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  1. An end to the intellect?

    When I say that I don't want to act on personal desire I mean a desire that will only garner my want without a return of the need of the individual I interact with. Its hard to escape doing things out of desire, for everything is motivated by a want based on desires or needs. Im still ironing our how this part works, at what point I can get my desire without using black magick. I don't want to use sorcery, for love is a gift and at the worst it should be a trade off, one that is willfully granted and not coerced from the hands of the lover. Finding the way to do this properly seems like an impossible ideal, for in all things there is an initiation and an expectation, and sorcery is such a part of human interaction. It almost makes more sense to just be powerful and seduce to get my desire without regards to what the other gets from it.
  2. Hi Im wondering if there is anyone familiar with a system that is meant to be advanced where the adept no longer thinks. Ive been initiated into the Kabbalah and Ive experienced advanced Kundalini and fought the serpent to attain wisdom, but the serpent fights back, and now I am forced not to move my mind lest it keep devouring. I was given over to Thelema, and I know that Therion wanted an end to reason, and I wonder if there are some other systems I could explore that does not want the adept to access their mind. Ive fortunately finished my studies and no longer seek knowledge, but Im also kept from an interest in writing or broadening my information base, and have to practice a mental stillness, which is quite boring and not at all the promised land of liberty and creativity. Thanks in advance
  3. An end to the intellect?

    Yes this is why I have declared in my East to West thread that I have discovered the Law of Kindness, for there are two people involved in making Law correct: me and you. If I make a Law according to anything but kindness, it becomes about my want and Will, which is self motivated by my Ego wanting something from another person and asserting my Will onto them, which is sorcery and Black Magick. You say that LHP isn't lawless, that it is aware- it is aware of the want of the individual and not a Law that both can agree is Good. There is no escape from being submissive according to a Law that is Good for both me and you, unless you iron out the bars you will set when kindness is not returned. By making my Will to be kind, I am not asserting my Will for personal desire, and am honoring the other person as a living embodiment of Deity as I am. However, if that person does not partake in that Will of kindness, then I have to protect my interests lest I become their slave. I chose the Law of Kindness because it is the proper step forward in a society where two individuals come together and raise children (yes, sometimes just one). Obviously children will be lawless until they find a reason to be lawful, but in the rearing of that child we can either be tolerant and Wise and kind in our instruction and illustration of why Law is Good, or we can be unkind and cruel in our punishing and cause harm to their development to be kind people. This applies also to adults, who naturally expect kindness and are offended when it isn't offered. This system I have designed isn't an absolute, not all people are offended when kindness is lacking, and these people can still be considered lawful from a "my rights, your rights" point of view, it depends on what kind of relationship I want to have with that individual. I don't think we ever reach perfect Will, for there is always some new scenario to engage in that causes us to consider and choose paths of action. Anything less than considerate gentleness with calm Wisdom is going to bring my Will into conflict with yours, and there will be no understanding and shared enlightenment, just me oppressing you with my Will and want, which isn't an objective Law, it is a Law of the Self, which is a manifestation of what I would call the LHP, which isn't necessarily bad for the LHP magician unless I oppose that Will.
  4. An end to the intellect?

    As far as conceiving and defining thought forms to control on the Astral Plane, I never had the chance to do that, as I was simply tossed into the Abyss and it was fight or flight. Every time I tried to do such a thing I was beaten and devoured.
  5. An end to the intellect?

    Also I don't recall saying Im a Christian or anything much of anything with a name. Ill give you this much, I do speculate on the essential kernel that motivates named religions. For instance I went a little far when I said that the Law of JHVH is kindness, I really don't know because Ive never had that conversation with anyone named JHVH and I don't know any "Jews", though I have read that they revere the virtue. This weekend I realized that there are many Laws, and many prophets, and you will obviously need to pick the one you follow, this is just the most sensible Law I discovered, one that, if applied, would change the case of our existence, but obviously with people like Crowley running around, it wont. Im fine with Crowley- he sees things as what they are, and that is his whole premise, I believe- that everything is because it is, and everything under the Sun is perfectly what it should be, unless you hesitate, which is why I say this sounds more anti intellectual than not. Im not saying Crowley and Thelema worship a God named Satan, but from the vantage of a Judeo based religion, they probably would, and so I use that name, because it fits. I also use Satan because I have my own definition of the God, and it fits my definition, as I, and most of the Western World, have been exposed to, and are constantly interacting with, Christians. As far as my experiences, believe what you want.
  6. An end to the intellect?

    line 27 chapter 2 the book of the law: There is great danger in me; for who doth not understand these runes shall make a great miss. He shall fall down into the pit called Because, and there he shall perish with the dogs of Reason. line 32 chapter 2 the book of the law: Also reason is a lie; for there is a factor infinite & unknown; & all their words are skew-wise.
  7. I have contacted deities and entities in the astral though I have not acted as a Deity myself. I don't practice envisioning as per GD method though.
  8. From East to West

