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  1. Plato's sex pills

    He's selling other supplements now to increase male testostrone. Good pills too.
  2. Kneeling Exercise

    I want to ask this as I'm assuming others have the same question. Does the angle of the Trunk change as your lifting up? I've tried it 2 ways one way the trunk stays perpendicular to the ground no matter at what point in the process. The other is that the thighs and trunk stay at a fixed angle in relation to each other. In that way when your all the way down the trunk is perpendicular to the floor but as you raise up it gets more parrell. Which one is most benefical for the spine?
  3. Foreskin restoration

    According to the book its quite opposite. You start to grow some never endings back and its more comfortable for the female. The authors seem to be trying to frame it as a woman's issue also.
  4. Foreskin restoration

    Recently I was introduced to something totally out of my believe of possibility. After having learned of Thunders place from this website years ago I kind of dropped the idea and moved on. Recently I came across a website This website is all you would ever want to know about foreskin restoration. The person who created the website seems to have written THE book on the subject. I just got the book and obviously they are very pro restoration while trying to induce negative emotions were none existed before in guys that are circumcised or the women in their life. My question is this, have any TaoBums went ahead and restored their foreskin? What are the positives and the negatives of it? One of the negatives I see is that it seems once i restore it I can't go back if I don't like it. Also is it really benefitial to have more senstation in the head of the penis when there are already PE problems? Anyone with any thoughts on this procedure?
  5. Help-Sugar/caffenine addiction

    I was wondering if anyone has successfully dealt with this issue. I drink about 4-32 oz foundtain drinks of Mountain Dew a day. I also usually have a donut for breakfast. I think alot of it has to do with my schedule though. Recently I've been drinking water with lemon in it and cutting back on the soda yet it always comes back somewhere else. An example, I cut out donuts for a month and I end up getting double fudge cookies for awhile. I cut those out and then find fudge brownies. Most if not all of this occurs when I'm out driving around as I don't know how to cook and won't go through making brownies on my own. Anyone have any advice or similar experiences and have a possible solution?
  6. Increasing BONE Mass

    Interesting can yousay more about the foot stomping and jumping? What Chen style are you partial too I read somewhere that by going up on your toes and then letting all the weight drop down hard to your heels will caus a jolt through your body and help strengthen the bones. Is your practice similar?
  7. Increasing BONE Mass

    What is the rational behind increasing bone density through the weighted vest. I don't doubt it I'm just curious why this is true.
  8. Increasing Jing

    Yea have Iron Crotch will look into Dragon bone. Plan on getting a hanging rod or whatever from Chia as it's alot less expensive than Tu.
  9. Increasing Jing

    Have Master Tu's video, and will never go over 10 pounds starting with just the bar so I'm not too worried about it.
  10. Increasing Jing

    Has anyone on the board actually used to Blakoe or the Ball Zinger? Both seem like interesting legit concepts and may be worthwhile before I try the much discussed chi weightlifting but I wanted to hear some first hand experience on this.
  11. vajroli

    Still trying to find an answer to this question.
  12. Heart orgasm

    Check out the response to the Cult of Amma website....its just as damning of the people who think shes a fraud.
  13. Has anyone actually used the system?
  14. Orgasms and Cultivation

    Do you contract the pc muscle on the inhale or the exhale?
  15. Orgasms and Cultivation

    What are the physical benefits of the 100 days? Also towards witch...did the guy mention who he learned the sexual qigong from?