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  1. They are still keeping very quiet about his current whereabouts, but if he is in the U.S., he's probably in NY or NJ. He does send letters a few times a year that are read at group gatherings, usually during big holidays. Also, that Youtube link is only the opening, first step (of 9), meaning of qigong, closing procedure, and compulsory closing procedure. Initially, the recording was a male voice that went over all 9 steps. I used to have a copy of it, but I haven't heard it in years.
  2. Figured I'd bump this thread. Are you referring to Dr. Yan? He is definitely the real deal. I have seen his qi-emitting lectures in person more than a dozen times, and have been fortunate enough to meet and talk to him personally on several occasions. As it stands right now, there are still roughly 2 bigger meetings per year at various big cities around the country, but they are very quiet about it. Security is tight, and I haven't seen or heard from Dr. Yan in about 8 years.
  3. We are still hoping the practice goes public again. As I stated before there are usually 2 large meetings a year at a couple of the major US cities, and papers (both personal experience and research) are still being presented. The damage from Falun Gong has still not 'blown over' yet, but I hope we're getting there.
  4. It's not uncommon. There have been quite a few instances of people having this happen, as well as qigong reactions, just be reading or listening to some of Dr Yan's materials. There have also been effects from people reading the 'Yan Xin Qigong Collectanea', which is a book of YXQ students' experiences.
  5. Also, as I mentioned previously, there are now only large group discussions in big cities like Boston, New York, and LA about 2x/year. Average attendance is about 300-500 people. Half the discussion is people sharing their practice experiences, and the other half is discussion of Dr Yan's most recent research. These are closed to the public, and usually guarded, as attempts have been made by Falun Gong practitioners to attend these meetings in the past. During these meetings we almost always get a lengthy letter from Dr. Yan discussing various topics, so I know he is still doing research/experiments, but I have no idea where he is living currently (other than possibly still NJ).
  6. Thank you for the update. The last time I saw Dr Yan in person was a few years before this time period, and after group practices/discussion were dissolved, I stopped receiving updates on his whereabouts. Although the last I heard he was living in NJ and traveling back and forth to China. I am surprised I didn't hear more about this considering we have several contacts in Canada, but you obviously seem to know more about it than I do. I really appreciate the information. I had the opportunity to meet Mason Loh and his entire family at a huge YXQ conference in Vancouver around 2001. Close to 4K people attended, and the Qi field was intense. He was a very nice guy, and well respected, and at the time he was working hard to help with drought relief in Mongolia. But I remember being told something about him helping to get Chinese docs into Canada. If you come across any other info, please post it here. Thanks again for the update.
  7. Most of it is highly guarded. There used to be a recording with all 9 steps but I haven't seen a copy of it, nor heard it in years. Sometimes the recordings will pop up on EBay, but members of the IYXQA buy them up quickly (or try to prevent the sale of them). Plus Dr Yan told us at one point it would take 60 years (not a typo) to master all 9 steps, so step 1 will suffice for everyone for quite some time. ;-) I also talked to a few people that had learned step 2 spontaneously; while practiting, they heard or saw the 2nd step at some point, kind of like a dream state.
  8. Hello to everyone here. I was browsing some YXQ info and came across this thread. I completely forgot I had signed up here years ago! I have been a YXQ student (now called Yan Xin Life Science and Technology or YXLST) for 20 years. I have been fortunate enough to have seen Dr Yan lecture in person over a dozen times (one time he went almost 12 hours without stopping) and have had some direct conversations with him (although they were brief since Mandarin is not my first language). I have a few pics with him as well, but for reasons of anonymity I'd rather not post them here. I will provide as much insight as I can, so feel free to ask questions, however I can tell you I don't know where Dr Yan is currently. Also, I'm pretty sure the info about him spending time as a doctor in Canada is false, as I have a few contacts that still live up there, and I would have heard something. As far as I know he is still performing experiments, as we get publications from time to time. If you want to look at more experiments done by YX, check out the book 'Scientific Qigong Exploration' by Lu Zuyin. I can tell you the YXLST association asked us to stop having group study/practices about 5-6 years ago, and at that time they also stopped accepting new practitioners. They never gave an official reason, and there have only been rumors. Nothing has been validated officially at this point. However, there are still usually 1-3 big events per year for people who have been practicing/studying, in which people share their study experiences. We usually get a letter from Dr Yan directly during those meetings (which are private and not open to the public), but I can't disclose any of the contents. We all hope and believe Dr. Yan will continue teaching/lecturing one of these days, but as of right now we have no idea when that will be. Also, if you are going to use any of the info posted here to attempt to practice YXQ, please read the 'Secrets and Benefits' book posted previously. It will help you understand qigong reactions. Also, it is highly recommended to not go past the opening and first step. Dr. Yan told us learning all 9 steps would take 60 years (not a typo), so take it slow. No matter what you attempt, Dr. Yan was always very adamant about always doing the closing procedure to finish. Please don't forget this!
  9. Dr. Yan Xin

    Well it's been a few years since I've been to this forum, so I figured I'd give this thread a bump, since I completely forgot to answer some of the questions asked here. Maybe it's too late to matter for those that asked them, or maybe it's exactly the right time So to answer the questions, the book has been out of print because it contains descriptions of Yan Xin Qigong techniques. The International Yan Xin Qigong Association (IYXQA) has decided it better to only allow the teaching of techniques in a 'classroom' environment, not through a book. And yes, I was at the 1997 International Conference, and I have been fortunate enough to see Dr. Yan lecture on many occasions. It is very common for people to experience tremendous amounts of energy, and not need to eat (or drink in some cases) for extended periods of time. This is known as 'bigu' and has various levels (and yes, they are attainable without seeing Dr. Yan). I have seen Dr. Yan lecture anywhere from 3 to 20 hours straight without stopping, and there were people that didn't go to the bathroom (he definitely didn't!). Unfortunately do to several circumstances, Yan Xin Qigong is currently not being promoted or practiced publicly, but we're hoping that changes soon!
  10. Dr. Yan Xin

    Hi Swami...I have been practicing YXQ for nearly 13 years and have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Yan personally on several occasions, and seeing him lecture many times. If you have any questions I would be glad to try and answer them, although please realize I am only a student (and by YXQ standards only a kindergarten student..ha ha). Also, the best book for what you are searching for is this one: It contains many of Dr. Yan's published experiments and commentary from him. There is also a fantastic book called "Secrets and Benefits of Internal Qigong Cultivation" but unfortunately it is no longer being published. You can find it online sometimes, but it is very expensive. Although I would say it is worth more than any asking price IMO.
  11. Dajia hao! Hey everyone

    Hi everyone, I'm obviously new here and just introducing myself. I'm a full-time TCM practitioner in New England, and I have studied Yan Xin Qigong for almost 13 years. Looking forward to some good discussions, although I don't have time to visit very often.