    The first observation of a good Adept is Chaos, for it is the result of Chaos that is suffering. Therefore let it be considered that what the Adept wants is Order. Life without suffering is like the natural flow of a stream unabated, but human beings don't want to just be a stream, they want to be the boat on the stream, for some of us are not desiring to be blind fish that follow, we want to control our own course. Black Magick is often considered to be when someone manipulates my Will to do theirs, and so White Magick is not that. Kant says that enlightened folk do not see each other as a means to an end. In both of these statements there are other things to consider, for we are not born knowing, or able to lead and teach, therefore we must submit to the Wise and listen on their method of making life a stream, where eventually we can paddle our own canoe together with the rest of society. There is another problem with what I mentioned; we must to some degree see one another as a means to an end, the end being the flow of the stream. I can stand in my confidence and be an individual that interacts with other individuals, but in all coming together there is usually some objective to experience together. Therefore we will always have to witness to the utility aspect of our joining in action and community. Obviously at the far end of manipulation in ways that would deter me from my health, there is, in my eyes, Evil intention, and so one must be aware of ones goals, and the general good of society. The Law of Satan is freedom. It is sensual and emotional, and in this method of action without reason and Law, it can cause Chaos, Chaos being that which disturbs the flow of the stream. However, Nature is not always a perfectly flowing stream, and Chaos is a necessary part of life, for it contributes to innovation, though how much of this we need is uncertain, for certainly we want that perfect flowing stream. In matters of innovation, one of the ways to navigate a positive result of Chaos is to consider what needs to be innovated, and this can be found by examining the needs of the community and the needs and wants of the self. The self has its own desires, and these do not always contribute to the better of the community, and so when the Adept makes their way towards attaining their want, they may cause Chaos if it is not in line with the Laws of the land, and the Law of kindness especially. Therefore let the artists and innovators pay attention to the common needs of human life for all, and all will benefit from them- this is how we avoid Black Magick, and reduce looking at one another as a means to an end that satisfy our desires.
  9. From East to West

    Greetings. I may be in the wrong place, but from the looks of the posts here, there is a lot of new ground for me to travel along thank you to the posters that placed their thoughts and experiences here for us. Other than names for the same experience on most levels, Im not certain what makes East differ from West, other than perhaps in the West witchcraft is more of an acceptable thing, whereas in the East, it would appear that occult workings are meant for tranquility, rather than personal desires. One thing I can say is that there is a Jewish House which is inbetween the two, IMO. I have been impacted by all three. I grew up influenced by the Christian (Catholic) Church, like a lot of people, but strayed around 12 years old- didn't get confirmed. I was a believer in the teachings, but disagreed that I had to be so orthodox. Around 21 years of age my "New Age-ish" uncle sent me a book on meditation, which I regrettably gave away. I regret it because I experienced alignment and awakening of my Chakras from one of their lessons, and Im curious now where this book was formed out of. All I recall was a simple lesson on how to meditate and what to do when you encounter the varied states of awareness. There was one word to chant as a mantra with different definitions and Im not sure if its Eastern but I know it is Egyptian and Jewish- Amen, variously pronounced to have different intentions attached for the working. I chose one of the pronunciations and went into my first meditative state and cleared my mind wide enough that all of my Chakras lit up and pulsed in sequence from below to above. After this, I no longer had a normal headache, though in the last 20 years have had much happening in my mind and body (more on that in a sec). So that was my initial contact with the East, though I did not know about it. I looked for what these words and all I could come up with at the time was that it was from some other planet (New Age material). This experience did not lead me to any of the religions. Though it did send me on a mystical adventure. My body was now sensitive to other energies, mostly from the presence of other people. I found a few interesting books on the subtle mind and thought enough about magick that I would say I had a magickal view, but it was very spiritual and always about Good Will. I was an artist, and I practiced a meditative form of abstract expressionism which is something like zen meditations and was contacted when I was 28 by a spirit that sent a symbol to me. This followed by a call to the Heavens in which a God spoke in a strange language. The voice of this God was beyond human, it is too bad that it was not speaking in English, for I did not know what occurred that day or since, only that I wound up initiating myself into Kabbalah-Qabbalah. When I entered the Abyss, I was tortured for months before asking why this was happening, and I was given the word of the Aeon according to Aliester Crowley. This led me to actually studying his Magick, and all the rest of the Western books I could find. I say that I was initiated into Jewish mysticism because when I entered the Abyss I was greeted by an angel of Chesed and sent to a being on a throne that told me its name or title. That is my short version of my history. A lot has happened to me since then but Ill save that for later.
  10. From East to West

    Im not confused
  11. From East to West

    It is if it means you stand against me or cause me confusion.
  12. From East to West

