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  1. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    Spamming the forum with meaningless shit, if you care to check you can just go and search all their posts and try reading through it. See how many of benefit, knowledge and practical experience they shared on the board. Now they are participating in group self embarassment. Having a group of monkeys, kills off an ability to feel shame and behave.
  2. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    Welcome to ignore list, fool.
  3. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    Do you really believe this is the only forum I am present on?
  4. stuff to do to feel qi better ?

    Just had an offline session activated Qi sensitivity from WTF IS QI, only heard in books, to quite detailed and precise explanation of what exactly is happening. The student also reported feeling of great power, fullness, happiness, euphoria, extreme relaxation, empty mind and some other consequences of activating chi flow. The sensations range from burning fire, heat, to pressure and physical pain, I was pretty much just sitting nearby. So, yeah, you can do it alone in few months of daily practice, or one session with someone who has skill and you are off to go with a new ability.
  5. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    What exactly? Care to elaborate or you are again into throwing meaningless stuff and spamming the forum? There is something in common, between 95% people in ignore list and its not something positive at all. But people with higher level will definitely see it. Well there is nothing you can do to kick me out of this board. So, I am just gonna grab some popcorn.
  6. Blessing food and water before consumption

    The digestion is like an acid lake, or in other words like a fire, it burns connections and information. Same does cooking on fire. High temperature cooking kills not only bacteria, but purifies the energies. When you cut things up you are doing the same, destroying connections. That said mass produced meat carries alot of bad stuff, that will make one sick on long term consumption. The negativity of slave lifestyle, the pain and suffering, hormones, antibiotics and other things all get physically accumulated inside the meat.
  7. Blessing food and water before consumption

    Whats the point of blessing food and water, when you can bless oneself? What has more impact a food and water that you expell out in few hours. Or yourself that lives for many years.
  8. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    I am not a troll. You can just keep quoting stuff for 20 years instead of actually learning something.
  9. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    I get notifications whenever you quote posts, even if you are in ignore list. The learner can learn something from wise men? Unbelievable. Thats the whole idea of quoting someone out of context and out of their own mouth (after 50x translations and edits by other humans), that you dont understand the ideas and concepts and you hide behind the authority or the big "Name" of Buddha. If you know any kind of truth, saying with your own words and from own experience is more meaningful than making dead quotes.
  10. GOETIA

    Yeah, I used to have manual on Homunculus creation. Quite interesting stuff. Ifrits are artificial energy lifeforms that are programmable for certain tasks / have some sort of intelligence. Whatever you arm them with. Unlimited Capabilities. Like having a servant / magic beast on spirit plane. People sensitive to Qi can feel very strong tactile / physical sensations from these things if they get into contact. They are often used as guides or Artificial Intelligence with a database support for a magus. They can be taught to speak into your brain and communicate with master. They can carry on missions and tasks.
  11. A Little Extra Info to New Members

    The thing is.. It does not matter what Buddha said, or John Chang said.. Why do you believe anyone cares to affect you in the first place? So a public place that is most certain to have none of practitioners of advanced level. Even beginners would be rare on public gatherings. Realize this thing, I have went to closed retreats, where you cant go if you cant see energy and dont have 10+ years of experience. I have been tested for years to be able to get recommendation and go for this. Things open for everyone are what they are a beginners pool. Most people there are sick, have no energy, are delusional, have no siddhi. We have discussed it many times about enlightenment. There is no smoke without fire and there is no enlightenment without some serious powers. As there are multiple stages of enlightenment. At the very least on early stages, you will be able to do something nobody else can among mortals, whenever its an ability to see through spirit planes and ghosts, or an ability to stand for 4 hours a day in ZZ effortlessly. On later stages you will become an immortal or a God, with an ability to come and go from mortal plane as you wish. There probably wont be any new members anytime soon, as they dont get approval from Sean anymore.
  12. It's all getting too much

