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  1. Ah thank you very much, yes any suggestions would be greatly appreciated
  2. Ooh that is fascinating, i will look into each of these concepts more, so sexagenary cycles, 9 stars and 28 mansions of the moon
  3. Ah Iv never seen this before, thank you very much, that seems like a good place to start looking into things. A lot of things are related to this ITjing number diagram?
  4. Hi everyone, Iv been feeling really drawn to try and learn a bit more about how numerology works with in Daoism. I know thats a pretty broad subject and I imagine there are many different forms of it, but i have no idea where to start, does anyone perhaps have suggestions of more beginner level books / information sources in this area? Also the same for Daoist Astrology, I have no idea where to begin to learn about the different systems, any help finding a beginner level book would be very much appreciated Many thanks guys
  5. Ooh very nice, are you playing flamenco yourself? It is very recently i have found Damo Mitchell, he is such a great teacher have you practiced his methods for long?
  6. Oh very nice what sort of area of Netherlands? We just moved to Arnhem from Groningen, i have really loved living in this country so far for a lot of reasons
  7. Ah thank you, i have now looked through them, good to know
  8. Ah thank you very much for having me it is really nice to see a community as this, i was recently reccomended to join and cant wait to learn more and interact. I am originally from Scotland now living in the Netherlands. I found Daoism during a very painful period in my life several years ago and it has been such a beautiful influence to learn and heal through. I have learned Tung School Tai Chi long form for 2 years but sadly just moved to a new city where i will have to find a new teacher from a different school. I recently have been reccomended Damo Mitchell and his Nei Gong practices, im really enjoying his work and have started working through his internal arts academy, it has been very beautiful going back to the starting foundations of my meditations and qi gong practices. I really look forward to hearing more peoples experience with Nei Gong and reccomendations of material to look up to support this process. My other passions are studying flamenco guitar and also drawing Islamic sacred geometry (and painting with watercolour). Many Thanks