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  1. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    Hi as long as you don't read a few time you most likely will get the drift. What is so confusing? When you are not open-minded its hard to leave your imprinted believes.
  2. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    Well calling some post ramblings borderlines with an offence don't you think? The very least it is polemic what you say. We should stay on topic. Coronavirus as it behaves, is here to stay. Most likely we all will become infected.
  3. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    Nope, it isn't my first language. Or if it is clearer to you, no it is not my first language. How often do you read my posts? Once and then form a kinda (kind of) judgment?
  4. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    Or having an heated argument in a BLM Demo? Yes Internet needs emoij just to clarify when its i.e. English humour hehehe We humans like to see the time we live in as dark and dangerous, but in regards to the past it was way easier to loose your life, a limb in the glorious past. As I see it it is Influencers, people with time who should visit schools and make children more aware. I small and little steps. That would change society.
  5. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    Yes its correct I'm just sharing my thoughts. It is not my place to educate. The developed World just as the world in development follows the same rules in regards to health. The national and international Health industry is a mighty powerful branch. Very few Dr. will tell you that what causes a disease, they have less resistance to fear just doctoring those symptoms.
  6. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    Yes it reveals the failures of a system which lets people run on 30% of their capacity (impeded by heart, obesity or else). Instead of education, how to live healthy. Living healthy will surely make many people unemployed or look elsewhere for employment.
  7. Humans Without Souls

    Meaning that a soul could split into 2 separate entities? how does Buddhism explain that with say 1 billion humans and countless animals, insects etc we have a few hundreds years later 8+ billion humans and countless animals and insects less all with souls?
  8. Do you still believe in coronavirus?

    Spanish flu still has a way bigger impact. And people where healthier in that time. Many of the dead people would have died without corona a few month later. Corona for me is a disease and its better not to have it. What makes it worse is the publicity it is getting, organ damages? Only a few are affected, luckily. Mortality is lower than most people thing, around 1% which is pretty hefty, but corona is not the Ebola like disease the media paints it to be. Here a comparison of the pandemonium >
  9. Do you have a blog or a website?

    Nice site just pretty slow loading, a server change would make it speed up, bluehost is not the best. A VPS you could get for about 40$ in the first year. an attempt to speed up development in the next gen. Anyone wanting to publish something there, something fitting is welcome.
  10. dry humor greatly reduced of late?

    Sure does in the right person. People take something called schadenfreude as humor, glee is the for it in English I believe
  11. Book of death

    Greetings from South America. Started reading the Tibetan Book of the Dead, I was drawn to Buddism wanting to make myself a better person. I am here to learn and give.