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  1. Yijing for meditation

    thanks for sharing your thoughts I'm inclined to do a similar thing sometimes getting carried away for hours and get doubts about my own interpretations which I want to be correct in a way but my knowledge is probably worst at best when it comes to healing or getting insight through meditation I had the Wilhelm version for most part of my life but changed to a different version I found the Wilhelm version a bit too much European and wanted to get more down towards the daoist goodies instead connecting dots it's very difficult for me
  2. Your favourite translation?

    old post but I nowadays read the Huang translation
  3. Yijing for meditation

    I have heard before on occasions we can use the book of change for meditation and healing I'm curious how to do that is there a starting guide text (possibly of ancient times translated in English)?
  4. cautious Taoist

    hello as the title says... I'm a very cautious student but by no means a sceptic per se