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  1. Hello Everyone

    Hi LeAnn, Do you have a teacher or are you learning on your own right now? I am lucky that I have found a couple of people in by Bagua class that have similar experiences to mine and who are on the same path. Both are very knowledgeable about things so it's nice to bounce things off of them. Maybe you could try a tai chi class or something similar? Taoist yoga maybe? -0-
  2. Greetings...

    Hi Orb, I've been studying foundational Bagua for about a year now. Foundational meaning no forms, etc. I mostly stood in wuji for the first six months (usually around two hours at a time with some longer stretches up to 4 hours) with a little linear and circle walking here and there. The last few months have been spent practicing martial applications but I am mostly drawn to the meditative side of things. My daily practice consists of a lot of standing and seated meditation. I'm relatively new to the internal aspects. I've spent some years practicing external styles which then led to yoga and meditation and now to here. The world has become a great and beautiful place for me again as I had become disconnected from it for many years (too much mind). My days are now filled with a kind of synchronicity. It's really awesome. I think I had to get out of my head and sensitive to the universe again. Do you experience any of this? Like, when you call someone, they will always say, "Hey, I was just thinking about you!" or if you go to meet someone, you show up at exactly the right time. It's so neat. Seems to happen almost all of the time now... almost like I can control it. -0-
  3. Greetings...

    Hi All, Great site! It appears that the forums here are filled with knowledgeable friends united on a journey. I too have been on the path for many years now in differing forms. I'm not sure how much I will contribute, but perhaps it is meant for me to in fact do so... we shall see, no? Peace, -0-