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  1. How edumacated are you?

    I've got a CPA which totally helps in this economy plus a degree in Accounting and one in Finance. The only downside I saw in having an education was the structure/barriers that are built around the mind (ie belief systems, etc) - which did not lend well to achieving out of mind meditations. That took years to break! But once that was broken I am totally thankful for having an education.
  2. Dr. Yang's Understanding Chi Kung DVD series

    While I have never met Dr Yang, I will be taking my first seminar with him in February. It should be really interesting compare his theory and knowledge to the level of energy he has actually cultivated. Honestly, his theories have been so captivating for me that I believe he really has something here. Whether or not it works he has opened my eyes revealing more about Qigong than anyone else that I have read. Has anyone ever encountered explanations so deep on Qigong as Dr Yang (In English)?
  3. Spring Forest/Alchemy Correllation

    Hi Fu Dog, What other types of qigong practices have you been involved in that provide tangible results of building the qi? Could you be more specific please?
  4. Got any "Dragon Gate" pictures?

    Hi ST, The teacher's name is Sat Hon and is in Manhattan. You can goggle him for his website.
  5. Got any "Dragon Gate" pictures?

    This teacher that I recently met claims to be a 21st generation Dragon Gate Taoist. Whether he or not does not matter to me so much right now only because of the energetic forces that I saw him engage during the class. Both my girlfriend and I were amazed at what he was doing. Anyway I asked him about the symbol of his school which he believed was the original Dragon Gate symbol. His story was that when Qui Chuji met with Ghangis he asked Qui Chuji what was the one thing he needed to do to help his own spiritual path. Qui Chuji replied that Ghangis should stop the killing. Instead of stopping all killing Ghangis gave this symbol to Qui so that he or any of his students would not be killed by Ghangis's soldiers. This is just a different take on the Dragon Gate symbol and obviously has no connection to what you would see from the 3rd eye.
  6. Hi Everyone

    Nice to meet you Cat, I would love to share my experience and knowledge of the Clairvision Meditation School techniques, methodology, goals and results anytime. The book Awakening the 3rd Eye is a great favorite of mine and the Virtual Astrologer is super handy. We primarily use the ATE book as a foundation for opening and awakening our perception of the energy body which is the primary vehicle we use for all of our practices. I have to hand it to Samuel, he has a solid program for getting you through the door of perception as well as dissolving blocks. Plus there are a lot of higher teachings that are totally usable in daily life. Mark
  7. Hi Everyone

    Nice to meet you Seekeroftruth, I graduated from college back in 2001 and now am a "professional" (lol). I am just another student of the Tao who resides in NYC.
  8. Hi Everyone

    Hello to everyone. It is exciting to sign up for this forum. I have been reading several posts here over the past few months and have enjoyed the conversation everyone brings. My primary goal is to learn more about taoist terminology, the theory of different body technology practices and how to apply them properly and most importantly I need to find a competent teacher, preferably in or around NYC, or China or where ever. If anyone can recommend someone it would be much appreciated. Other than that I hope to contribute to this forum as best as I can. My own experience and path involves starting with meditating with Thai Forest Monks in my late teens, various martial arts training with my coolest teacher in Hawaii (Dragongatesanctuary) and I have now been learning meditation for the past 6 years directly from a french guy (Clairvision). However, with all that I have experienced I have come to a point in my practice where I would like to apply taoist principles to develop my body of energy. Or something like that. It is my hope that this forum can act as a portal to other avenues. And I just excited to find other people out there asking the same questions. I look forward to meeting all of you. Thanks Tao Bums! Mark