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  1. Is it wrong to chase euphoria?

    Well I’m intrigued into what you might suggest for me. im in great physical health. Just always depressed anxious suicidal. my goal is to feel happy content energetic as a baseline. To be able to enjoy life and for it to flow.
  2. Is it wrong to chase euphoria?

    im self teaching Baduanjin which I practise twice daily. i do a fair bit of Dan tien breathing meditation. But I’m very new. not sure if that counts as a system but it’s how starting. dont we all want to feel great? Isn’t that the purpose here to feel as good as possible. If walking in nature and singing feel good is it wrong to do it as much as possible in my days?
  3. Is it wrong to chase euphoria?

    My Qi gong practise is going well. I’m on day 11 of retaining. There’s been some ups and downs (but I have broken up with my gf last week) and I do sense a subtle sense of well-being increase. ive learnt from previous attempts that retaining alone doesn’t giver great benefits. You have to somehow circulate and use it to feel it. most noticeable to me us singing. I can feel a euphoric high sometimes. It feels so good that I keep on singing to encourage the great feeling through my body. also I notice that this euphoria is not infinite the singing stops working and I feel lower baseline than before. its almost the same as drinking or drugs - you feel great for a short time then spent. am I hindering my progress by trying to feel the euphoria as much as possible? is that euphoria constantly the aim of these energy practises? does everyone feel euphoria everyday a little or even almost constantly ? i read text about teaching the gods and heaven etc I imagine they are referring to the euphoria feeling. how often do most people feel it? am I doing my self good or bad by chasing it by natural methods like singing... isn’t that what energy practises is about!?
  4. Ejaculation ruins me

    I am 38 and male. Fit healthy active. never had a prostate exam no. I’ve had the psa blood test however and that was all good. ive had the full feeling all through my 30s and Kate twenties when I started to realise the benefits of retaining. It disappears when I release. however when I have had sex recently when I’m on top and my weight is in my girl I feel a fullness in prostate area... the full congested feeling isn’t in my pelvic floor. But my penis and base of penis. maybe an exam is worthwhile?
  5. Ejaculation ruins me

    I read Wong kiew kits book and been practising his basic moves lifting the sky, raising the moon. i felt as though I have a reasonable starting point as I can feel Qi in my body and have moved it around adhoc when practising meditation or muscle relaxation in the past. I’m not new to the feelings but new to the structure of qigong. to get some variation to those basic movements I decided to learn 8 brocades as it was regularly reccomended here. I’ve just been watching a good YouTube video and copying the lady exactly. in Wong kiew kits book he suggested if i Just practised his basic moods 20 reps a day for a few months the difference would be noticeable. So that is me dipping my toe into Qi gong. If I do feel better I will find a local teacher for sure. I’m trying to keep my practise simple for a few months. Hopefully I’ll see some benefits and convince me it’s worth While. the retention thing is sooo powerful an impact on my quality of life. I go from being like a zombie to being quite bright when recovering from a single release. this happens 90% of the time I release whether sex or by myself. Occasionally it has lifted me. retention makes sense as a easy win. It’s not even pleasant more of a habit and release of the feeling of pressure in my crotch. when I have felt good - usually when retaining. It feels like all the good feelings in my body is coming from my crotch and spreading through my body. Like my crotch is a reserve of energy and it’s feeding the good energy throughout my body. most of the time all I feel is a fullness and weight there. thats the best I can describe.
  6. Ejaculation ruins me

    thanks I’m self learning at the minute at least until I’m convinced that these practises can help. i did see a tcm Doctor, he stuck a lot of needles in me, set one on fire, and sold me aload of herbs - I left poorer and felt no different! Id appreciate different opinions.
  7. Ejaculation ruins me

    I’ve noticed over the years that releasing either by Sex or myself puts me into a massive low energy, depressed, fogged state. It’s always been this way. Ive had my best days when retaining but it’s very up and down. Not a linear improvement with the length of retention by any means. 5 days ago I was making some energy progress with my novice qigong practise. For whatever reason I made my self release twice. I’ve been in a pit of dispair since. Only today on day 5 do I feel a bit brighter, some energy and interested in life. im gonna try and retain long term and hope my qigong practise helps the problem in time. right now I can feel a fullness in my crotch it feels to be in my penis. I have no libido, my penis doesn’t feel pleasant when touched just dead, but it’s a feeling that draws me to release. But from experience it would be a pleasure less empty release that just drains me. i can only assume either I don’t produce as much energy as most guys so releasing drags me down so far.. OR My energy is blocked or stuck in my crotch somehow and when I release I release far to much in one hit. i can’t describe to you how this condition has ruined my life but also introduced me to qigong and energy practises. So, is there any suggestions how I can improve this? How can I get this ball of energy I can feel building in my crotch moving? I’m going to retain but how do I avoiding losing such amount of energy if I do end up having to release? ive never had a nocturnal release either. Does that suggest I’m very low energy and have to conserve as much as possible? currently I’m practising 8 brocades twice daily and doing Dan turn breathing while meditating. is this likely to go away with continued practise as I am a novice.?
  8. Novice experience - any thoughts?

