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  1. Free Wim Hof Mini course available

    Doing it right now. Was wondering if there are any Taoist practices that are similar to the Wim Hof method.
  2. Damo Mitchell's Dragon Daoyin DVDs

    Hmm, this looks really interesting but unfortunately their site isn't selling the DVDs anymore...
  3. How to translate 仙道?

    I speak Japanese as well and I'm actually translating this word from Japanese, but it's from a book written by a guy who trained under a Chinese master, and the system in which he trained he calls 仙道. It's not a common word in Japanese and maybe not even in Chinese. I think this kind of thing is usually translated into English as Taoist arts. This author never speaks of Daoism (道教) probably because it would cause Japanese readers to imagine a religious institution.
  4. How to translate 仙道?

    Hello all. I am in the process of translating a Japanese book into English and am stuck on how to translate the term 仙道... Inner alchemy? Taoist arts? Way of immortality? I'm grateful for any suggestions
  5. Hello from Japan

    Yes I know what ASIJ and CA are I was a student of CAJ in Tokyo but I grew up in Nagano.
  6. Hello from Japan

    I have to confess I'm not aware of much Taoist practices in Japan. Taoist concepts are not mainstream in Japan and Taoism as a religion is non-existent. The teachers I've learned from here trace their learning back to China.
  7. Hello from Japan

    Hello all, thanks for the welcome Yes I speak Japanese. My parents are US Americans but I was born and raised here.
  8. Hello from Japan

    Hello fellow Tao Bums. I come in peace and wish you all well.