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  1. ReishI Mushroom, Ling Zhi

    Lingzhi itself may be a balanced tonic but it does not mean that your body is. It sounds like you may be lacking in Kidney Yin from the sounds of things. Remember the saying, "7 parts medicine, 3 parts poison".
  2. Commentary By Ven. Master Xuan Hua

    Cheers Lin. I will check it out. Thank you.
  3. Commentary By Ven. Master Xuan Hua

    Hi Lin, Any chance you have copies of the originals in mandarin or links to dhamma talks in mandarin? mouse
  4. Here are a couple of videos from the last two seminars.
  5. How to die?

    Hi Mal, Cbr1000rr here! Bikes are good fun. Anyway onto your question I think it is an important one and I just chanced upon an article that resounded very much with me which I thought I'd share. Hope it is relevant to what you are looking for. mouse
  6. The Star Exercise

    The wudang internal arts school in China headed by You Xuan De teaches this along with other standing postures. Think it was 11 others. This one is calles Da Zhi Zhuang following the "big" character in chinese meaning Big Character Posture/Stance. I find it is one that requires a long time to build up to a decent level due to the tension you can build into the shoulders. Takes time to condition and allow the structure to strengthen or you build tension which needs to be loosened out again if you do any of the internal arts. mouse
  7. YMWong, You pretty much summed it up. What does he mean when he talks about noting hand changes? Does he mean hand mudras? mouse
  8. Hi all, Was curious if anyone has had any success or experience using strong magnets as a form of healing. Reason for this thread is because I had my archellies tendon stained yesterday morning after training and normally it takes 4-5 days for it to heal enough for me to walk without a limp. However, my Grandmother happened to be around and handed me a very small piece of metal (3-4mm diameter) with a band aid. I believe it is a magnet. I stuck it on without giving it much thought and today it is 85-90% healed. I can walk about without limping and was pretty amused by it as normally tendon injuries take a lot longer to heal. Any theories on the mechanics of such therapies would be appreciated. mouse
  9. Hua Shan Pai Do Ga Qigong

    Hi Spirit Ape, These terms are accurate except for Pai again. Pai does not mean system. I am a native speaker if it helps provide more credibility. Not trying to be sticky but translating pai as system is not accurate. Just trying to correct the misunderstanding. mouse
  10. Hua Shan Pai Do Ga Qigong

    You could translate it as system although it would be inaccurate. There are other more suitable words for system. Same for lineage as well. Pai = Sect. Maybe YMWong can shed some light on this. Believe he is a academic with these things. mouse
  11. Hua Shan Pai Do Ga Qigong

    Actually, "Pai" would be more accurately translated as Sect. mouse
  12. Hi, Li Zheng is the official lineage holder for Funei pai Taiji. I believe he is the 6th Generation lineage holder. I used to train with a disciple of Li Zheng, He Cheng De and their explaination of Funei pai taiji's claim is that is it the teachings reserved for the imperial body guards taught by the Yang family when they were hired to train the palace guards. Hence the word Fu Nei meaning "within the mansion" I think it holds truth as they actually have 10 different forms with each form focusing on a particular training technique. Sounds very military like. However, I believe the history is that the Yang family just taught silly kung fu to the palace guards as they were considered their babarin overlords (Manchurian). I believe it to be true as I find the funei pai taiji superficial and had no internal content. This is just my personal opinion and my own experience only from my time with them. mouse