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  1. An end to the intellect?

    Its all Wisdom. There is no end to the Abyss
  2. An end to the intellect?

    glad I gave you a good laugh. Its all a joke anyway.
  3. An end to the intellect?

    Its interesting because I am being accused of not comprehending, and I could say the same to you. Understanding is in the eye of the beholder sometimes, especially with such work as what Crowley produced. If he was actually intending for us to be kind and generous concerned individuals he would have just said so. Instead he pours his hate on Christianity, a religion where those aims are their goals, so how can you not read this as what is? I get that Crowley wants people to live and be passionate, and to love what they love and do what they love, but it is not out of reason to interpret the Law that allows him to say to do this to also allow to do other things. It is less that Crowley promotes this as it is his Law that will allow it. I know Crowley said to kill for your desire, to fight anyone that stands in your way, and he doesn't especially limit this to getting lovers or doing loving things; he says to do this if anyone stands in the way of your Will. Its not that complex. Does he promote going on a homicidal rampage? If you investigate his view on why actions occur, he would probably tell you that it is your fault that we created a homicidal character, and so the homicidal character is the result of the Will of the Universe, and that this character is in line with his True Will. Why does someone go on a rampage? Because they feel wronged, mostly, and hate for some obsessive reason. Crowley would say that we created him. Crowley is not recommending even doing anything to change what we do that might create such a person. He isn't even concerned with our adjusting our actions to fall in line with laws- he says deliver us from the evil and the good, there is no guilt, do what thou wilt. Why cant you see what this inspires? He wants us to do what we think we should, and that we will learn what we can do and what will be allowed. I don't think he cares about laws, he cares about Will to do. It doesn't take much imagination to see what the result of this might be. Will it produce something Good? Perhaps, and perhaps not. Crowley doesn't care really, because he doesn't think there is such a thing. He says what is Good for the individual is what is Good. I have defended this for a long time, and I still will say we cant be certain what the outcome of an apparently evil deed might be, but doing these things is in direct contradiction with Wisdom- which is what he wants, because he believes there is no perfect Wisdom. Err on the side of love someone said, but it wasn't Crowley. Nungali is the one that cant see these things, he thinks Crowley was harmless, and hes wrong, and to accuse me of not understanding the text and for you to support him when it is evident that I do upsets me, because I am not wrong, but I will let the reader be the judge. By the way, I have read a lot of his material, youre wrong that I have not. You are also wrong that I haven't investigated and contemplated this to a long extent, because I have spent 20 years doing so. You act like you are some God of knowledge but you aren't, no one is, and you can walk around with all your pomp and clever bantering and jabbing at people because you feel confident enough in your superiority, but the truth is youre really not as enlightened about it all as you think. Integrated and I understand something of great value that people like Nungali simply wont understand because they believe that life should be contest and pride. Humility may seem like a weakness to people like him, but to others its a great virtue, and I know that in the eyes of the Gods it is highly prized. You ask how he will stop you from doing these things, the answer is easy- we will ignore you like we ignore a child making a tantrum over something we told them they cannot have.
  4. From East to West

    When it comes to Sin the easy answer is speak less and do less- doing less, attracting less responsibility that you might take advantage of or fail. Its about people, mostly- and harming them. Avoid this, don't take them for granted and don't take advantage. Try not to speak ill or condemn someone for wrong doing, offer advice and keep a distance until they prove to know better. Stay as close to contributing to the needs of civilization as possible, working on the structure of security and order. Beware, humans are prone to folly and there is a force at play that will lure us into snares
  5. Thoughts on Magick

    Fire and destruction will always be the dominant force, it is whether we will have to endure it that is the question, for fire and force are only meant to soften and sharpen the mind and the heart. There need be no intelligence to violence, it is us that find an answer for it, to bring gentle truth and cooperation. Be ye a Devil? Then that is your place, and you will be fire and force and contest, until someone defeats you. The Devil knows why He uses fire, we are meant to listen and learn. It is the heart that He wants, and so you will be forced to find it, and the intelligence to make use of your body, mind and talents.
  6. A person is like sticky glue what you pick up will stick to you until you travel it through and sort it out there will always be work to do
  7. An end to the intellect?

    I enjoy your ambition, and I think if we all lived alone in a world that didn't involve interaction, learning skills, and meeting our needs and wants, that this would be easily done. The problem here is that 1. we are not alone, and my Will and want rely on other people, often requiring me to trade with them, or convince them to participate in my wanting to satisfy what I desire. This requires knowledge and savvy, resources and opportunity. If I want or need nothing from anyone, we can all achieve this state you describe, but the minute we walk out our door- because something inside our house broke and we need it fixed, or I ran out of money and need to work to pay my rent which requires employment, or I have a heath scare that requires someone elses expertise- I have to bend my evermoreness and know how to communicate and get what I require. Not everyone simply "allows" as you recommend- not all people practice submission. Not all people want to like you. There is contest for these things, and it requires some kind of payment, whether it is kindness, or flattery, or money, or knowledge- people don't always just hand it over. You shouldn't either, because the odds are high that they will just take what you have, and leave. i
  8. So basically we want to invent a machine that can link to our bodies and we use our minds to imagine and this machine is capable of harvesting the energy around us in the photon realm to organize and create matter at which time we use our minds to animate the thing invented. And that is probably how the Universe works, we are just mid range machines that do these things for the mind of God.
  9. It takes more than Good Will to change this place. We have to see things for how they actually are, and address it.
  10. An end to the intellect?

