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  1. Alaskan practitioner.

    Hello soaring crane! Actually love that show. I met many of the cast members who came to our town to meet and greet the locals. Thank you and I am excited to be here. Raven's Fire
  2. Alaskan practitioner.

    Hello from Alaska. I have the original VHS tape's of flying phoenix heavenly healing and have been doing this for quite some time. I just ordered the DVDs. I am a Tlingit native in southeastern Alaska. There are various forms of qigong which are taught here Flying Phoenix Heavenly Healing has been the one I am familiar with most. I originally bought the VHS tapes and years ago after I was diagnosed with rheumatoid arthritis. When I first started, I actually found myself having so much energy that I found it rather difficult to go to sleep. Daily practice has made it so that my pain levels are next to zero. :-)