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  1. Pyramid Power!

    Interesting way of commenting on big pharma. The chemical imbalance theory has been debunked. Even psychiatrists are saying it was just a metaphor. It's just a tickle that can cause brain damage.
  2. Condensing Chi

    Questions about the effects of condensing your chi abound. Has anyone out there experienced a feeling of internal springyness? I have the feeling I should have waited until I was more relaxed mentally and physically before screwing around with this, but now it's too late. Hopefully this energy will become condensed into my bones and I'll feel somewhat normal again. Any thoughts on this?
  3. Plz Recommend Books on the Introduction to Daoism

    Hi, I recommend Wen-Tzu Understanding the Mysteries Further Teachings of Lao-tzu Translated by Thomas Cleary I find that in reading it some or perhaps a lot of meditation helps as it is so far removed from what our world has become. Best of luck to you.
  4. A strange form of suicidality

    I deal with suicidal ideation everyday. I had cancer, chronic post concussion syndrome and am bipolar. I also have a pinched nerve between c1 and c2 from my fall which I cannot afford to address at this time. I'm in constant pain. On top on it all I'm always alone and have no friends or family. At present I am committed to being prepared for what is next. I will not be a victim to this, I do a few Tai Chi Forms, standing meditation, and am determined not to be a victim to my own emotions. It's a start.
  5. Spirituality Taoism

    Hi and welcome. In my experience a focus on healing is better for me. I think it depends on your own internal balance. Some people are fine with martial arts and it is very fulfilling and enriches their lives.
  6. Hello from Oak Park, IL

    I started studying Tai Chi Chuan at an early age by Master Waysun Liao, but mostly his instructors. I feel misled, but would welcome any thoughts on the subject. For example, in my many talks with Master Liao, he did not instruct me in Taichi, but rather steered me in the direction of psychology as an answer to what was disturbing me. I was only in High School at the time.