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  1. Emptiness vs Visualizations

    There is the difference between psychic healing and spiritual healing. Psychic healing is the mind using the yin qi energy - so the pineal gland can be magnetized and activated so that it transduces the formless awareness information but without seeing auras as external light. That is a number 4 person level and is the lunar psychic energy of the mind. The spiritual healing is based on the Emptiness achieved through the third eye being fully open with a direct connection via the yuan qi on the right side of the heart and yuan shen spirit energy on the left side of the heart. That is a number 5 person. The yuan qi as formless awareness enables a Number 5 person to do long distance healing and remote viewing - as an instantaneous entanglement with the mind - to leave the body as immediate OBEs - but it's more like an "astral tube" instead of "astral travel." Astral travel is when the lower tan tien is full of yin qi energy and so the whole body pulsates with qi and the top of the skull opens up - the fissures open up - and the top of the skull pulsates as the bones get soft like a baby. When this astral travel occurs it is an Emptiness spacetime vortex. That is a Number 6 level of astral travel. In chapter 11 of Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality it states that if the spirit leaves the body without enough qi energy as the force guiding the spirit - this causes dizziness and again that is from the spacetime vortex of the spirit leaving. It is like in relativity - you need a constant velocity from enough yuan qi instead of too strong of an acceleration of spacetime. So even a Number 6 person can overuse their energy and have this dizziness happen but then they can recharge fast. But the problem is that even if a person trains to achieve this level temporarily as Nirvikalpa Samadhi Emptiness - the Tai Chi - they can still fall back into worldliness. Only by continuing to store up more qi energy to surround the spirit in the lower tan tien will then the third eye be fully opened so that a Number 5 person is achieved. There are "different levels of emptiness" as Master Nan, Huai-chin describes - based on "different levels of consciousness." So the original qigong master says to "use your consciousness to go into the Emptiness" and to keep it simple. That means consciousness as spirit light and Emptiness as the spacetime vortex.... So for example the "space" between your thoughts is the Emptiness but the mind on its own is very weak - and that is an example of focus. So even with strong focus you can empty out the conceptual mind - the 6th level of consciousness - but focus on its own can just activate the pineal gland on a small level. Only when the 7th level of consciousness is activated do you then start to activate the Yuan Qi Emptiness of the heart. This starts to happen as the right side vagus nerve sublimates the jing energy into the right side of the brain which then increases the qi energy which then increases the visualization power of the right brain which then, as increased shen visualization in the lower tan tien, increases the jing energy. That's how the cycle of the small universe goes - as the jing increases then the left side of the conceptual mind is emptied out and the left side vagus nerve activates the left side of the heart as the increased visualization energy of the yuan shen spirit. So all that is still based on increasing the yin qi energy. Whether the lower tan tien can be filled up depends a lot on a person's age - how much jing energy they've used up already. So to empty out the 7th level of consciousness requires emptying out the first 5 levels of consciousness which is the consciousness of the body. So that means to create a yang shen other body - on a quantum level it is the quantum energy of the microtubules in the body - which stores the information as a holographic black hole/white hole. So you turn the whole body from a black hole into a holographic white hole. As to explain - how can a person have a vision in detail of something that happens 3 years later? If Emptiness is very full as the absolute void - for example when we look into deep space we are looking into our deep past as the light now reaches us. That means in actuality our current physical 3D spacetime is a holographic projection of the past - and so we are living like in a video recording that is played backwards. This is why the original qigong master says that 60% of our life is already predetermined by fate but we can change that fate through the qigong training. So through the Emptiness as quantum entanglement we have a reversal of spacetime into timespace - and the reversal is asymmetrical. This means that the geometric value changes spatially even though the time stays