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  1. @ Ralis, The Red Dragon Hei Gung video has been updated, I will send you a download link for the new version to your e-mail. If anyone else who also bought the video is having difficulties hearing the instructions, please contact us using the same e-mail address you originally used to order your copy and we will send you a download for the new version. Kind regards, Sifu Christer
  2. Hi everyone, Just a quick update to let you all know we are up and running again! The new website is still in its early stages and we will be adding lots of cool stuff in the near future including a section for WBBM members only with social networking, videos, insiders training tips etc. Once again, a huge thank you to everyone who has shown concern and offered support, both here on the forum and through emails and messages Kind regards, Sifu Christer
  3. @ Edward M, Thanks mate, I have only the highest regard for Mike and his knowledge. He is one of the few out there who really understands his art inside out The problem with the method we used before is that there is an exploit where people can use the combo of immediate, autogenerated download links and PayPal to reclaim their money after downloading the merchandise. I know a lot of sellers are having this same problem and are seriously angry with PayPal for helping the scammers. We are looking at a new solution which involves proper authentication of each buyer plus manual distribution of the download links, basically something very similar to your suggestion. Hopefully it will be up and running sooner rather than later but it will probably be a month or two. @ Friend, Thank you very much for the kind words. You know, I was sceptical at first about the whole video idea since I figured people would only buy the videos and not take the training seriously. It is nice to be proven wrong in a positive way for once Keep up the hard work and enjoy the training! @ Seth, Thanks Bro, yup...the world is full of them sadly. Fortunately they are still a minority, it is just that they are so much more noticeable since they tend to stick out amongst all the decent people.
  4. Hi everyone, It saddens me to report that due to an increase in fradulent activity where dishonest individuals attempt to pull off scams in order to download our instructional videos we have decided to stop our current distribution online. We are looking into other more secure ways of sending the files and digital delivery will resume once we have found a satisfactory solution that is less vulnerable to these scammers. In the meantime, we can provide physical copies of our instructional videos that will be shipped via regular mail. We realise that this is an extra inconvinience due to longer delivery times and shipping costs and will do what we can to keep S&H to a miminum. Please contact me on email sifuchris @ for more information if you wish to place an order. We also want to thank all the nice, decent people who have purchased our videos in a legitimate manner! We really do appreciate your support and hope that you are enjoying the training experience! Kind regards, Sifu Christer Wretfors European representative Warrior Body Buddha Mind
  5. White Tiger Heavenly Healing System "72 levels"

    @jiju, hey Bro thanks, that is all keys.
  6. Burning Palm System

    Smile, Don't worry about the tea, it was good. HG
  7. Burning Palm System

    BaguaKid, You are most welcome. Smile, Did you even read my post before replying because you seem to have missed the part where I wrote "experience it first hand"? A video would only show the whole thing if the recipient is struck for real, personally I don't want others to get hurt for my simple viewing pleasure. As for the whole wisdom eye thing, I almost spewed my evening Good night 'yall. HG
  8. Burning Palm System

    Hi, Since am most likely the only one on here (non-lurking) who has actually been hit (and kicked, locked, slammed and tapped out etc) by Spirit Ape, I should probably add something to the thread about my experiences with the Burning Palm methods taught in our school. First about the issue of demonstrating these kinds of skills on video as requested by Smile. I don't know what people expect to see from such a demonstration but this is not a skill to produce red, palm shaped welts on peoples skin. If there is a welt from a full power strike, then it should actually be on the other side of the person and that is not healthy. The red, palm shaped welts that some people demonstrate online are, in my honest opinion, a very low level skill that most anyone can learn in a matter of minutes or less. My suggestion really is to experience it first hand. Period. Yes, I know, Spirit Ape lives in Australia but I travel there frequently to train with him so I know that it can be done. This way, you can ask (politely) for a medium intensity strike which will be enough to experience the effects. I still remember the first time I visited Spirit Ape some years ago and was hit by him in this fashion. It was during our first training session, the day after my arrival and the object of the lesson was actually to teach me something entirely different regarding how to absorb strikes and the difference between "internal soft" and "external hard". Having spent many of my years leading up to that day in external Shaolin and Hakka type systems, I simply didn't understand at first and got taught a valuable lesson when his strike penetrated straight inside and wrecked a fair amount of havock. I tried not to show too much pain and we kept on training for the rest of the day (and I got a few more nasty hits along the way). That evening when I took off my t-shirt most of my chest was already black. Not red, yellow or blue, it was pitch black and totally "stiff". The words "blood" and "clot" did surface a few times before I fell asleep. The next morning I showed Spirit Ape my chest and I think he was a bit shocked himself, not realizing that he had hit me so hard the previous day, soft power is a bit devious that way sometimes. He put me on treatment with external jows and oils, internal medicines (some rather foul tasting ones I remember) and helped me with massage and chi gung healing. This was great since I learned alot about treating these kinds of injuries that day. Apart from helping me recover, it also enabled me to keep on training with intensity which was equally important since he lives quite far away from my home (roughly 32 hours in the air depending on connections). As for the method itself, it really is one of the most complete internal regiments I've come across and I think it is awesome that it is finally about to be made public. I think that the DVD will be a good way to get familiar with the training and get a foundation (I've seen some of the preview material, it rocks) but if there is enough interest then I am sure there will be opportunities to learn IRL via seminars and similar later on. Best regards HG
  9. remote healing

