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  1. Stopping The Ceremony

    @Jeff, I shall PM you once today is out of the way.
  2. Stopping The Ceremony

    @Nungali, thanks for taking time to respond. Will PM you.
  3. Stopping The Ceremony

    That's the "if all else fails, run away" scenario. I was hoping I might get other suggestions prior to this, though I have no qualms about doing so. It's part of my job so it's not so easy to avoid.
  4. Stopping The Ceremony

    Once again, many thanks for the replies. @Jeff, I will probably avoid the situation, but there is a part of me that wishes to invite witnesses - I would like external affirmation for my own peace of mind. BTW, that's a very good description of the scenario, especially the conscious/subconscious aspect. I follow no path other than my own, though it is coloured by being raised in a Judeo-Christian culture. I admire Gnostic Christianity, but I'm a theoretic type only. I don't see the logic of participating in occult behaviour (including exoteric organisations) where the point of my inclusion & the desired result is unknown to me (my father taught me to question everything). That is blind faith - how ironic that occultists choosing to negate the concept of an external G_d, need & use blind faith as a vehicle into the occult! Just the other side of the same coin. I give my energy where I find it is deserving. These "people" just steal it from me. They have isolated me from having extended contact with anyone who isn't one of them. Actually, there is one person, Gurdjieffian in nature. I thought I might find him here, but not as yet. I gather he became somewhat of a hermit so is technologically impossible to reach. In real life he used the moniker "Love Child", I gather he hasn't joined this forum.
  5. Stopping The Ceremony

    Thanks for the replies, guys. I can't get help with this anywhere else so your time & input is extremely valuable to me. Sorry for the cryptic riddling but for some things, one can only hint, right? @Jeff, yes. just to attack me. Just trying to protect myself - I want nothing from these people, never have had. But they *really* want me. It runs in the "family", but I'm not interested - this decision has really pissed them off. @Aetherous, yes, probably for the best to not appear. I can't tell the whole story because it would take a lifetime, and without smashing a massive aumelette. I may have to appear though, 'cos it's my job & I need every penny & all the work I can get. I play rock music at a semi-pro level. I'm the only band member that isn't in their club. This particular venue was a certain meeting place for them, now it's a pub. But the essence of the place is very much alive. I will try & get photos of the place soon enough so one can see the layout of the bar. Who on this forum is best equipped to discuss magickal ritual? If this forum is inappropriate, does anyone know of a better place to discuss this?
  6. Without going into the details right now...I wish to stop an invocation of a... spirit being (for want of better words). I am to be present at this summoning & will be the target of this manifestation. I know this because it's happened before at the same venue - how can I interfere with this & ruin the invocation? This will happen in plain sight in a public area, but this area is purposely charged for the summoning.
  7. Enlightened movies

    One of his best works IMHO... it's like he (they?) got bored writing in super deep style & decided to just have done with it "Hell is empty, and all the devils are here!" It's a great little series if you like The Bard concise.
  8. Trips, Tripping & That Which Is Hidden

    I LOL'ed when I read this... coming up on that heroic dose, my wingman & I both saw silver, glowing sap running through a tree, as if it were transparent. But yeah, absolutely no idea how you'd know for sure Will do, cheers. Enjoyed reading your account, brought back some fond recollections of some amazing/scary/WTF times
  9. what exactly is "God"?

    Found it, by Jove! As I scrolled to the bottom of the page, the words (in Times New Roman 36pt - prolly) said ""Persistence & Determination". 'Nuff said... So much to learn, so little time. Thank you once again, Nungali.
  10. Sex & Magick

    I need to dig deeper into Wilhelm Reich then, thanks for the tip off. Interesting stuff. I found a way to channel my libido through music, playing in a rock band can be very errr... stimulating. My Father used to say, "every man needs an outlet for his genius or he'll go mad"... I wonder if this is similar?
  11. Trips, Tripping & That Which Is Hidden

    Thank you Miffymog. To whoever it may concern & has the power, please feel free to remove this thread.
  12. Leo Gura films himself becoming enlightened

    I have recreationally taken LSD (about 7 trips) & psilocybin mushrooms (about 12 trips) over the course of my lifetime (I'm 51). It's not for everyone, you need the right environment plus the right state of mind, otherwise you can do some serious psychological damage. Also it's not the sort of drug that you can use habitually, it's just too intense for that. You blow the garage doors off, then walk away. My first trip? Age of eighteen, sixty mushrooms drank as a foul tea. I didn't even know what it was. We'd gone picking & I was given a tea to drink. I'd never smoked a cigarette, had pot or got drunk before. So it was quite an intense rite of passage for me. Still here. Still fairly stable If you ever consider doing this, make absolutely sure you have covered every angle of research. The dangers are there, but so are the rewards. Shamans know a thing or two... Edit: In response to Miffymog re: closing your mind, I think there's an element of truth in that. I tended to get quite introspective & focused on going within rather than without.
  13. Enlightened movies

    Le Diner Des Cons... an idiot gets invited to dinner for the amusement of the other guests. But there's a twist... another great message here, quite insightful as the French are so good at. I'm glad they preserve their cultural cinema, Hollywood can miss the subtleties so necessary for the connection to work.
  14. Enlightened movies

    "9" by Tim Burton. There's not much subtlety in this one (in fact it's riddled with occult references), but a great film nonetheless.