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    Hello Dao Bums, I’m not much of a talker so I’ll be brief. I’ve read some forum posts here, over the years, and thought it time to sow some seeds. By joining this community, I hope to profit some insights from those whom have either traveled longer and/or more wisely than I have. As far as giving back I doubt my shallow experiences can help but I’m willing whenever I can. My interests broadly lay in meditation and inner alchemy. Meditation being my central routine practice. I’ve been interested in Qabala and Hermeticism for about 20 years. For the last few years though I’ve been reading more on Daoism and eastern internal alchemy. The philosophy and overall insights toward inner cultivation have been very insightful. My current mindset is to stay present seek balance and reap chances of understanding when they come. To the DB team thanks for welcoming me and providing this community to share. Best wishes - Jurgen My active reading list of 2016: The Primordial Breath Vol.1 – Jane Huang The Little Book of Meditation - William Bodri The Little Book of Hercules – William Bodri The Secrets of Chinese Meditation – Charles Luk Tao & Longevity – Huai Chin Han Tao Te Ching (Audible) – Jane English, Jacob Needleman Practicing the Tao Te Ching – Solala Towler