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Found 3 results

  1. If anyone wants to try it. Cause winter is coming, may as well make friends with the cold and learn some pretty cool mind/body hacks.
  2. Yogananda's double breathing technique utilized during the energization exercises, which consist of a very quick inhale followed by a much deeper inhale introduces a greater amount of oxygen into the body than the standard inhale. I have recently been performing my 30 power breaths during my wim hof breathing in this fashion. I think it results in more oxygen entering the body and heightens the effectiveness of the method. I know there are several bums here that practice WIm Hof, and I thought I would share this regards
  3. Wim Hof's Meditation

    So, I saw that there's a lot of good stuff on this forum, and, after downloading some ebooks, I thought it would be good to retribute back somehow. So, here is my first "donation" to TTB library of awesomeness: It's the meditation technique that Wim Hof practice and teach in his workshops. As I mentioned some time ago, it's a mix of pranayama and tummo, but in a different manner (somewhat simpler imo). The main focus of this method is to stimulate and strenghten the immunologic system. I am applying this meditation for two months (I'm still a beginner), and I feel some good improvements, not to mention a slow, but ever-growing resistance to colder temperatures. He also has a book on this subject, called "Becoming the Iceman." I'd like to tell more about it, but I haven't readied it, so I think I'll just leave the torrent link where I found the ebook Link Removed here. Hope it serves to anybody. Namaste,