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  1. On my way....with some (flesh !) obstacles ahead

    Lust and love are different things. I think one type of lust is a thing when I see woman and I want to make babies because well I am happy heterosexual . This is sexual attraction, you can have lust for some food it's nice feeling when you have feeling "I want to make babies with this pretty woman" but problem is it's not long-term for sure. Same like big breasts and small breasts topic. Only difference is you see big breasts, obviously . But when you are actually with this person you don't give a damn when you want to love this person and your face is on her chest. Then big breasts are actually long-term problem, they can make problems to her how heavy they are and problems if I want to make love. So for me when I don't looking on woman body for the first time and for the last time even "flat chest" is awesome! One my theory is why lots of men like "big breasts". Because if the woman has big breasts she might be sexually confident and that's so turning on. Ye this is secret of it. If the woman who I find attractive would love her body I really don't give a damn how big/small the breasts are (well smaller breasts are more attractive for me in long term, I would be pretty pissed when big breasts would cause health problems) I would be in heaven (and she too ) Little by the way
  2. Hello forum!

    Multiorgasmic man I practicing and it's my goal (to learn from book)! But because I have access on the internet, I watching (not few) videos what he's talking and it's only good investment. In progress I am at the beginning, I already read the book few months back but I didn't do correct things so I learned from this experience, accept myself and now I wont give up because I believe in it and I working on it. Currently I working on how to "activate" microscopic orbit and transfer sexual energy into spiritual energy or feel Chi in my body. Right now I only feelings Chi between my hands. It's so fantastic I feel some magnet force resisting to me when I putting hands closer and closer . It's already the progress isn't it? My friend feel nothing when I showed him how to feel chi between hands Thank you for welcoming me, I'm not leaving this place
  3. Hello forum!

    I reading Mantak Chia book but after I will learn from book I want to read and be interested in his literature and taoism