the same - so that space no longer exists and time becomes eternal and then 3D spacetime can be rearranged. This process of energy creation and destruction is then eternal transformation of spacetime but it is constantly entangling the information - and so if there is synchronizing resonance of light as visualization this reverses spacetime. We can think of this as subharmonics and overtones at the same time - nonlinear resonance - but for example yang is 3/2 as C to G music harmonic but yin is 2/3 as C to F subharmonic. They are both a perfect fifth - so that when the yin is inverted the geometry is a complementary opposite so that it turns into yang as 3/2 C to G - the geometry is then an asymmetric inversion as a complementary opposite. So the Emptiness has these subharmonics and overtones at the same time - inhalation and exhalation - and you fundamentally can not visualize the Emptiness since it is quantum entanglement. This is why the Klein Bottle is used as a geometry of the Emptiness for alchemy. In the Emptiness for example all the senses are extra strong - the qigong master can then smell long distance - because all our perceptions are then immediately transduced from the entanglement of information nonlocally. It is the same with vision but it is the synchronized vision light that goes into the Emptiness because light is unique as the speed of light remains constant while spacetime changes. The energy of light as yuan qi energy also remains the same it just has a longer wavelength or longer space or a shorter time as higher frequency - a greater frequency with shorter wavelength, shorter space. But quantum relativity has an asymmetric relationship based on internal and external measurements. So you say yes it does matter about seeing light inside and/or outside because growth happens from within since we always already our consciousness from the Emptiness - so we can not measure the Emptiness to increase consciousness externally - this is why relativity and quantum physics can not be united. This is why qigong master Yan Xin calls qigong training "the highest technology of all technologies." Science is inherently and fundamentally limited by a materialistic mathematical definition of infinity from an external measurement of changing time and frequency to a spatial symmetry as disharmony. So the internal energy increases in frequency while the time goes faster - bigger frequency smaller time - which means that more of the microtubules of the brain are activated at faster time and higher frequency of energy so that the whole brain is synchronized as holographic shen energy. But then externally time slows down - and the frequency gets smaller - so that your external reality is moving at a slower time and also you can then visualize see into the Emptiness into a smaller space. The qigong masters can then see inside other people's bodies - and when they do that the person's inside of the body experiences the blissful heat just as a laser in the body. So the consciousness is holographic laser spirit energy that is empowered by the universal entangled yuan qi formless awareness - but the experience of that yuan qi energy has an "internal" and "external" asymmetry as complementary opposites. So for example as the qigong master has done long distance healing on me - the center of my brain is on fire with strong heat and magnetic bliss because I am experiencing that energy externally and so time slows down. Einstein made the joke if you put your hand on the stove it feels like its been their forever - in fact this is true since the body adrenaline surges into the amgydala which over-powers the dopamine receptors so that you can even get Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and so you have gone into a trance Emptiness - you black out from the stress and then can have dopamine receptor damage in the hippocampus. But for the qigong master - they have to be careful not to fry people's brains if their mind is not ready yet. There has to be a purification of the jing energy so that the microtubules resonate properly and can handle the higher frequency laser energy. But in fact it is the nonlocal Emptiness yuan qi energy that enables this contact to be made - and so for the qigong master they can see inside the person's brain - while the person experiencing the energy can not see inside their own body - and yet it is that person's own Higher Self that enables this experience of the brain being on fire. So that is an example of the difference between internal and external - it is the spacetime asymmetry between the consciousness as synchronized light and the Emptiness as the yuan qi entangled energy foundation. If the light experiences a lot of resistance then a lot of strong internal heat and magnetic force is experienced as blockages that need to be cleared out.
