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  1. chi kung

    I am curently practicing zhang zhuang under no master but am interested in mabey changing to Yi Jin Jing. Could anybody explain the differences in the outcomes of these two practices and which would be safer to practice with precaution and indepth study from books and dvds
  2. PEACE

    My name is shendog. I dont know how my mom and dad came up with that one! Seriously though I love things like zhan zhuang, kung fu exercises and mibby some kettlebell work. In that order. I love to read samarui books (probably spelled wrong). Just finished "The Unfettered Mind" and was completely blown away, not an easy read. I live in Maryland and am interested in becoming a full member to post and browse the forums. (anybody gonna help me here?) Hope all is well and right with you thanks for having me.