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  1. Channelling your destructive side...

    Destructive side is very powerful, natural and necessary. Use it to destroy things that need to be destroyed but avoid using it against others. self destruction is a good place to start. Destroy all the things that harm you, but be objective and totally un emotional. after destroying then you can create. Destroy rotten, weak foundations and then build new ones to build everything else on. Always follow destruction with creation. Be careful. Follow the natural way. Be who you are. Destruction is part of life and it leads to birth and the balance of nature.
  2. Orgasm Without Ejaculation

    Whether its observing actual real couples or porn, it has the same effect. Most sexual activities done for dual cultivation in taoist circles were not based on monogomous, deep love filled relationships, it was done by people who agreed to engage in sexual dual cultivation. watching live people have sex or watching it in a recorded form does the same thing - arouse desire, excite jing, and allow the observer to practice big draw and then circulate the micro cosmic orbit. Once this was practiced, one would then develop enough skill to move on to dual cultivation with a woman. Its accepted that there are pros and cons, it may suit some people and not others, but this fact applies to everything. That is the balance that exists in everything and by experiencing the effects, one can decide if it benefits them or not.
  3. Iron Crotch and The Little Nine Heavens

    PM me if you'd like to know about the real method.
  4. Tulku, Thank you for taking the time to share the valuable information that you have in this post. Its dissapointing that some people have criticised you after openly saying that they have not even read the whole post. Some may simply follow other opinions that work for them, others are not serious nor humble enough to admit their weaknesses and are too lazy and damaged to even try to develop themselves. There are some who use this forum as a way to learn and spread deep teachings for personal development and there are some who use it as a social forum to simply pass time and have a laugh. There are also those who are stuck in their lower chakras and are trying to suck energy out of people. I hope you continue to post what I have seen to be some excellent knowledge, although I dont agree with all of it and that you do not get pushed away by the poor creatures who suck off the most giving members on this forum like Drew. Whoever wants to reply to me and attempt to begin an emotional or intellectual exchange should go and suck off their sexual partner instead. They will get nothing more from me. All success to you and all the other sincere posters!
  5. testicle weight lifting

    Yes, "testicle weight lifting" is a misleading term.
  6. testicle weight lifting