  2. Emptiness vs Visualizations

    The last link is a long quote from my 2000 master's thesis. Someone posted it to their facebook page. So the point here is basic alchemy - as I posted in the first time - to achieve Emptiness the lower tan tien has to be filled with yin qi energy first. Taoist Yoga confirms this - the cavity referred to opens up after the lower tan tien is filled up. The light of vitality manifests when the Tai Chi is experienced. This means that the "Cavity of spirit" - the third eye - is closed - and then opens up as the Cavity of Original Spirit - once the lower tan tien - the Cavity of Spirit-Vitality - is filled with the yin qi energy. So the small universe practice - this is visualization but the Heart's Fire is the yin qi energy from the liver energy. This is why at night your spirit goes back to your liver - the visualization then manifests as subconscious desires which then deconverts your yin qi back into yin jing (blissful heat) and then reproductive fluid lost as ejaculation. So then the green dragon is the purification of the yin qi energy - so that the "heart's fire" descends to be below the water - the yin jing energy - thereby transforming the yin jing (blissful heat) into increased yin qi - which then increases the power of your spirit - yin shen. So then when the yin qi is full enough this activates the yuan qi of the heart which also opens up the third eye of the pineal gland - and so then your "heart's fire" will actually transmit out of your eyes via the pineal gland and so then your spirit will see light around other people - because your spirit has enough yin qi energy powering it. When the yuan qi is strong enough then you have telepathy which is the Schumann Resonance field I mentioned in the first post - so your magnetic qi is 1000 times stronger than the normal heart magnetic field - as the Schumann Resonance is also a 1000 times greater. So first the jing energy has to be built up but only through purification which causes the spirit fire to get below the water to create the qi energy - that is the secret process. Only by sublimation of the water - as the White Tiger - through the Quick Fire breathing - the deep fast breathing that activates the sympathetic nervous system of the adrenal medulla (the top of the kidneys as the Yuan Qi energy source) - then does the heart's fire get properly pulled down. My website has all the details on this. Quick Fire White Tiger Lung Metal, the yang in the water is used to settle the yin in the fire Green Dragon liver: to keep the yuan shen from going out of the eyes - more Quick Fire Tai Chi. This is a good point - but you are pointing out the difference between formless awareness emptiness and visualization. So for example - Ramana Maharshi points out that there is a conflation of visualization with emptiness. See Ramana Maharshi, Talks With Ramana Maharshi: On Realizing Abiding Peace and Happiness (Inner Directions; 2nd edition, August 1, 2000) and This is a very subtle difference yet it was understood by Ramana Maharshi. People have conflated light with formless awareness and you can see why - Ramana Maharshi is not clear about this. But that's also why in Tibetan yoga formless awareness is called "clear light" and why the original qigong master says to visualize clear light in the center of the body for the "moving of yin and yang" exercise. Ramana Maharshi says and So what this is referring to is actually the Yuan Qi - which is the formless awareness that is also the energy of the universe. If you look at the final stage of Taoist Yoga it is that the person - the immortal - merges back into the formless qi of the universe. So this is also proven in science, as my website details, there was a recent experiment that actually captured the "virtual photons" of the quantum vacuum. Virtual photons are from the future! Normally virtual photons can not be turned into actual photons of light - only by "squeezing" the light so it is beyond the limitations of time-frequency uncertainty of the planck constant - then the light can be captured. Science has also proven that human hearing is faster than time-frequency uncertainty. So that is the secret of Mouna Samadhi - it actually enables precognition and telepathy - but it's power depends on the Yuan Qi being activated via the heart-pineal gland connection. Once the pineal gland is opened up then it is a permanent transformation - a permanent magnetic activation - this is what Gurdjieff called a Number 4 person. But to get to a Number 5 person is very difficult - that means the pineal gland is fully open so that nirvikalpa samadhi is stablized - the Emptiness can be gone into at any time. A number 5 person can then do healing reliably as a qigong master - but it is very rare. As Master Nan, Huai-chin says what happens is a person opens up the pineal gland but then has "heroic over-exuberance" by using the spiritual powers that manifest - telepathy, precognition, healing others - and once the power is used then the person "falls back into worldliness." Now this process of falling back into worldliness is very easy since the energy is naturally sucked up by others being attracted to it - based on the yin-yang dynamics and so to store up the energy you need to keep people from constantly taking your energy. But Ramana Maharshi did specify that the formless awareness is NOT LIGHT yet at the same time the formless awareness creates light - and it does so based on the three in one unity. That again is the secret of the alchemical training that is