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  1. Same here - I have no access to a teacher. And I don't know when I'll ever have access to one, so I must find another way. Awakening Healing Energy Through The Tao by "that terrible man from Thailand" has been very useful to me. I'm willing to do all the reading/research necessary, but that is difficult; Because, just like on this forum, you don't know if what anyone says is correct or not. So sillybearhappyhoneyeater, if you can point to some authentic resources in books or online, that would be more useful.
  2. I dun goofed

    Hi OldChi, As much as I appreciate Mantak Chia for introducing me to Taoist Meditation, I realize that some of his books which focus on sexual mastery can be dangerous. For instance, in Multi-Orgasmic Man, he talks about The Big Draw or Valley Orgasms, but didn't tie in the importance of circulating the energy along the microcosmic orbit, and collecting the energy in the navel (I didn't read the whole thing to be honest, and this is why I stopped). His book, Awaken The Healing Energy Through The Tao, which I still use as a reference, is safer to use; It contains the warnings about kundalini (I'm still not sure what that means, being a newbie to all this) and collecting energy in the head. But it seems his books about sex are dumbed-down for the sex-obsessed western audience he is trying to reach. This is unfortunate. I stopped myself before I got to the stage of the OP, but I was experiencing very real contraindications to storing energy in the head. So even though giving myself dozens of orgasms over the period of a couple hours felt good and is really addictive, I had to reason with myself and tell myself to stop. Practising this caused me to have a headache, with grogginess, that lasted 2 - 3 days. It felt like my brain was under extreme stress which I never felt before. So now I only practice circulating along the orbit. QUESTION: Apart from Mantak Chia, and without having to go on a scavenger hunt, what resources (books, etc.) exist for newbies like myself who want to learn more about Taoist Meditation, in a concise but safe way? I don't have access to a teacher; although I'm searching, but I probably won't find one in my country.
  3. Hi from the Caribbean

    Hi All, I started practising Taoist Meditation (I suppose you would say 'Daoist' here) by reading some of the works of Mantak Chia, and by watching some of his videos on YouTube. Through that I got more interested in Taoist philosophy and Yoga. Taoist philosophy resonates with me because I naturally eschew more fashionable ways of thinking and behaving in favour of a more quiet, peaceful, and happy life. I crave the stillness and satisfaction offered to me through the Tao. I want to use Taoism (through meditation right now) to enrich my spirit, to have a healthy body, and to have a calm and wise mind. I'm at the beginning stage of my journey. But I look forward to this trans-formative process. I hope that being a member of this forum will aid me on my journey.