    I have seen JESUS!!! Someone should use their brain power to send this gentleman some "magnetic energy" to help clean out whatever he is smoking...
  10. Tibetn shamanic Qi Kung clips

    LOL... Actually you don't need any of that. For the very modest amount of everything you own, somone will teach you the secret Scandinavian Shamanic Shaking Winter Ski Gong. Guaranteed to: - dramatically increase the blood and chi flow into your skin and auric layers within seconds - induce true spontaneous shaking - bring huge amounts of blood and chi into your internal organs in minutes - cause the cessation of wordly phenomenon in just an hour or so, depending on outside temperature All training done at your own risk. No previous experience required. Students from hotter world regions prefered due to quicker results. Please send your signed and dated testament when ordering. One way trip to Lapland, Sweden not included. Traditional funeral services available. *cough* HG
  11. Do You Train Martial Arts?

    Training in martial arts since 1987. Practicing and teaching various IMA. Stay safe, HG
  12. Great article, thanks for sharing. HG
  13. Mak Tin Si

    First of all, A BIG hello to rodgerj and thanks for sharing your experiences I am a new student under Mak Tin Si and decided to add a little to the thread since I've had some similar things happening to me. My own background is primarily in traditional Chinese internal martial arts, in particular the Yau Kung Mun system, where I am very fortunate to be a student of Sifu Garry Hearfield. I decided to join the Chi in Nature lineage primarily out of curiosity since I was enjoying the posts and information shared by Mak Tin Si and wanted to learn more about traditional Daoism. The first thing I noticed immediately after being enrolled was a change in my energy during my martial arts and chi gung training. It wasn't more energy, as much as a different "feeling" to the energy coming through. It has a slightly more dense sensation to it, very tangible. Another experience is very similar to what rodgerj wrote about regarding dreams. A couple of days after being entered into the lineage, I had a very strange dream in which I was greeted by a slim, elderly Chinese gentleman with a white beard and long hair in a pony tail. He immediately proceeded to pull a black "smoke" from the top of my head and when it was gone he explained that there had been a "demon" attached to my energy and that he had removed it. After that, I woke up. I had had a relatively restless night with only a few hours of sleep and was about to write the experience off as a weird dream with slight nightmare undertones. However, I felt very well rested and full of energy even though I had so little sleep. The strangest thing, however, is that since that night I don't feel cold anymore. I feel comfortably warm no matter the weather. For instance, this morning I went outside in the chilly winter while wearing only a t-shirt and soft pants to help my wife scrape the ice of her car windshield and I didn't feel uncomfortable at all. So there are definately some interesting things going on Kind regards HG
  14. Things a Taoist do not eat

    Hey yangluchan, Just to let you know, you are quite right about plants being able to communicate and in a way "feel". Not in a human way of course, but damage done to an individual plant can indeed cause increased stress in nearby specimens. Can't remember where I first read this but there have been scientific reports published on it. Btw, I have been doing research into plants for a few years now at the uni so some of us scientists do consider it a possibility. HG