spelled out in the Taoist Yoga manual. So the three in one at first is based on fire, water and (earth/metal).....but then it goes to sun/moon and earth (human). So that means based on the sun/moon/earth is that certain times of the year make resonating the formless awareness as light energy more easily - and that is right now. Science has proven that during the equinox and solstice there is increased solar aurora energy on Earth - and so for example one Solstice I got a strong shock in the middle of my brain with bright light flashing. But in the normal training the key is "grounding" the energy as alchemy details first the yin qi energy of the "yin heel" channels have to be filled up and so that's why the standing active exercise is done 3 times more compared to visualization sitting meditation. The yin qi energy has to be built up to power the shen spirit. We are all already ghosts we just don't realize it. The secret of alchemy is that after birth the yuan qi energy separates out into spirit ghost energy that goes out of the eyes during the day and goes back to the liver at night - and so what powers that ghost energy as life is the green dragon yin qi energy of the liver - the "heart's fire." At puberty the pineal gland shuts down, the thymus closes up the heart energy - the REM theta brain waves shut down - and the reproductive organs start focusing on creating fluid - and so the fire energy goes out of the eyes and this causes our spirit energy to have information focused on the lower emotions of desire so that our hormones are changed into fluid. Now the adrenaline is proven by science to be a positive feedback system. This is why Quick Fire of the sympathetic nervous system activation of the adrenal medullae (the yuan qi) source - it sublimates the jing energy to the brain which then via the pineal gland causes even more increased adrenaline. As Wim Hof has proven through science the adrenaline is increased 200 times more than normal just by the deep reverse breathing and the breath retention is then what transfers that sympathetic nervous system energy over to the parasympathetic nervous system. My website quotes the science - holding the breath AFTER EXHALE - activates the right side vagus nerve which is the reproductive organ energy connection to the right side of the heart - the source of the Yuan Qi energy. So with each cycle of that practice you increase the yin qi energy stored up in the organs which then increases the power of the light. As Taoist Yoga Alchemy and Immortality states - the training is all by fire - so the Quick Fire increases the jing and the increased jing then increases the yuan qi and the yuan qi of the pineal gland - then increases the shen energy and then increased shen then increases the jing energy. That's the "small universe" cycle. So you know when the lower tan tien is filled with yin qi energy - when the leg channels have opened up and you can sit in full lotus in ease. That's why I wrote an article "you can't fake the full lotus." It is very easy for the mind - the ego - to lie to itself - whereas the Yuan Qi energy is formless awareness that is the Emptiness. So yes we can get information via the pineal gland which then transduces that information to manifest through our bodies. In other words reality is holographic - if a person has an anger blockage then my liver will get very hot - why? Because my shen interacted with the shen of the person and then via my pineal gland heart connection - the shen energy was downloaded - transduced - back into a jing blockage of that other person. Or if I make eye contact with a person and suddenly I am overwhelmed by sadness - that is a lung blockage. So then as my website details - the biophoton healing means that my synchronized harmonized light had gone into that person which then exorcised their disbalanced light - the spiritual source of their jing blockage - and my spirit sucked up their disharmonized spirit energy. But it is the formless yuan qi that enables this transformation to take place and so by continuing in full lotus the jing blockage - say the burning hot liver - or the sadness of the lungs - is transformed again - it is exorcised by being harmonized back into synchronized light. But it is the yuan qi of the heart - that is the pinhole through the right side of the heart - that creates this secret black hole/white hole connection to the Emptiness itself and it is then traveled by the yin shen - the spirit light energy. And so a qigong master with the pineal gland fully open can then become a Number 6 person which then can create a new astral yin shen body out of the formless awareness - this is a total transformation of another person out of the formless awareness. I saw the original qigong master doing this - he creates a new individualized spirit for each person he is healing! And this spirit then builds out of his pineal gland - out of the top of the head, breaks off and floats out to the person being healed. Then another spirit forms. What causes this process - the deep heart formlesss awareness yuan qi energy. And the healing is not just of people alive but also healing of ghosts - the disharmonized light being held to Earth by the lower emotional jing blockages are then attracted to the qigong master and I saw these ghosts hovering around the qigong master and he explained that they were coming to get healed by him. This is why the alchemy training creates a "gold aura" - which is the highest aura of the yang shen manifesting. Just as gold is created by fusion