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  1. Qigong online suggestion

    Hi again. As I said I arrived to Qigong practicing WH. I found that many Hoffers use Qigong with the breathing method of Wim (often as a warming training), so due to pandemic I looked for something that could be practiced online and with few space since at home I cannot move to much (otherwise I would have chosen taichi). I followed some videos of Lee Holden. I simply followed the movements and found that after it the breathing rounds are more easy, probably because they relax the body and open better the diaphragm, but it's only my supposition. I found that he suggest the same breathing pattern of Wim starting from the belly (in qigong it's called tantien) and finishing to the head, so it seams to me that there are similarities between them. It's interesting your discussion about the contrast between qigong and WH due to the use of kidneys. Honestly, since I'm a practical person and considering that it's not measurable the energy (or QI) I like to practice and decide accordingly to the results, and I found that WH is useful to lower the stress. Consider that the Wh Method is often misunderstood, mainly from people that start only with the youtube videos. The heat generation for example happens if you increase the speed of breathing hyperventilating, but it's not the only way to practice. Obviously is useful to generate heat before immersing on cold water. About the kidneys consumption I cannot understand in which way they could be damaged, and due to few studies in the long term of the method I doubt there is some evidences about it. Anyway if you still can suggest me an online Qigong course I'll apreciate.
  2. Qigong online suggestion

    Thanks for the notation. My practice is directed to mantain balance and avoid anger that is often hidden in myself so I will take care of your comment. I hope someone else here could give us more information about it.
  3. Qigong online suggestion

    Hi there, I lately discover Qigong and practicing Wim Hof Method I found the join very well together. I started on October a classroom training, but after few days it was stopped due the pandemic. So, I looked for an online course and watched the fundamental course of Lee Holden and liked a lot. Now I would like to go deep and I'm thinking if buying it's online course or look for someone different and would like your opinion. I found these and I will appreciate if someone that has followed them could tell me their opinion: -Lee Holden -White tiger -Lotus neigong -Videos of dr yang jwing-ming If you have other suggestion I will have a look.
  4. Hi

    Hi thelerner, I agree about Wim Hof. I discovered it during pandemic and find as a very useful tool with immediate results. I followed the fundamentals on line and one day in presence here in Italy with a cold bath in a river and was a funny experience. In this period I suspended the cold shower since with Covid I don't want to risk to bring a cold or fever.. Lately I discovered the qigong and found a good addition to qigong but I suppose the results will arrive in more long times. I followed the basic courses of Lee Holden, and would like to understand how to prosecute, but I will open an apposite thread to ask for suggestion to the community. When it will be possible I think I will follow a taichi course so that I can join qigong and martial art.
  5. Hi

    Hi! I’m Tony. Thanks for let me join the forum. I am a passionate of internal studies for health improvement. I’m a Wim Hof practitioner and I would like to integrate it with qigong. I hope to find here people that could share some experiences with both arts.