    So for those of you interested in what Im experiencing I thought Id write a little about what the past two months have been like. I mentioned that I find myself in a place of no-thought. Its very quiet. It helps that I do not own a television and have stopped listening to music. I stay in my apartment most days and don't work. Occasionally I go out to stores and lately I have been going to a bar just to see what people have to say. Im always amazed at the acts of polite kindness when I enter the world again. In my head has been nothing but a steady stream of Chaos that I have had to wrestle to conquer and name, trying my very best to observe and declare what I see and how to handle what I know of the world. Its been very stressful, lots of anxiety, fear, depression and sadness. This has colored my view on life and society. I know it isn't a disaster, but I have spent 20+ years finding ways to avert disaster and suffering for people, and so I am a broken, beaten man that sees a lot of sorrow. Like I said, I know this isn't how it actually is, people are rather sturdy and can handle stress and sadness well. One of the ways we do this is by becoming calloused, which I find to be a bad trait, but a healthy one- for we cannot live our lives bleeding out and begging God for mercy all the time. We have to move and act, we want to see and do, and we need to be strong enough to handle the blows. I guess my experiences have caused me to take on a quest to conquer Chaos and suffering, and so that has been my focus and now I am rediscovering the little joys of life that make us smile and feel warm, content and safe. That is why I have been focusing on kindness and heart based expressions of understanding. Its not exciting, its not adventurous, its not really that creative or difficult, but in these moments I see such profound truths and keep me wanting to be silent and struck by the awe of life and our struggle and smiles. I know that I could write fiction and illustrate the spectrum that I have witnessed, but I am stuck in my silence because I see this whole experience as too tumultuous, and I do not want to contribute to that, even though it is life itself. I aim at the best Good, and I refuse to clutter the air with nonsense or harmful ideas. I could go on about how all of this came to be for me but I think it is too sacred to speak of right now. Im not a great man, and Im not a new, great and powerful thinker. I have made some observations and my guides tell me Ive done well, but I haven't succeeded in creating a total new platform. Im resting right now. I see the goal and I see the path, and I don't know if I want to cause any commotion. There is enough out there in the world that people can find the truth if they look for it. I am not sure what God really appreciates most, I have decided that it is humility and kindness- though how can we fail to admit that we like the color and the pace of a life of movement and experience? I imagine that it entertains the gods that we create such wild and emotive things, but I really believe that from a Creator point of view, it gets frustrating to see indifference and calloused actions, and the harm we cause one another on our way to experience. When I think about what matters most is survival, I recognize that a less dramatic mind is more important to getting the work done than a creative and lustrous one. Yes we do want to feel alive, but there is a danger in the more we feel. I have become convinced that prudence and calm are Gods favorite virtues. So I am quiet now, having been told Ive done enough. Ive digested my karma and Ive made my statements, Ive followed the Dharmas and Ive distributed my blood across as far a path as I could swath. Im done reading and examining and contributing in that way. I hope one day to make a clear process to explain what I know and how to accomplish health in the shortest distance. I know that there is another objective- which is to aid those wandering around already on a journey that they need guidance to navigate. The world is so full of opinions and systems, and ideas and stories- we don't always know what we desire, or what is desirable. I feel for people like this, people just living and doing and uncertain, but working on it. I want to narrow this path, or at least explain what is on the wider path, so we can navigate and choose quicker so that we have more time to experience what we know to be Good in our hearts. I don't feel special for having gone through this. It Took years, all my health and wealth, and I have experienced massive amounts of psychic pain. I have lost everything, I have witnessed the impossible, I know first hand that there is a God, perhaps I have an understanding of Creator that is unique. I have seen miracles. I have shaken the tree and know it can be moved. Truly, it is awe inspiring what I have witnessed. I know the power of God, and I know how small we are in light of such a massive and marvelous being. I am quiet now, because I am small, and I am finding myself content just to witness the journey everyone is on.
  11. RIGHT !

    Did someone mention rubbish?
  12. An end to the intellect?

    All of your comments are very vague. "Emotion, heart, energy" these are just sensations. You need to define these things.
  13. From East to West

    While I think Love is a foundation for Law, there are no Laws in Love, and so for lovers, Thelema is True, but not for society at large.
  14. From East to West

    Im done defending Crowley. Love isn't the Law- Law is the Law, and the Law is not Do What Thou Wilt.
  15. From East to West

    A system is created from Wisdom, but a system is not the Wisdom, the Wisdom comes from practicing the system.