of neutrons in science - from a supernovae - the deep yuan qi formless awareness is this black hole white hole fusion transformation that is stored up in the lower tan tien. So as Wang Liping demonstrated - such a person with the gold aura can then walk through a wall!!!! Because their physical body is completely one with the yuan qi formless awareness itself. Such a body can bilocate to manifest multiple other physical bodies at the same time - as H.W.L. Poonjaji did during his birthday. haha. But Poonjaji was not AWARE that he did this. That is the difference between spiritual ego self-awareness and the formless awareness. In Mahayana Buddhism you do not achieve supreme complete enlightenment unless you are self-aware in the LIGHT that you created multiple other yang shen physical bodies. Poonjaji only became self-aware AFTER the fact. For example in the biography of Phra Achran Mun his colleague levitated but as soon as he became SELF-AWARE that he was levitating then he fell down. So he had to train in his samadhi to be self-aware while meditating. What does that mean? It means the spiritual ego as synchronized light is able to travel into the black hole and transform into a white hole - have a vision of the future - while at same time KNOW that it is a vision of the future. In other words when you have a dream that is much more real and vivid than being awake then you will realize this dream - also the information is nothing from your past - you realize this dream is of the future and so you make note of it and you analyze it. That it an example of developing a type of samadhi that has the light go into the Emptiness and yet maintain self-awareness. The Bushmen describe this challenge as the type of trance staring that does healing of other people. It is very difficult to maintain that trance staring - why? Because it is the synchronized light itself! It is the synchronized resonating light that creates a holographic laser as self-aware consciousness that goes into the Emptiness and that is why it is very difficult to maintain this type of self-aware samadhi as the three in one unity. It is like riding a bike - you learn to ride a bike and once you learn you have that skill - but the skill is from feeling and practicing because it is your body consciousness that knows the skill - and so tai chi training is proven to increase your "fast neurons" - just as running also increases the mitochondria of the fast neurons. But what is the origin of the fast neurons? It is the sonofusion acoustic cavition energy itself - Dr. Mae-Wan Ho documents this - the meridians of the body manifest as this piezoelectric ultrasound quantum energy fusion. And so qigong master Yan Xin was documented to make gamma rays as a byproduct of his healing. Why? Because when you collide gamma rays you create matter from energy - and so the synchronized light is a holographic creation of new physical matter as a new yang shen body. The yuan qi formless awareness is outside of spacetime - it is the quantum entanglement of the white hole/black holes as a wormhole.
  3. Emptiness vs Visualizations

    The short version is this: If you can see light externally that is the "absolute void" - real Emptiness - i.e. an aura seen around other people for example. If you see light internally that is the "relative void" and just leads to a normal death. Stop the fire, stop the postnatal breathing... - Daoist ...www.thedaobums.com › The Courtyard › Daoist Discussion Jul 15, 2015 - I have been reading up on the Taoist Yoga http://terebess.hu/z. ... When it is seen internally that is the relative void and just the yin qi manifesting in .... The absolute void as light outside the head means you have achieved the ... Taoist Yoga Discussion thread - Page 17 - Group Studies - The Dao Bumswww.thedaobums.com › ... › General Discussion › Group Studies Dec 30, 2014 - Page 17 of 17 - Taoist Yoga Discussion thread - posted in Group Studies: ... internal light is called the "relative void" and that's why it's absolutely useless ... and you achieve the "absolute void" as real Emptiness - seeing light ... LoneMan Pai™- Turning The Light/LUX Around - General ...www.thedaobums.com › The Courtyard › General Discussion Oct 17, 2015 - The lower tan tien focus is based on the real secret of Taoism which is ... The Taoist Yoga book calls this the Absolute Void versus the Relative ... Taoist Yoga: Alchemy & Immortality - Page 3 - Google Books Result https://books.google.com/books?isbn=0877280673 Charles Luk, ‎Pi Chʻen Chao, ‎Kʻuan Yü Lu - 1973 - ‎Health & FitnessAnswer Seeing the void as not empty is right and seeing the void as empty ... Voidness which does not radiate is relative but voidness which radiates is absolute. The Purification Papers - Page 146 - Google Books Result https://books.google.com/books?isbn=0578007622 Daniel Briggs - 2012... he knows that Buddha lands are void like living beings, He goes on practicing the Pure Land (Dharma) to teach and convert men. ... was born by grafting onto the supramundane philosophy of Taoism. ... distinguish between relative voidness and absolute voidness which radiates from ... ~Taoist Yoga, Lu K'uan Yu Cont. "Music is derived from a very simple yet... - Musica ... https://www.facebook.com/musickofthespheres/posts/514756675333127:0Wu Chi is literally the void or nothingness from which all arises. Although Wu Chi, the ... is the absolute void. The brilliant and profound text Taoist Yoga states: ... Absolute voidness is not empty like relative voidness.(36) This concept has been ...
