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  1. Zhan zuang and Pranayama

    Nice, what kind of pranayama do you do? Cheers.
  2. Zhan zuang and Pranayama

    double post.
  3. Zhan zuang and Pranayama

    Î was thinking along the lines of first doing Zhan Zuang and then doing a seated Pranayama? Thnks for your reply.
  4. Hey peeps, So i was wondering if it is ok to practice both Zhan Zuang and Pranayama during the day. Or if there are any dangers to this combination? Thanks.
  5. Its been a while and remember reading that there are deeper things going on when your legs start to shake. What does it mean? Thanks.
  6. Zhan Zuang - Chest Pain?

    Thanks alot for the replies people. If it continues I will provide pictures. I am currently at the Wu Chi positions with arms down.
  7. Zhan Zuang - Chest Pain?

    sharp pain. stinging. on front of the sternum. Thanks
  8. Zhan Zuang - Chest Pain?

    It felt like my front chest was tightening it was on the front right in the middle of the chest. It felt like surges of energy to be honest. As soon as i stopped the practice the pain went away.
  9. Hi, so I am back to qigong after a few years of losing my way. I am starting with the Way Of Energy book. And I am currently doing 5 minutes of standing. Today I felt chest pain. So I stopped. What could this be? Thanks for your time.
  10. Introduction - Bogge

    Hey I used to have a account here under another name. But I no longer use that email so im back at it again. I am currently working my way through The Way Of Energy. So I guess im back to basics. Cheers.