    Cultivation is a brutal thing. A error you end up lost / dead / delusional Correcting errors is a serious thing and its brutal once again. Will never happen in hippie, love you all, we are all friends community. I cant even bother anymore. Some guys think they are enlightened, when he gets delusional to a degree of hallucinations and deep euphoria states of mind. (Same as being drunkard). You could do that, you also would need to delete / hide "I agree we are friends posts". Yeah its a lose-lose situation, have to force him to quit to not kill our brains and this place further. Did not someone catch @Heartbreak copypasting stuff from e-conspiracy websites? He is not even making shit up he catches the worst shit off the internet and posts here.
  13. Sore throat and runny nose are not the symtpoms of Covid-19, there are less than 3-4% of people with such symptoms with this disease.
  14. It's all getting too much

    Thats solid point and its hard to keep it up. By discussing idiots like Heartbreaker or giving him attention the place only gets worse. Its hard to find any topic in last week or two on cultivation. that is sad to see whatever your smoking you should stop it
  15. It's all getting too much

    Its been going downhill since forever, it was quite bad even 2-3 years ago when I first joined. There is nothing can be done about it. It will only get worse. Wait till there will be zero constructive or worthy discussions, and most people left who have cultivational experience, will only indulge in profound internal art of destroying by words.
  16. GOETIA

    Personally I am more interested in creation of artificial lifeforms, that are made to server their Master. Create Life. Amazing ability of Gods.
  17. GOETIA

    While summoning of spirits, demons and otherwordly beings is doable. 3 things are there of concern. 1. If demon is real and is strong, he may be far above your capacity and give you permanent significant internal damage or even death. Thats rare but I have seen and met some who could kill a human being or suck the Qi dry. 2. If demon is weaker than you, basicly a cockroach, summoning him is a waste of time and effort. If you can do something yourself, and this thing is weaker, why would you need it? 3. I have yet to see anyone from this tradition getting to anywhere in self cultivation. There is a 95-99.9%+ chance that whatever you summon is just your own imagination and you need a strict indicators of a real summoning. Like some physical change to fire / water flowing, a strong smell of sulphur or anything else. Dont practice invokation without indicators. The risks are high, the highest risk though is just to waste time while the benefits are questionable. There is info that many use their souls and personal vitality to summon or lure the demons and become hosts, that has many negative consequences over time and puts a stop to any possibility of future cultivation.
  18. Draining the swamp!

    Cant you see the chosen one? The future of Daoism?
  19. Next mb Trump will get it? And Joe Biden. America will be saved by coronavirus from 2 disgrace
  20. MEATY Dantian discussion

    Thing is nobody opens random links without any description.
  21. The perfect weapon

    They just stopped almost all testing for last month.. You cannot get tested in China right now
  22. Finding a master or school

    Everyone starts somewhere, the start point then goes through long term teaching, training, education. I have done atleast 6 years of general education in esoteric arts, passing through some 300 seminars and retreats, before going for self-study and research. I dont think there is a point for a someone who started in one start point and progressed along the line, to go to another start point and start there a new. Thats like utter waste of lifetime opportunities. But if you want to continue development, it is always meaningful to find teacher of a higher level. Its just that they are rare, incredibly rare. None of them is teaching publicly, most of them are unknown to public, and you cannot find these people just "going to some area, or region" you need a sort of recommendation to begin with. You have started in Wudang, I have started in other places, @Earl Grey in other places. Thats just how it is, I would not think one place is superior to another. If you have a demi-god, god, or immortal teacher, who can walk through walls, fly in sky, teleport instead of using planes, and know the exact stock market price any day from now, thats impressive yeah.
  23. The perfect weapon

    Many thought China is under risk due to poor lung health of 60% chinese, with oversmoking Italy under risk with high average age of population. But USA is under risk due to obesity! 40% of population is obese, these people have good chance of dying from pneumonia
  24. The perfect weapon

    If thats true they are damn idiots! New York has no place for dead bodies now, people die like ....