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  1. Thanks for the yawning tips liminal_luke, I am going to try it. As for the topic, this reminds me of a seminar I attended about habits and happiness. The speaker had worked with a scientific approach to Loving kindness meditation (I think it corresponds to Metta meditation? Please correct me!) and that this was an effective way of toning the vagus nerve and improving happiness. Here is a link where you can read about it: Hope you enjoy!
  2. I printed and hanged the monk doing ZZ holding the ball and another wuji one I made. When I get some more frames and print the yin/yang I will post you a picture with frame on the wall in this thread : )
  3. Body mechanics

    Damo Mitchell has a superb chapter is his book Daoist Nei Gong on this topic!
  4. .

    I am not a mod as you can see. Just wanted to keep the post clean of unrelated posts, I'm sorry that I did offend you. I think you misunderstood me here, I am very glad that you have brought up the topic and of course you should be able to talk about your own products as many other people do. In fact, I am very happy that you do since I am a customer of yours and I can vouch for the great customer service and products you present. You also recommend other suppliers which is fantastic of you. So I do not criticise you in any possible way. I just thought that support questions of a personal matter should be sent to you in private message since other people can't benefit them thus no need to be in the thread. I thought it would be less clutter, but look at me now, cluttering the thread even more to explain I am not offended or trying to offend someone. So I guess I learned my lesson.
  5. .

    People come here to discuss negative ions effect, please use private message or email to discuss support questions about a particular website or seller!
  6. Means to Cultivate the Body?

    Don't start with two different Qi Gong sets, pick one, practice that one. Don't put to much pressure on yourself to be 'good' from the start. Its like e everything in life, you are terrible at first and then you progress in correlation to effort (and some might say talent)
  7. The Dao of the poor

    Would love to hear more about this and see some pictures, got any examples?
  8. The Dao of the poor

    People have already said Zhan Zhuang but none linked to good instructions. You could start out with, a very good youtube series that is free by Lam Kam Chuen who is VERY competent in Zhan Zhuang. This practice may look simple but it has a huge depth, you could practice this for your entire life. Edit: Added Sun Lu Tangs Xingyi manual since you said you wanted to study Xingyi, study it thoroughly and you will succeed
  9. hello

  10. Diagnosing jing deficiency

    Someone posted this in another topic, regarding Jing its the best explanation I've seen. Take a look at the clip and see if you can get some insight.
  11. So basicly, I made some artwork that I am going to frame and hang on the walls in my new apartment. What I like is a very minimalistic and soft style of artwork that isn't to tough on the eye. It also has to have the the attribute of making me happy when I see it so usually something that I am interested in and can relate to. A plus is if its a good conversation starter when Im having guests around. The files I upload are low quality versions (max file size is 2mb) so if you would like just send me a pm with your mailadress or write here so I can upload the high quality versions of the work. Maybe someone wants a different background color or something, very easy fix. If someone wants a totally new picture and have found a motive I might be able to help, but please respect that it will occupy my time so if thats the case share a good story with me, share some knowledge that you don't think I know about cultivation or find a way to send me a small tip. Also, I haven't created the original pictures, just made artwork out of them. So respect the author and use only for personal reasons! Best Regards, joti
  12. Means to Cultivate the Body?

    I would personally go for Dragon and Tiger Qigong, presented in two books by Bruce Frantzis. You can buy them anywere, start with the first book, in fact don't buy the two right away. Buy the second when you feel stable and proficient in the system. It is a system that started out Daoist but has many buddhist influences. I guess some people on this forum dislike Bruce but I have to say if you not are going to find a teacher I think he has the most precise and clear instructions to be understood by an ordinary person just by training from a book. It is very detailed. Feel free to message me if you have any questions!
  13. food a limitation on spiritual progress

    daomon could you tell us a bit more of the meeting? I am kind of interesting in the art of paida and read about it but I have never heard from someone who met Hongchi Xiao!