    Anyone who is serious about learning this type of qi qong is welcome to contact me. Authentic and undiluted training form original sources that are can be checked and confirmed. This is a powerful method that can harm you if done incorrectly. Master Tu, Chia and others are not reliable sources.
  7. Mihcael, No hate , just quotes from the Talmud. I gave no personal opinion. If we want to talk of violence then we can see it everywhere in the Torah or old testament. It clearly orders the killing of non jewish men , women, children and even animals. These are the laws of old testament war. Also the first suicide bomber was Jewish according to the old testament it was Sampson. He killed over 3000 people with the jaw of an ass and was being rediculed by many people after his eyes were plucked out. He was chained to pillars and asked Jehova or Yaweh (God) to give him strength and he "killed more people with his death than he did in his life" when he pushed the pillars and killed himself and every one else in the temple. This forum is open and free. We can question and criticise everything and this is healthy, but personal attacks and abuse are not helpful nor needed. People are people and ideas are ideas, no need to be disrespectful. We're discussing sacred texts and this is an open topic that everyone can critcise and give their opinions on.
  8. Hi Marblehead, Its a good point in that Muhammad dictated to others who wrote it and how do we know there was no corruption from that start. It was not just Abu Bakr and Ali that he narrated to but up to over 150 companions. This was at different times and in different locations. They memorised the verses and Muhammad checked them verbatim. Thats why the quran is memorised by muslims all over the world and each verse is identical. Even if all the paper qurans were to be lost or destroyed, the quran would still exist in its pure form. Its the chain of narration (isnad). There is only one quran that can never be changed or polluted.
  9. Hi Marblehead, The topic is about sacred texts unaltered by man, so the only text I know of is the Quran. I agree with you with regards to One unlimited powerful force that originated everything else which is limited. Its existance and attributes are whats important, not what we label it. Names and labels can be problematic. The Quran is not actually written. It is a series of words from the unlimited power that were revealled to Muhammad who narrated them and ask for them to be written. I accept it was written by man, just like dictation of speech, but it was not produced by man and it has been and still is preserved. It was mentioned by another poster in this thread that Muhammad was not a well educated man and was not capable of producing the Quran. There is a good book by a french scientist called "THE QURAN AND MODERN SCIENCE" by Maurice Bucaille. We can have general unspecific opinions about any issue, and say all books are the same or classify all beliefs as religion, but if we specify we can come to solid conclusions. The first monotheistic religion was haneefa, which started with Adam and continued to Muhammad and shared names and periods known as judaism, christianity and islam. All are monotheistic in their original form. I accept that zaroastrianism could have started as a monotheistic religion that later became idolatry by worshipping the Sun. There was a king called Darius the first and he reffered to God as Ahuramazda. he was monotheistic and rejected polythism and idolatry. Islam says that many nations were sent messengers and they would speak their native language. But I dont have enough knowledge to talk about him. I love discussing with you and I have great respect for you.
  10. Hi Micheal, You made some assumptions , but you're entitled to your opinion. I posted refferences for quotes in the Talmud, you can deny them or bring evidence to refute them if you wish.
  12. Hi thelearner, The Quran is in Arabic and there are some english translations of quranic verses that give the wrong meaning. With regard to the verses you mentioned, I can explain their meaning in Arabic and you can check the words for yourself if you like. The world is flat, nor does it state that the sun moves around the earth. Its scientific details are 100%. Marblehead, There is only one all powerful unlimited THING that exists. Everything else is limited and reliant. This unlimited originator is the only thing worthy of worship. One God, many human minds that have been given free will and intelligence. Im happy to go over each poing in detail, its difficult on a forum where we can all chip in with more questions, so please be patient. We can go very deep and should do , to give the topic its due.
  13. Hi Marblehead, hope all is well with you! That is a claim that is often made and is a sweeping generalisation. This is because most people who make such a claim have not looked deeply in to the Quran but know of similarities in its content and the fact that the Quran came after the bible. It is due to the chronology of revelation and why there is such a chronology. The Old Testament or Torah was revealled to the children of Isreal who eventually defied the requests of God and returned to idolatry while Moses was leading them. They also changed their books, and removed many chapters and added new ones and even made up their own books and treated them as revelation such as the talmud. Then God revealed revelation to Jesus with the Bible. This was also tampered with and fraudently compiled and people began to actually fall in to idolatry by worshipping Jesus and his mother Mary. The jews rejected the new additions of the bible, and did not accept Jesus as the massiah and are still waiting for theirs to arrive. The bible did not copy the Torah, it re affirmed what was lost and changed and the Quran has done the same. The difference being that God promised that the Quran would not be changed and that it would be protected. The whole theme of revelation, right from the start was to worship One God alone without any partners. When this messege was ignored or altered it was re affirmed and finally protected in the Quran. This is why the books are similar and follow an order in which the Torah came first and Quran last. Youtube "who wrote the bible " and "the history of the bible" for more details surrounding these issues. The bottom line is that claims must be supported by factual evidence and the challenge has stood for over 1,420 years.
  14. The Quran is the only text that I know of that has not been altered by man. It even offers a challenge to the whole of mankind and spirts in order to test its authenticity and to try and discredit it. The Quran was either made by man, being an arab or non arab, or God. All texts written by man will naturally have human attributes such as having the posibility of contradictions, errors, and having the ability to be changed and revised. The Quran states "If you doubt that this is revelation from God, then produce just one verse like it and seek help from whoever you like from man and spirit. But you will never be able to do it , so beware of the fire , whose fuel is men( who worship other than God) and stones ( the idols that were taken as objects of worship by mankind). The idols were followed and worshipped and they will be placed in the fire and their followers will follow them in to it. The biggest idol worshipped today is money, but idols include anything that is worshipped in any way, including by love, fear, reverence, reliance, obedience, etc. So its a simple challenge that if met, would descredit and nullify the authenticity of the Quran as being revelation from God. To produce a verse "like it", would mean a single verse of the same length of the smallest one in the Quran which is about 4 lines. Similar in language, style, grammer, rythm and meaning. This has not been done since the Quran was revealed over 1,420 years ago. The pagan arabs could not do it and they recognised the greatness of the text and no one actually claimed that Muhammad wrote it himself. The Quran was revealled over a perion of 23 years and its style , meaning and grammer are totally different to all recorded speech of Muhammad. People were constantly looking for evidence that he produced it himself, but his speech was totally different to that of the Quran. That means if he was a fraud, he would have had to scan his speech before he said anything for over 20 years.