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  1. Hi everyone!!

    Thanks for the reply Thelerner. I'm doing the standing posture based on Zhang Zhuang posture. Sometimes doing with thumbs down. I honestly don't know a elemental approach of it, by lacking of information. My aim is to keep stillness as long as possible, reaching the zen mind with no thoughts, perfect balance. After that I do grab the sparrow's tail, ondulating hands like clouds, bend the knee and rotate the heel, bend to back and opening the gates ( sorry, this is the literal translation of the movement's names from portuguese to english, the information is very sparse here in Brazil to know exactly the original names.) I guess the moment is very hard on the whole world, here we are still facing a very violent phase of the pandemy, the hospitals are busy for a long time and no activities at all. Not easy. The days are still brighter but people are still struggling on their routines. Glad to have natural environment near to relax the feelings. Again, thanks for the warm welcome!!
  2. Hi everyone!!

    Hi everyone!! I came here looking for information about practicing and had been glad by the information shared and to know there is a group of it. I`m Brazilian, 26, engineer but also with other interests such as arts and music. I have a diary practice routine with 15 minutes of standing posture plus 5 movements. Still initiating but already seen some progress at cognition and anxious, motor coordination improve too. I`m glad to know the practice and stir up my way. :)