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  1. Hi everyone, I was unsure where to place this topic. I am trying to achieve full lotus for my new practices and was wondering if anyone has any suggestions on stretches or dvd's that i can learn. but am really looking for something for an absolute beginner. something that i can practice daily to give me the flexibility and conditioning to be able to correctly perform full lotus without injury. Thank you in advanced.
  2. Hi everyone, I'm trying to understand the three energies, dang, rolpa and tsal. i have the impression that: Dang - the mind, both void and infinite capacity Rolpa - The energy of the manifestation of the condition of dang. it reflects the condition of dang Tsal - is the manifestation of reflected condition of rolpa due to karma, dang is manipulated into impure vision, this is reflected through rolpa as a manifestation of dualism through tsal, is this correct? what reads could i use to deepen this area of knowledge thank you Lee
  3. reverse ejaculation

    But with that you don't get the fire, from my understanding of it anyway. I actually figured it out during a meditation, if you concentrate at point of break, you can direct it backwards using intent. same effects just reverse
  4. Hi, Last week i began to have visual breakdowns during my practice. It happens roughly 1 minute into my qigong practice. It seems to be that my visual view breaks down and becomes an abstract pastel painting, colors can be seen but the outline and formation of separate materials is non-existant during this. during movements when i move my arms in a sinking motion, i can see straight through my golden glowing solid matter. It's very strange but i try not to become fixed on it, i observe without observing. Is this a new level in my personal progress and should i expect this type ego breakdown to deepen in time Thanks in advanced
  5. reverse ejaculation

    Hi, Any good books for the practice of reverse ejaculation? I had read an article about semen retention a while back and so far have had very strong energetic results, however, the frustration is here big time and only today have i found that one can reverse the ejaculation to go upwards instead of downwards and out. this for me would be a break through. i do sexual practice, stop way before the imminent and then reverse abdominal breathing afterward. I'm not really getting to the point of orgasm due to not wanting to spill the milk. when i do this afterward i begin meditation working on the base, this creates a huge energetic surge that begins in the base, smoothly works its way up into the kidneys and into roughly about the area of the solar plexus. it literally feels like my internal body in the lower area is powered by a strong magnetic fluid that seriously tingles in the lower abdomen. this energy then begins to move into the heart area and thats when i begin to feel very over energetic, not always but if i go through the meditative practice for a while it can be quite hard to handle at the time. I get little heat in the spine also but mostly is the feeling of an electrical fluid and energy moving up from the ground into the base. it seems to be strong result but at a cost of frustration Anyway today i read that the ejaculation can be reversed with the same effects as spilling except far more orgasmic and without losing vital energy. it seems that so far i can get the really strong results, but as for reaching its potential its just something that is not going to happen to do it this way, so a better approach is much needed before i ruin my few weeks worth of torture. Thanks in advanced
  6. Lower Dan Tien Question

    thank you for the comments everyone. After much reading about a few things i have decided to do simple movement meditation, along with some breathing exercises and empty meditation for now until proper training. I plan to drive 140 miles per session day to join damo's school in london after xmas though as it's too much for now. screw learning heavy things at home with no supervision lol
  7. Lower Dan Tien Question

    Thank you for the heads up I have wondered before that if one is to take energy from the surroundings, but at the end of practice provide the area with old energy, wouldn't that energy just be replenished into fresh energy that an then be used up by the plant life ect? In order to prevent taking energy from things such as tree, would a specific things need to be done or can this be voided through intent alone?
  8. Lower Dan Tien Question

    Thank you i will be in touch over the next few days, i really appreciate the help
  9. Lower Dan Tien Question

    When i work with meditation, i never go into it with an intent of experience. I simply follow my rules of regulation and then the experiences happen. In the sense of forcing, this is not something that i do, however i do use the mind to become stuck in the correct place of interest. In terms of the heat, i was yet to know that this was going to happen until i experienced it for myself, after that i did some searching and found out what it was. This was achieved through a deep state of calm but yet alert of the area of interest. rather than trying to develop for the experience i seem to practice with an open mind of what i may or may not experience. At the beginning of my training i was told nothing about what the energy feels like and was told that i should not know until i experience it, because the ego mind can be so powerful that it may create a false experience. I do seem to have much success with being able to feel what is happening due to the lengths i go to in my preparation of the practice, i see many people practicing meditation for hours and hours with no results and the reason i put it down to is expectation of what will be experienced. During my practice i will spend on average of 30 minutes regulating my mind, body, breathing and then i will use my awareness to drift into the area of interest for that practice and spend on average 5-10 minutes cultivating.
  10. Lower Dan Tien Question

    the trouble is around my area coverage the so called masters are teaching structure with no substance kind of stuff. qigong and tai chi with no inner form of energy but rather nothing more than a complex workout that gains nothing that it was created for. hence why now i have to try and develop on my own
  11. Lower Dan Tien Question

    Thank you! In terms of this light, when i practice, most of the time i do have an inner vision, not an imagination image but its hard to describe other than i can see what is happening inside, almost as if my consciousness is experiencing it at that time on an image perception. again very hard to describe but i do see what is happening in a kind of glowing sensation view. if that makes sense. However this is only achieved when i hit my deep state that i have the purpose of hitting, i sometimes allow myself to target nothing more than a conditioning practice to allow myself to not become to attached to the results itself but rather the wanting to do that practice. iv spent a long time training my body and mind, and currently am fairly new to this deeper sense of energy. My teacher would make me sit, stand and walk doing different things to loosen the muscles and regulate the mind. under his teaching he would make students stand in qigong posture for the entire session, at first i thought it was about discipline but then found out it was to allow my body to become relaxed in all forms of practice before even glimpsing at the energy awareness. if what im doing is something that is truly working then my previous training under his teachings was all for something that is now beginning to pay off.
  12. Lower Dan Tien Question

    Thank you! much appreciated
  13. Lower Dan Tien Question

    Thank you! In what way do they not receive any benefits from it is something im wondering?
  14. Lower Dan Tien Question

    Thank you for the advice! I do actually do that. I do this both still and moving for circulation.
  15. Lower Dan Tien Question

    Thank you for the suggestion i will be sure to try it out under my willow tree during my next practice