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  1. Test - Beverly

    wading into the surging surf is always a challenge (especially in the frigid new england sea) but once past the tide & lifted off ones toes by the thrilling buoyancy of the salty brine... its such a joy to splash and swim and float about ! aha i am here! splashing !. i look forward to becoming part of your community and thank you all for your help getting my thru the gates ... hmmm... i wonder if the pearly ones will be this difficult to enter? haha !!! i wrote the above thank you note and when i hit 'submit reply', my lamp went out ! signalling my city's power outage !! yes yes, new england icy snowy time right now, and my Elm City was struck and we were a gentle quiet quaint white wonderland for hours and hours... and yes.. it occurred JUST after i added my sort of smiley face... does this mean the powers-that-be don't want me on da Bums? TUFF !!! You guys do! and you've helped me climb on-board, sooo..... LET THE GAMES BEGIN !!!!!!!!!
  2. Test - Beverly

    good morning world ! you are SO beautiful today! outside my window soft sweet snow cushions and covers your cold hard still body but you are not really cold nor terribly hard nor is your motion frozen your heart is filled with swirling fire and our father sun will awaken that thin crisp life you show us where our mortal eyes touch you well, both you and we are simply gross physical manifestations of something both deeper and higher, aren't we" tho few of US know it and the few of us who do, usually forget it i'll wager you are always aware good morning world you are so beautiful every day