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  1. Kundalini Juices

    Sure, I will share. For many years now, especially after I started with energy works, the feeling that fabrics of reality is not so consistent as it seams to be, is getting stronger by day. For example, I'm aware somehow of these doors that you can open practically anywhere. In thin air. In colors on my carpet. In smoke. Sound... And that always got my attention. Best to put it, whole reality to me is like one huge waving. So naturally it happened for me to just be seduced by those feelings, and on couple of those times I've been able to concentrate on that feeling, and the weirdest things occurred then. Suddenly, all sounds became buzzing, I blurred my sight, and after that I skipped an hour or so. Maybe more. And there was no alien guy near me, but I did saw a little butterfly....
  2. Kundalini Juices

    Time as non-linear concept is always been interesting to me. All that you guys wrote till now made me think about it again. On not one occasion, I managed to bend time and slip through what seams to me like crack, and skip certain moments.... To be more exact I think that time was bending around me... And always been asking myself, what is that I've been doing to make that happen. So it would be very helpful to have little alien pall to explain some things along the way.
  3. Yang transfer overkill

    Yes, we have all Chia's books, and every seminar DVD to this date, I think. All of that is a large volume of information and knowledge in which we getting pretty good. Chia is the reason I started practicing way back in the first place. My wife often experience heart orgasms, as well as whole body ones and we are working on the other organs. It's interesting how energy can show you just by itself what to do....
  4. Yang transfer overkill

    And after every hiccough, it seams like we become two times in more control of ourselves. So in a sense it is a good thing. We are learning more and more every day. She learns to digest energy and becomes very good at it, because she is so intuitive. I will look more into sending energy to specific organs. That sounds like something we should know. Thank you.
  5. Exactly like that. Maybe a better term to call it would be learning how to live alongside and derive answers where you can. It's like a challenge for me in some way. Or rather experiment as you say. I don't want to drive them away, because that would be sisyphean to do. Among other things, I could sense them everywhere, just like casual birds along the road, they are just there. No point in changing that. What could be learned from that presence is what interest me the most. It's just like a decor in my sight. Also not something worth obsessing about. Another thing on the road, that you can learn from. Anything else seams so arrogant.
  6. Yang transfer overkill

    Well we are doing that. More of it every day, this caught us off guard.
  7. I don't see it as a matter of believing.... I have no use for that.
  8. Yang transfer overkill

    I'm not offended, I'm joking, man. I can see why you have such opinion, and to some degree I think exactly like you. And there is truth in what you are saying. You see, there was a time, and still sometimes is hard for me to shield myself from other people negative emotions, so last thing I would wanna do is to do the same thing to my wife. This energy transfer is the first time I tried something like that, and that's not because I was trying to get rid myself of hot energy (believe me, that's not the case, I love floaty felling when I'm charged), but rather to help her recover from exhaustion, little sleep and cold after busy day at work. The reason for me doing so could not be purer than that. And nothing but love was inside me at that moment. With that said, I know now what went wrong and it's kinda funny thinking of it....
  9. That is the right question, cat.... I don't know, somehow it seams to me more like I'm existing in just one specter of reality, sharing it with other beings, than projecting my energy in the way to be able to move things. Maybe also that I'm so clumsy that everything falls around me. So those beings I called entities, maybe I'm wrong, don't know. The One thing I do know, I don't want them to be parasites. Then again that is such a human concept, and has no sense to me. You are right in regard that answer is in my hand, the thing is that just awareness of them by it self is taught me to guide myself in that manner so not to be a victim.
  10. Yang transfer overkill

    I think so too, cat, because everything is pointing at that. And that was her words. She is not used to that level of energy, so it was like unknown state to deal with. Anyways we both laughed at that mishap, and continuing to learn of ourselves.... And, Scotty, man, I really didn't know that I'm so "sick and full of illnesses", good thing I have you to make me realize that.... Thank you.
  11. Why are you saying that?
  12. This happened last week: My wife was sleeping in the other room while I was meditating in the living room, and one thought came to me. Since I was already felt charged in yang energy so much, why not cool myself down by sending her excess energy that I have. She was very tired from work and so cold, heaving problems to stay warm, so that idea seems logical to me at the moment. I continued to meditate sending waves of energy to her in the other room, and after half hour, I was in balance, the floating filling in me subsided and I felt more in myself. So next thing is that she awakened and was awake right from the start, which is new to her, because she is always dizzy after napping. The things seamed good for an hour or so, but then she began to feel nervous with no reason, and hard to calm down. Only after two seances of breathing and me trying to gather her energy from chest in the abdomen, and glass of pineapple juice she calmed down. She said later while we laughed at it, that she is not used to be that warm. Could it be that was to much for her? Or I supposed to tell her so that there would be no surprises? She is so intuitive with energy, but I guess that nobody likes surprises like that. In that case it is honest mistake. Is it safe for her to be that hot? It seams to me I'm most of the time warm like that?
  13. Now, this makes me laugh for some reason right now... Thing is: For some time now, say year or two, I've started to be aware of these entities around me. And noticed one thing, it seams like they really try to piss me off. I'm talking here about little mishaps around the kitchen mostly or certain stuff falling around the house, just before I was going to use them 'n' such. So this made me think, not to give them satisfaction and now they are quite funny to me. Seems quite logical, that if they are really munching on my energy that.... Anyways, I'm beginning to think that maybe I could learn something from them, since I've already learned how to be more calm, and not jump like gorilla every time my rice falls across the kitchen with no apparent reason. I could use them. Besides, it seams that this works like this: The more I give them positive energy, the more of the same I have... Although I'm concerned that they don't eat something I'm not willing to give. So I'm interested in others experience on this subject.
  14. Taoist Philosophy

    Wow, this is one of the best things I've read recently! Thank you everybody for this wisdom.