  4. Taoguy response

    In response to Taoguy asking for "drew" - this is my answer to http://www.thedaobums.com/topic/40695-emptiness-vs-visualizations/#entry679540 Yan Xin says that emptiness should not be the focus of older people and instead with light, visualization manifests as information and then that information energy should be acted on, should be resonated to increase the energy. Also that the energy is bidirectional so that damage can be undone. Focus into the emptiness is "listening" or logical inference of the source of the I-thought but Buddhism is based on this left-brain logic and so is too limited, not enabling body-mind harmonization. Focus is left-brain but the listening is deepened through natural resonance which is why OHM and MUA is used for the sound-current mantra - the inner sound method of Buddhism - and also the secret of the oldest philosophy of India - of the three gunas from the 1-4-5 music intervals. So the small universe is also found in Kriya Yoga and it originates from the 1-4-5 music intervals creating an infinite spiral of energy. So when doing the small universe meditation you focus - you as japa, SAY the sound in your mind while you visualize the light. When the brain goes into delta wave then you go into the Emptiness but when you return to self-awareness you will have new information revealed to you. So then left-brain focus is listening as the sound-current nondualism - saying the OHM and MUA in the mind as a whole mind-body-spirit resonance. When doing the standing active exercises the mind should be empty while the body moves - this again is called inner sound or internal listening from Tai Chi - I give the Chinese term on my website. Whereas for sitting meditation the mind should be visualizing the energy actively through intention - again this is what Yan Xin emphasizes. Science has proven, as my website details, that when we visualize light with our eyes closed it self-amplifies the energy, as a holographic laser, and this is traditionally called "turning the light around." Just as with watching t.v. - the prefrontal cortex is shut down of left-brain analysis, while the visual cortex is activated. This is then a R.E.M. state once the heart is activated as theta brain waves - which is why babies and young people have strong REM heart pineal gland energy even while awake and their sleeping is mainly REM sleeping. The baby and young person, like the standing active exercise, has a lot of natural qi energy and so their limbs are always moving around on their own. We then visualize like we are watching t.v. when doing the active exercises - without the left-brain focused intention. What science has proven, as my website details, is that with the eyes open the light goes into our eyes but it activates the biomolecules whereas when we visualize light with our eyes closed then, again as my website details, the biophoton light is actually resonated directly from the Emptiness (the quantum vacuum). So there is no dualistic dichotomy between Emptiness and visualization - for example blind people emphasize they can not see the color black but they can see light internally and can differentiate between light and darkness and science has proven that their (blind) visual cortex is then activated by their sense of touch and their sense of hearing. This is called "proprioception" - the sixth sense - of the inner ear vagus nerve connection that integrates the senses via ultrasound resonance of the quantum holographic consciousness. This integration is done consciously from the pineal gland connecting to the incoming light externally - so that reality is holographic - the external and internal 3D space is converted to a 2D time-frequency realm which is the true Emptiness. The Emptiness is this eternal resonance of time-frequency energy so that precognition is possible and as Stephen Hawking says even with black holes the information is not lost. This is because time-frequency is noncommutative - it is asymmetric - so that a white hole is actually just when time is zero and frequency is infinite but geometrically this is a noncommutative phase shift of 180 degrees. This means the information is now from the future. Science assumes we can not have entangled signals from the future but this is due to the inherent uncertainty from the noncommutative time-frequency resonance and the asymmetry of time against the symmetry of Western mathematics. But as long as there is no framework for measurements - which is what science relies on - then we resonate with the Emptiness as our true self - and the information is the synchronized coherent light. Science assumes that the Emptiness is random noise when in fact quantum biology now tells us that order arises from order - the quantum entanglement pre-exists as the Emptiness source that creates 3D spacetime. So this is the Emptiness - we exist within it but we can listen to it as time-frequency resonance and as with sonoluminescence - the listening process resonates