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  1. Using the Yi to lead the Chi

    Thank you all of you who took time to respond. I think I already understand what dwai is saying here, on an intellectual level. ---to experience that in practice for a sustained period must be awesome. I have experienced that light ¨in the flow¨ feeling whilst climbing and skiing in the past. Although I practice repetitive eight brocade moves --i should imagine when you undertake a series of Tai Chi moves it must be quite revelatory. At the first shallow level ba duan jinn is about systematic stretching, At the second level you grasp the meaning of the elixir of life being within and what the dantien does, At the third level you grasp the move/not move dichotomy at a deep level (I have yet to absorb this). But I think the secret is to continue practicing. In my case ----i had to break off as we got a puppy last November. ---my meditation state has been somewhat shallow since then. Hard to tune into the endles void with a puppy trying to have sex with your leg !
  2. Hi there. Thanks bums for advice on my 3 treasures post. I have a further question which I am not yet grasping about Qi Gong. it refers to a comment by Yan Jwing Ming where he states, that the intent is using the Yi to lead the Chi. Now is there a moment I'm not yet grasping in Qi Gong - the moment between deciding to move and not moving?
  3. Understood the three treasures

    Thank you. I did indeed spend time with her writings. She is fascinating. People from Asia have a way of thinking which is to us Westerners very light, as if "non doing", where this light touch is the Way. I experienced this during a long stay in Saudi Arabia where many of my friends and colleagues were Eastern (Filipino, Arab, Indian). I'd argue that on some level the Islamic way (please not the cartoon Saudi nonsense inflicted on the West the last 16 years) relates to Taoism. When an Arab says "Insha'allah" he is submitting to the will of Allah, in some way parallel to a Taoist allowing nature to follow its own path. It is a way of thinking completely alien to the mainstream West.
  4. ....I hope. I've been practising Ba Duan jinn 3 years now almost. On a shallow level, it is for me a brilliant stretching system, although, in the beginning, I did hallucinate several times as the meditational side opened out to me very early on. I have always understood what Chi is, as I feel it running up my spine, and occasionally down my front. Now, Jing, I understand to be - shall we say - life essence. Now holding on to that as much as possible, leads to preserving your healing energy. It is by preserving this life energy - Jing - that the energy begins to shine out from within. I remember this experience very early on as I "played around" with the Eight Brocades. I can remember feeling unbelievably energetic like a light was shining from me outwards. Now my question is, is this Shen? I have long read about what Chi, Jing and Shen were but never really got them in reality. Have I understood at an experiential level what the three treasures are?
  5. Hi there, I'm a follower of the Eight Pieces of Brocade (Ba Duan Jin) system in Qi Gong. I'm self taught and have been doing this for almost 2 years. I earnestly try to calm my mind and sense the Chi running up my spine. Very occasionally it runs through my head and if I hold my tongue on my upper mouth I believe I can sense it running down back to the Dan Tien. The other line I've very definitely sensed is down my arm to my hand, especially if I'd done the "tapping" Qi Gong routine. So that's 2 of the 12 I have definitely sensed. How easy are the others to gain a "glimpse" of? Qi Gong gives me insights into my, or rather the human body, almost every day.
  6. Hallo from a Qi Gong novice!

    Thanks SC. I'm discovering the more 8POB becomes routine, the more you get out of it. it does inexplicable things to you every day and they are always different. Being an Ami I'm guessing ex military. I was on post as a contractor in Grafenwöhr in the middle of 9-11. I live south of Munich.
  7. Hallo from a Qi Gong novice!

    Hallo there, my name is Jeremy I'm British but live in Germany. I did a course in Qi Gong a year or so ago. I took it up again lately and every single morning I indulge in "Eight Pieces of Brocade" thanks to Dr Yan Jwing Ming's books/site. I follow the sequence the best I can, I love that it is 1500 years old. I can imagine myself doing it at 70. Hope I've come to the right site.