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  1. Dear all, For those studying magic and the internal martial arts you may find this study interesting. I wonder as well, what has been your experience using these techniques to developing the necessary qualities on the astral, mental and physical planes? http://www.falconbookspublishing.com/contemplation-body-awareness-william-r-mistele/
  2. Dear All, I hope you enjoy I have posted up some links Martin Faulks to see the work he is doing: He also opened up a Hermetic Meditation School to take students through Franz Bardon's Initiation into Hermetics to take students through IIH in a safe and harmonious way (you can also view the link below). I hope these links are of use. Martin Faulks About Page This is an interview Martin did this week speaking about his work and life Martin talking about Hermetic Meditation Seshen Hermetic School of Meditation Born in 1977 in England, Martin Faulks is known internationally as a meditation master, adventurer, spiritual warrior and author. Martin’s years of discipline and dedication to daily meditation practice have led to mundane and spiritual achievements. His demonstrations of mind over matter using the power of meditation brought international attention which was documented in the press (2012). Such skills include altering his body temperature, changing the binary waves in brain function, and retention of breath under water. Thus highlighting the potential of ancient mind sciences for healing, health, spirituality and self-development. His interest in universal truths led him to explore and seek out various schools around the world to study with and further his knowledge in the meditative arts, namely the practice of Hermetics (an ancient western esoteric tradition), yoga, Zen Buddhism, and Japanse Shugendo. He also runs the Seshen Hermetic Meditation School, which focuses on progression through meditation and its practical application in daily life to aid and bring about positive change. Other achievements include a black belt in Japanese Ninjutsu (Bujinkan Budo Taijutsu) and the Korean martial art, Kuk Sool Won. He is proficient in the spiritual disciplines of China having studied for many years under the guidance of Bo Ou Mander, including Tai Chi, Qi Gong and the legendary form of Yi Jin Jing. In kindness Upatha
  3. Hello Thelerner, Thank you very much for your comment that is great to hear you have done Wim Hof training, yes that is a great training. You are correct regarding Franz Bardon training, the practitioner learns to work with the electromagnetic fluids, so in turn learns the mechanisms behind all universal workings and of course, also learns to works with the beings that influence the mental, astral and physical planes. I have posted up a couple of interviews with Martin Faulks for those who may not know of him and want to know more about him.
  4. Hi Shaxlor I am glad you enjoyed it. I am sure you are aware he has a new publication out called 'Enlightened Living; which is really useful bringing the fruits of meditation practice into daily life to make transformations and improvements. I hope to be posting interviews from Martin, William Mistele and Virgil soon.
  5. Dear all, There is often a lot of talk about the abilities one may develop using magic, however very few are able to demonstrate these abilities in an open or empirical way. For those who are interested in the practical application of Franz Bardon's IIH, I have added some more videos by Martin Faulks which analyses brain activity during the void meditation and also during astral travel. Other such demonstrations are control of the heartbeat, breath control underwater, body temperature control under extreme conditions and resistance to fire. I hope this is of interest to those who are looking for concrete demonstrations of these things. Please follow the link to watch the video demonstrations http://www.falconbookspublishing.com/power-of-meditation/ In kindness Upatha
  6. Dear all, I hope you enjoy this in-depth interview with Serge Augier, where Serge goes more deeper into the more esoteric aspects of his art and the Daxuan tradition. http://www.falconbookspublishing.com/falcon-books-publishing-interview-urban-daoist-serge-augier/ In kindness Upatha
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    Great to be apart of this group. I hope to share with you some great hermetic research and interviews pertaining to (Bardon's iIH) and look forward to connecting with everyone, Best wishes, Upatha