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  1. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    All this running around, Praying and making offerings so that The next life will be better than This life. What silliness! Life after this death is Not different than, Nor better than Life before this birth. - The Lost Writings of Wu Hsin
  2. I haven't read it either but if I remember correctly, it was recommended by some folks on reddit. I've only seen it as an ebook.
  3. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    A tweet I saw: "Other people have purpose; I alone don't know. I drift like a wave on the ocean, I blow as aimless as the wind." — Lao Tzu
  4. Been a part of ISKCON in the past, so I've read Prabhupadas Gita. It's probably the best for a Vaishnava point of view. But since I'm shifting to Advaita Vedanta, I plan on reading Easwaran's translation. Swami Sivananda's seems to be okay as well. The Divine Life Society has a free ebook of his version on their website.
  5. I just am. Or at the very least, I try to be.

  6. V is for Vegetable

    Been a vegetarian for about 6 months last year (June - December) because I was involved in ISKCON during that time. But after I left, I went back to eating "normally." However, I'm planning to get back into the diet because I've noticed some things that I've gained (or lost) while I was a vegetarian compared to being an omnivore. Here's a list of some of them: - Better mood. - No body odor. - Better sleeps at night. - Weight loss - Increased stamina And last but definitely not the least, a moral high ground, and the ability to judge people that eat dead animals. (LOL just kidding) But surely though, the pros definitely outweigh the cons, and that's why I'm working my way back to the vegetarian diet.
  7. Everyone post some favorite quotes!

    To have no thought and put forth no effort is the first step towards understanding the Tao. To go nowhere and do nothing is the first step towards finding peace in the Tao. To start from no point and follow no road is the first step towards reaching the Tao. - The Yellow Emperor (From the Tao of Pooh)
  8. Supplements you use

    As of now, just L-theanine and Caffeine for me. Thinking of L-theanine as my Yin, and Caffeine as my Yang. Haha!
  9. Hello

    Hello. Welcome to The Dao Bums! I personally just started with reading the Tao Te Ching. The Stephen Mitchell translation to be exact. I'm actually still new as well to all this, but I think I can also recommend getting a copy of Deng Ming Dao's book: 365 Tao.
  10. Looking for a guide or a teacher.

    Thank you all for your beautiful responses. I truly appreciate all of them! In fact, they've been copied and pasted on my notepad. Haha!
  11. What's on my mind? That's a really good question!

  12. Looking for a guide or a teacher.

    Hello. I was wondering if there's anyone here wh would be willing to teach, or guide me as I walk this Taoist path? I just realised that I've been walking alone and it could be quite difficult sometimes. Or most of the time. Actually, someone used to write to me a lot, but sadly, he moved back into his mountain and has no more access to wifi. How cool is that? I've just gotten in to Taoism a few months ago so I'm really still new to all this. I'd really appreciate someone who wouldn't mind taking a lot of questions. Haha!
  13. Daily (or regular) practices

    I also try to do the first form of Wing Chun every morning. I seem to relate to how fighting is not Tao or my Way as well, but the form seems to help calm my mind, and at the same time, trains my muscle memory for when the time comes that I might actually have to defend myself. During the day when I'm at work, I make sure to step outside and enjoy my coffee while being aware of my surroundings. Some basic mindfulness that keeps me grounded throughout the working day. At night, I try to do some Yin Yoga poses to keep my body limber. I think these are my three practices that I try to do regularly.
  14. Hello! Where to begin?

    Hello everyone! My name is Stevie, or just do away with the "i" and just call me Steve. I'm a 26 year old dude from Manila, and I'm craving for knowledge on the Tao. I find it this philosophy very "ironic" though, and I have a feeling that it's something learned through feel. For example: correct me if I'm wrong, but I feel that "forcing" myself to study the Tao academically is counter productive. I am so used to learning through efforts and studying (maybe because of my hardcore Christian background), but I feel like I'm getting nowhere. It's when I let go, sit back, relax, and contemplate that I seem to learn about the Tao. Quite simply, when I try, nothing happens. When I don't, something happens. Is this Taoist or what?! On a side note related to that being "taoist or what," I seem to realize that defining is a big NO. Because definitions ironically make something lose it's essence? I don't know. So yeah, that's where I'm at! I seem to have rambled, but please correct me if I'm wrong. Sorry about that guys! Basically, I'm here to learn from all of you, and I'm excited. /Steve