back as energy. Sri Aurobindo recognized this irony based on quantum physics and consciousness - this is why Nirvikalpa Samadhi as the Emptiness is impersonal - there is just pure awareness but not self-awareness whereas the light as in dreaming is our spiritual ego - our right-brain awareness. Focus is then the left-brain logical inference of the formless awareness - it is internal listening or mouna samadhi (silence samadhi) but the resonance is through sound-current so that OHM spontaneously resonates as the Yuan Qi energy out of the right side of the heart. The original qigong master says when he listens closely he then hears this OHM resonating out of all of reality. The OHM is the infinite 1-4-5 music intervals as the Tai Chi or the three gunas.The qigong master who befriended me recently posted a youtube video describing this listening to the Emptiness as hearing the wind - as this is also described in the Taoist Yoga: Alchemy and Immortality text. So the left ear is the Yuan Qi "tiger roar" energy that manifests as the kidney energy or the yin qi lower tan tien energy being full. The right ear energy is then the Yuan Shen energy so that the original qigong master when he focuses on the Emptiness, always sees light in his lower tan tien. Through sound - this means that our quantum consciousness of the Emptiness is activated by the highest sound we can hear by internal listening - in fact when ultrasound is aimed at our brain it resonates the microtubules which activates the quantum Emptiness vacuum energy as consciousness - but it's heard internally as the highest sound pitch we can hear. Or in contrast we can listen to that highest pitch sound. In turn the inverse of this ultrasound frequency is the wavelength or time period of the microsecond which is proven to be quantum entanglement coherence - macroquantum consciousness energy. This is the activation of the meridian qi energy. The slight difference in microsecond phase as the stereophony of the ears - the difference in hearing between the left and right ears, then creates an ELF wave subharmonic beat of the ultrasound quantum Emptiness resonance. The ELF wave is the activation of the Yuan Qi energy of the heart (the theta REM holographic spirit energy) - and is also the collagen piezoelectric resonance, activated by our legs pulsating 7 times per second from the standing active exercise with the knees bent. This ELF resonance creates a standing wave resonance with the Schumann resonance - as my website details - the qigong healers have been documented by science to create magnetic fields a thousand times greater than the heart magnetic field - and these magnetic fields pulsate at 7 to 8 times per second as yuan qi energy, as standing wave resonance with the ELF Earth energy. This is the Yuan Qi energy activated and so when the qigong master goes into the theta REM visualization with the loud OHM this also activates the heart Yuan Qi energy as ELF energy from the third eye holographic spirit being fully open. The holographic REM heart vision energy that is holographic is literally creating a new yin shen synchronized coherent holographic spirit energy that heals another person and it does so by going back in time to the origin of the energy blockage and by literally reversing spacetime by creating a white hole where there was a black hole - and this is down through entanglement. Science, as my website details, now confirms that in fact quantum entanglement is also a black hole-white hole worm hole tunnel and this again is the Emptiness origin of 3D spacetime. Again science is limited by time-frequency uncertainty since science relies on external measurement but we can listen to the source of time-frequency and quantum biology has proven we have this ability and that quantum entanglement is the source of light from harmonic resonance - not from randomness as physics wrongly assumes. My website gives more details on the noncommutative or yin-yang secrets of the alchemy training. For example how the left hand is yang and the right hand is yin and so when doing the standing active exercise you jump start the battery through this shock - by putting the left yang hand facing the yin lower body and the right yin hand facing the yang upper body. Whereas in sitting meditation the left leg is yang and so it is the positive embracing the negative - the left leg should be on top for full lotus. Whereas for the mudra the right hand is the negative embracing the positive of the upper body. So this is called completing the 8-circuit channel - is it jump starting the meridians by the lower yin body being embraced by the yang and the upper yang body being embraced by the yin. So Emptiness is actually the eternal process of yin-yang resonance and this is the secret of alchemy - which is why to achieve Emptiness, as the qigong master who befriended me emphasized, the key is to overcome the fear of the kidneys - to build up first the lower tan tien energy. I give the details on my website.