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  1. Follow the link: Knee Switches Video #1
  2. Vispassana Retreat Review

    Thank you for this post- I really appreciate it. I'm thinking of taking a 10 day retreat at the end of this year, probably the end of December through New Year.
  3. The impersonal face of the internet

    july4, 2005. The thing on the left hopefully is a blimp. Two things on top and to the right...
  4. The Fool on the Hill

    Thanks for sharing. Have you heard of this place? Wudang retreat
  5. Looking for a Tao Book

    Hi Craig, The best book on history of Taoism I've read is "The Story of Chinese Taoism: The History of Taoism and Taoist Meditation Techniques" by Nan Huai Chin. You can read more about the book on Bill Bodri's website The Story of Chinese Taoism. Metta.
  6. The History of TaoBums

    Sean, You are completely missing the point of what Pietro is trying to say. Your reply that you wanted to protect the forum and didn't know anyone well enough to give up some control of is not valid. You see, just like Pietro pointed out, this forum was created to be OUR forum. That means people that came to your website were ready to come together and create something, TOGETHER. It didsn't matter how long it would take. We were willing to try. R.J. or i were going to buy the name, Plato was willing to host, Pietro and you would make the site, and Plato and I would work on link exchange and optimization to get a better PR and search standing. Non of that happened. You know why? Because it became your site. If you didn't trust us and were uncomfortable dealing with people you hardly know, you didn't have to be a part of it. Period. We have a good group of nice people here. And we have been around Healing Dao for a while now. Most of us have met each other, some not personaly, but through others. You say : Sean, I can see what you are saying. But this community is NOT ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS. Nor mine, or Pietros. It was about the group project name "TaoBums". Now. We need to solve this. Pietro leaving is not the answer, because this place is held by people who can contribute through their actual spiritual work. And the energy they bring here is the support for this site to exist. Without this energy Taobums will fail, no matter how "sophisticated" you make it. Just look at HT forum. We left and it was dead. Michael had to come and save it... and that's the only reason he is there. Plato and I have met Pietro personally, and he is a really nice guy that one day, I hope, will be a great teacher. He is a crazy genius with an inspiration to create crazy things. And just like me, he hates when the agreement is not kept.
  7. Announcement: Time to Go for me

    Just checked Lo-Fi out. Can you make posts threaded when I open a specific topic from the list? # Pinned: Resources: Books, Links, Articles, Movies, etc. (15 replies) # Caffeine Experiment (5 replies) # TRADDITIONAL CHINESE MEDDICINE ? (1 replies) # Lin's Links (7 replies) # Fasting in chuang tzu (5 replies) # sungazing notes (15 replies) # master of your domain? (3 replies) # OK TESTIN DA FORUM (2 replies) # 3 amigos - get low (0 replies) It seems to have no alternative but linear view. Thanks. As for Scott Sonnon, he is always saying stuff.
  8. Healthy teeth

    Thanks guys for giving all this good info. As for holistic dentists, try this link: Find Dentists utilizing Holistic Dental Practices You can also get your own dental plan, if you don't have any, to save. Dental Plans Here is another great article on Mercury: The Dental Amalgam Issue
  9. Healthy teeth

    Thanks, Ron. Sounds interesting. Here is another link with good info on uses of Bentonite Bentonite clay I will replacing them in about 2 months or so, and it will cost me about $80 per filling (no insurance). One thing I noticed after cleaning teeth with salt is in the morning they still feel clean.
  10. Healthy teeth

    I've finally decided to replace all the silver fillings in my teeth with white non-toxic kind. For those who don't know, the common silver filling dentists use to cover the holes contains mercury. What's wrong with mercury? Read this Amalgam / Mercury Dental Filling Toxicity I was reading one of the russian health magazines my mom buys and found an interesting article about this russian scientist about 300 years ago was researching bacteria and discovered that our common salt kills any bacteria on contact. So he started using salt to brush his teeth with after every meal (at that time they didn't have toothpaste). They say he died at the age of 90 with ALL his teeth in perfect condition, white in color. Here is something else I found: "Teeth are made of salt crystals like common table salt. Everyone's done the experiment where some yarn is hung in a glass of salt water and large salt crystals form on the yarn as the water evaporates. The crystals are white. What makes teeth yellow or dark is the stuff that gets stuck inside the salt." I say FUCK TOOTHPASTE!
  11. Announcement: Time to Go for me

    I don't like this type of forum either... too complicated. Why can't we just have something simple, like HT format, so I don't have jump from page to page? Blogs, wiki, articles.............. who needs all this shit? Do we have so much mental garbage that we have to bring it here and hang it like a pair of your dirty underwear? I see it's too late to change anything. "Simplicity" is a good word. In meditation, and in your daily life. International Sign of Marriage
  12. Fasting in chuang tzu

    Thorny, Thank you for your comment on HT board. I wish you all the best in your spiritual journey. Metta.
  13. You are correct. But I can make it extremely hard to hack, especially if you have 2 firewalls with most of the windows services disabled. Here is a good article on how Windows is spying on us, and how to stop it. You can check if your computer is secure by going here: Gimp is good, still can't beat photoshop. And you are right. Most of the reasons for Windows is gaming. Anyway, I don't like Windows as much as you do- it's just most of the programs I use are Windows only.