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  1. Hello, I saw that this resource on the Daozang was not already here so I have made this post for such. The following is a site has the Chinese text version of the Daozang. I am not sure if it is complete though. http://daozang.com/ This site has some English translated excerpts from the Daozang that you may find interesting including a translation of the TTC from Siji Tzu's perspective. http://daozang.info/ I found both of these sites very interesting and they took some looking to actually get to. I hope you all can use them as well. All credit to Ray Larose for both of these resources for he is the one who owns both of the sites I think.
  2. Looking for a Mandarin learning partner

    Hello. I am a college student also trying to learn the language in hopes of reading the daoist texts in their original form some day. I would enjoy practicing chinese with you whenever. My skype is jparsons97.
  3. Hello, friends :)

    As somoeone who is beginning jing cultivation I found this very helpful. Welcome to the community.
  4. Introduction

    Hello, my name is Collin. I am 18 years old and currently attending university in the United States.Throughout my life I have always been interested in Asian culture/religion and hope to learn more about it. I am mainly here though so that I might be able to find my way spiritually. I read the Tao Te Ching around 3 years ago and have been very interested in it ever since. I am not sure if I am meditating correctly and really have been struggling to find resources that would guide me in the right direction. I am very open and hope that you all can teach me to become more connected with myself and the energy around me. Thank you.