    Another thing is prior to starting this basic practise my stomach was mostly silent and I wasn’t very regular. my stomach gurgles a lot now, and I am regular daily. positive things but I’m not much happier! i have only been practising a week, so I’m thankful I have these effects so soon.
  9. I’ve had depression low energy my whole life been trying to find the answer which has led me here! I’m 38 male. I’m back to focusing on internal arts after being distracted and impatient with it and getting lost down other health avenues. im currently practising Wong kiew kits basic moves of lifting the sky, carrying the moon. I’m slowly learning the 8 brocades sequence, seems to be a good starting point. I can feel what I think is Qi movement straight away. I most regularly feel it when I’m lowering my arms by my sides from above my head. I have two different sensations . The most pronounced is a flow of feeling like silk down my body level with my hands as they lower, this feeling then directs towards my crotch as a heavier fuller feeling when my hands reach the bottom. Pretty cool. The other sensation again when lowering my arms in these basic movements is like insects moving in individual spots on my chest. Subtle but interesting. is this normal? Is this a sign of progress? also, I’ve meditated on and off through the years but never consistently. A few time’s out of the still emptiness my mind and body will feel overwhelmingly with energy and rushes mostly around my head. I tend to focus it on my head as it feels most pleasant there. It’s addictive and frustrating as it happens very rarely. I tend to just follow breath and nothing else. Is there a focus point that brings these feelings more reliably? I guess I will discover with consistent practise. I can consistently feel a brief rush of pleasant energy or tickles moving up the right side of my torso when I strongly contact and pull up my pelvic floor. The sane feeling I get occasionally in meditation but on demand for a brief spurt when I contract. Why is it only the right side. Does that indicate a problem? after my Basic Qi gong movements I feel a bit lighter and subtly energised and can feel energy move as I just relax for a few minutes after. It doesn’t last too long and I slip back to my low energy empty state of normal. what does all this say to me as a beginner? Any guidance? my biggest weakness is my lack of patience with results and I get distracted. But I am determined this time.... hopefully.
  10. Guidance for a Novice with specific issues

    Part of that video, and its talk of the kidneys in relation to Jing, really rang home with me. It said about looking after your general well being. It mentioned in passing over sleeping and how it can be a drain on Jing. Part of being fatigued for me is that I can prety much sleep at will, and I regulary get 10-11 hours sleep and then a nap as well. Western medicine has seemed to link health problems with over sleeping. I guess cutting down on sleep is a easy thing to try.
  11. Guidance for a Novice with specific issues

    Please do, I welcome any suggestions you might have for me.
  12. Guidance for a Novice with specific issues

    Thanks for all your kind input. To clarify this is a state I have been in most of my life. It isnt just a period of depression. I have flickers of happiness, some periods of average and plenty of low. I have seeked help in all forms, and exhausted credible and many un credibel western medicine and therapies on offer. I am not willing to be on an anti depressant, so searching for help here is yet another avenue Im exploring. But I certaintly appreiciate the sentiment behind your advice. I am actually quite a positive person with good self esteem, morals etc. I live healthy, suffer little to no stress day to day. I have been quite successful in my IT career, so I dont have the pressures of working etc to hamper any improvement in my well being which is my only focus in life. I watched that video Aeran thanks, it made things much clearer. It highlighted that perhaps my kidneys are weak. As I already lead a pretty stress free lifestyle, and eat well I am at a loss how to improve this basis for Jing. I guess I will continue my research from there. I was interested in how the guy saying many begginers to qi gong feel exhausted with basic movements, which is where I feel I am this week. How do I gain this jing kidney energy? I am already adamant that I am not going to waste it through having a break from sex...
  13. Guidance for a Novice with specific issues

    So I am Day 5 of retaining my semen, Day 5 of practising qi gong routinely. The rollercoaster has been a predictable one for me. I had sex and felt ok for a day or two, then everything slipped down into nothing. No motivation, apathy, fatigue, didnt want to wake up in the morning. I could sleep all day. Today I feel a little bit better. Usually in the following days I feel great for a few days, high almost, emasculated. I feel a pressue or energy from my crotch, its like all my emotions derive from that energy. This feeling comes and goes for a few weeks before levelling out, highs and lows. I feel better so am naturally more affectionate with my partner, and eventually I am weak and give in and have sex once or twice and the whole miserable pattern repeats it self. Would anyone like to throw some light or even a guess on how this is working in terms of jing and qi? If I am stopping the wastage of Jing then why isn't the improvement in my well being more linear? Its a very curious thing. Right now feeling pretty crappy about life I couldnt care if I have another orgasm again. However when the magic returns to me, my whole pespective changes and I give in and Im back in the pits. Some guys can release daily, I used to release up to 4 times a day through masturbation. Is how I feel a result of sexually exhausting myself? Do I loose more jing than others when I release? Does my jing replenish more slowly?
  14. Guidance for a Novice with specific issues

    Perfect I think... No gi issues. I eat like a horse and never have any issues. I Eat mostly because I feel like I should, I dont crave food or get hungry. I just get weaker and dizzy if I dont eat. I am quite slender and muscular, despite not doing any strenuous exercise other than jogging. However when I am feeling at my weakest eating seems to make me more tired and foggy for a few hours.
  15. Guidance for a Novice with specific issues

    Thankyou, I have had quite a journey trying to find happiness. Including giving up my career, trying lots of things, voluntry work etc etc. I am still stuck with the same feelings inside myself. I will of course keep on searching, but I feel I have to explore all avenues.