    This sounds pretty accurate to me. What do you think?
  13. From East to West

    First of all, there is no mistaken viewpoint. Second, I don't think anyone seems to have a problem with me posting my musings on one thread. If it is a problem then please move this to the personal practice section. I feel that I have responded to people that engage me, and its their right not to bother as it is mine not to take notice, if that is indeed the case. It feels like you are attacking me for some reason, I wonder what the beef is with you? As far as advertising myself, yes, I am offering myself up for conversation. What brings you here?
  14. From East to West

    Follow me on facebook if you like @ Markus Malarkus
  15. From East to West

    What I just wrote is the Law of Kindness. It is the Law of Kether, and in the Tree of Life, it is the Law of JHVH. Do What Thou Wilt is the Law of Satan, and it begins in the lowest aspect of the Tree. There are three tiers of ascension in my Tree: When you reach Gevurah you realize power, and Love, and as you go about using your power for what you Love, you might make mistakes according to the Law of Kindness. When you climb the Tree you reach contact with the Divine, and they employ punishment and you require Mercy. When you have purged yourself with fire and named the Law of Kindness, Gevurah becomes Strength and Chesed becomes Kindness- as Above so Below.
  16. From East to West

    Humility and kindness is a path, and for those who tread it, the idea that it has great power is recognized. It has power because this is the ideal, and it garners respect and admiration. Some people use these things as a method of getting within a group to take control, or to manipulate their acquaintance, friend, or companion. Sometimes the adept isn't fully cognizant of their method, and make mistakes. Both of these actions cause harm in the trust of others whom beheld someone to admire and found fault, becoming skeptical of kindness and altruism. This turns them sour, and they can become mischievous and malicious, often mocking sincerity- which can lead to cynicism and skepticism, creating more doubt, and soon all sincerity is lost, as is the genuine appreciation of the sincere. These are the obstacles those on the path face. The truth is there is no temptation to abuse power; I am kind because I have been treated kindly, not because I want something from you. All else leads to darkness.
  17. What are you listening to?

    Im fond of Boys for Pele lately, by Tori Amos
  18. Sensation on my ear

    The senses, especially the ear, are gates to spirit worlds. I could tell you about my experiences but I don't want to scare you.
  19. Intro

    I was initiated on a spiritual level into Thelema (did you know that word is actually in the New Testament?) At first I was eager to participate because this guidance came from a Divine source, but after I got involved, I started to see that it was absolutely not me- and yet, here I was actively being initiated. I too disagree with Crowley. It took a decade and a half to find my way back to compassion, but the Gods that be would not let me feel empathy any longer. The suffering path has destroyed that side of me. Now all I can do is bemoan the plight of the world and the people in it, often sitting in awe struck silence that we don't complain about our condition and environment more- but that is our nature as humans- good will and hope.
  20. From East to West

    Kindness begets kindness, violence begets violence. We are born into this world being nurtured, and we show our gratitude for that kindness with acts of kindness to others. Its a simple equation really, but one that seems out of our reach at times. Gratitude leads to Wisdom; taking care of what you possess, appreciating that which you have been given. When you appreciate what you are given, you return the kindness to the giver, and to others.
  21. From East to West

    In my opinion, Chaos Magick is about options. Its about looking around, below and above what we see. If there are 30 options and I only know of 3 of them, I am restricted in choice. These choices were given to me by the world I am surrounded by, so looking into other worlds is the only natural course to find more options. Do What Thou Wilt seems to say take the options you have and do what you want with those, but Chaos Magick is larger. Also, and I cant stress this enough, there is indeed a standard for human interaction from the expectations of the self and from others, and that stems from the way we come into this world relying on others and needing to find our own strengths. This is the fundamental premise that all action is considered from the eye of the beholder, so following wisdom that is in line with whether I should help, or whether that person should be capable, should be the pre-eminent method of analyzing actions in regards to interaction and personal choice.
  22. From East to West

    Do What Thou Wilt is an absolute Help The Weak is an absolute What is up for debate is what the strong should be allowed to do.
  23. From East to West

    The I and the me and the we Which will it be? The I influenced by the we, is it I? Is it me? When does the me overtake the I, that was formed by the we? Is it me?
  24. From East to West

    Whether reality was an accident, or whether it was designed, no one seems to know, though both sides present convincing arguments. It is true that Chaos is supported- total liberty and apparently irrational behavior has a place in the design. I believe that matter is being harvested and replenished with its destruction, and to stray from a straight path broadens the whole spectrum. I imagine that it depends upon what you want to wind up with after life how you will lead this one.
  25. From East to West

    Every system has a God and a Law. For the Jews, their Law is Torah, and their mystical experience of Kabbalah is to refine and understand that wisdom, after they have approached Godhead. For the Thelemite, it is the same, except their Law is of a different nature. Essentially, any civilization is within the realm of the Western Occultists access, and so, depending upon your foundation, you will approach Godhead with that information, and proceed to dissect that Order and comment. This is how adepts become Masters of Wisdom.