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  1. In the beginning

    Nungali, I discovered Morris recently. He was an incredible guy! I actually discovered him in a funny round-a-bout way.... I had Googled something like "Kundalini and Martial Arts" and ended up on some random wordpress blog that was somehow fascinating and slightly disturbing. It was disturbing because it was subtly trying to sell stuff, but the words... hooked me. I googled some direct quotes from the blog and found out that the blog was stealing Glenn Morris' words and using them to sell esoteric stuff. (Sadly, Morris died about 15 years ago, but he was a giant in life. Cocky as hell, and that may turn some people off, but I've known people just like him and can enjoy that self assuredness.) Anyway, I'm on Doc Morris' second book Shadow Strategies... he talks about Kundalini in very clear ways and describes techniques to help get the energy moving. (Stuff imo that you won't see in more "occult" groups unless you hang around for 10+ years, or someone high-up takes a liking to you.) In many of the groups that I've experienced, there seems to be a prohibition in talking too directly about kundalini, but without this, isn't everything just empty words? "...and the kisses of the stars rain hard upon thy body"
  2. The Kybalion

    I'm new here, so please excuse my newness. I'm going to go out on a limb and say that The Kybalion is a good book. Here's why I think this: for many years, I was "in search of the truth". Probably many of us here are... and for me, this means, a "lack of something" in my life. Years ago, I would have responded to this line of reasoning with an "obviously, you lack truth". But over the years I've found something more important that "the truth". It's "the purpose". Not the What, but the Why. So think about this sometime. Maybe you have a huge appetite for "truth", but don't some people spend their whole lives collecting facts? Is this quest to read endless books to collect more facts advancing you to your goals? Maybe it is and maybe you are a scientist at heart. In which case follow your bliss. But I'm not a scientist. I'm more of a creative engineer. So I think figuring out what type of person you are can help you decide if the Kybalion is a good book. It is not filled with hard core occult facts. But if you are trying to create something with your life, then maybe I would say this is a good book to read. In the same way that SIddhartha (by Hesse) is a good book to recommend if you had a friend that was always following some new fad group/cult. IMO, the best philosophies will destroy all of your truth tables and force you to rebuild them yourself. β€œIt's only after we've lost everything that we're free to do anything.” ― Chuck Palahniuk, Fight Club
  3. In the beginning

    thelerner, Thanks for the pointers and links! I've bumped up on the KAP site a few times and think it's really interesting. I am reading through the Rawn Clark site now, thank you!
  4. In the beginning

    Hello world, This is my first post. 40s,M, east coast, USA. Into the intersection of east and west inner knowledge. Why 10 sephira and 7 chakras? Why 22 paths in kabbalah and not 24 or 26? Why not six paths or one road? But MOST interested in distilling all the words into inner experience. Influenced in the past by crowley and regardie. Influenced in the present by glenn morris. Why did he die so young? Who are the living glenn morris' out there. Many of my Google searches seem to lead here, so thought id join.