Although this thread's title is "A qigong path", I thought I might share a fairly new healing modality that is creating quite a stir in the natural healing community. It's called "Quantum Entrainment"..............It was developed by Dr. Frank Kinslow. From the 1st paragraph on page 36 of Dr. Kinslow's book, "The Secret of Instant Healing" "What is Quantum Entrainment? Quantum Entrainment is a quick and effective scientific method that reduces pain and promotes healing. It creates immediate changes that can be seen and felt in the body. It is reproducible and will stand up to the scientific rigor of pre- and post testing. QE continues to work long after the initial session, gently balancing and eliminating blocks to physical and emotional well being. It enlivens a healing awareness in both the initiator and the receiver of the process. There is generally a feeling of peace and relaxation that accompanies a QE session." There are some similarities between QE and Matrix Energetics being that they both have the belief that awareness, the field, the force, call it what you will is what does the healing, not the initiator. By tapping into this field by being a conduit and doing their processes things automatically come into balance whether it's a broken bone or a broken heart. The less you do and get out of the way the better. I've just started reading the book and doing the early exercises,............ training wheels if you will before getting to the meat and potatoes!
  7. Hi folks, There's a course/seminar that's been around for awhile called "Access".............It was developed by Gary Douglas in 1990. It involves energy work, belief system change and various "processes" that are done in group settings. According to Mr. Douglas, it is something that is constantly evolving and people who have done it have said it transformed their lives. Has anyone here done it or knows anyone who has? Their website:
  8. Matrix Energetics

    I recently purchased "The Matrix Energetics Experience" from Sounds True..............The program contains 6 audios, 1 dvd, an 85 page workbook and color coded cards called "Frequency Cards" which enables one to tap into the various frequencies of the universe................It lists for $99.95 but can be gotten a lot cheaper on Amazon and other sites. As far as Two Pointing goes, I can say right off the bat it is not Reiki or chi............As a matter of fact, Mr. Bartlett says on the video that he doesn't think chi, chakras or prana really exist and then with a smile on his face, "neither do trees"...................The point he's making, is that on a quantum level, everything is just waves and photons and what we all do to exist on this 3d level is to give labels and names to things. This is where Morphogenetic Fields come into play...............When enough people have the same belief system, the larger the field becomes and takes on it's own life................So you can tap a chi , prana field etc and then it's labeled..............As Richard says, " when you define it, you also confine it " forcing you to operate within that system with all of it's limitations. When you Two Point (which I haven't learned yet) you access the quantum field of limitless potential and collapse the wave of whatever your working on be it an injury, self esteem whatever...............Imagination is the key to tapping the field with Two Point and not placing an intent for a particular outcome. Don't try to control what is going to happen in the next instant. I heartily recommend the Sounds True program. I've only watched the video once and listened to cd 1 a few times and already I'm witnessing more of how the universe likes to play with us and I truly believe the key word here is play!
  9. Is anal sex unhealthy?

    Whatever floats your boat..............I am of the belief that it's an exit NOT an entrance
  10. I received an email today from Michael Winn's site promoting a new book called "Internal Alchemy"................There are various contibutors to the many chapters and it's edited by Livia Kohn and Robin Wang................It tops out at 256 pages and lists for $29.95. You can see the table of contents and the various topics covered at
  11. I've started playing the didgeridoo

    I got diagnosed with sleep apnea in 2002. I tried the cpap machine, throat sprays, devices to keep the mouth closed......... all to no avail. I've heard the didgeridoo helped with the apnea but I never got around to look for one.............gonna give it a shot..................thanks Innerspace Cadet and good luck with your playing!
  12. Loose Change

    Dreamingawake, Spirit Ape, Smile & Vortex, thank you for some common sense and sanity in this discussion.......Anybody with half a brain can see that the falling of the towers and building 7 violated a bunch of the laws of physics if we are to believe the fairytale version. An excellent video that debunks the debunkers is "911 Eyewitness" from Hoboken-tv by Richard A. Siegel.................Newton's three laws of motion are featured, along with the Law of Gravity, Conservation of Energy, Projectile Motion and Increasing Entropy. There are numerous isolated video shots of bomb flashes as well as the squibs to prove that these were classic demolition take downs. You can get it on Amazon.
  13. What a Tosser!

    In 2000, I was considering taking Clyman's video courses and had an extended conversation about the most of the popular Chi Kung teachers of the day...................He didn't have a nice word to say about any of them. I never forgot his arrogance and the names he pinned on these teachers. Effie Chow- a bitch who had too much control of the scheduling at the yearly chi kung conference. Mantak Chia-too difficult to understand and is over rated. Jerry Alan Johnson-"can't you see the fear in his eyes?" ( I kid you not) and my favorite Bruce Frantzis-"a beached whale" This dude was so bizarre and intimidating even on the phone!
  14. Loose Change

    Taoist81-You seem to want to be in a data pissing contest with anybody who points out the many flaws in the official fairytale of 9/11. I don't know what research you've done, but you seem to have quite an emotional charge on the subject. Governments have been attacking their own citizens for centuries, usually as a pretext for war.......If I go ahead and name some of the events, you'll probably accuse me of "Google Fu". The statements I posted before are all fact and documented..............I've seen the video of Silverstein making the "pull" comment. If you want to read a good book try "War is a Racket" by Major General Smedley Butler, the highest decorated Marine in 1934..............He fought in the Spanish American war and many others and came to realize that he was fighting for corporations and wars were created when economic conditions were low. If I start a thread on "False Flag Terrorism" which 9/11 was, I'm sure you'll use the google card again, so instead of getting into a pissing contest with you.........I'm gonna go piss in the wind.
  15. Loose Change

    Taoist81-things to consider and question: 1. Where was the "plane" that hit the Pentagon? 2. Why was there thermite and molten metal at the base of the towers? 3. Why did over 200 firefighters have gag orders on them to shut up about hearing explosive charges going off? 4. Numerous scientists and physicists have studied the way the towers fell and have concluded that they were brought down not flown into.(see #2 above) 5. Larry Silverstein who held the notes on the towers and Building 7 is on record as saying " after all the loss of life and devastation, we decided to "pull" bldg. 7" "Pull" is a demolition term used when they take down buildings? Why were there explosive charges planted in a building? 6. Pilots with over 30 years experience were quoted that "Nobody who had limited flight experience could bring in planes so precise and accurate" through the Manhattan sky- line. There are so many theories as to why this terrible event occured, but it was definitely NOT 19 hijackers who were pissed off at America and our way of life who pulled of something of this magnitude. Black Ops?..............New World Order?............The Illuminati?...............on and on...........throw some disinfo into the mix and all our heads are spinning...........just like THEY want.