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  1. The origin of mankind

    It doesn't matter if they have 6,5,4,3,2or1 leg.
  2. The origin of mankind

    Hmmm-maybe mankind are just like insects which wanted to come to this planet.
  3. You are spirit

    It could mean 'you are ghost'...?
  4. The origin of mankind

    What does it mean?
  5. simplify

    Fresh air
  6. The origin of mankind

    Thank-you very much for the link.It seem there are many different kind of religions on this planet.That could mean there are many different kind of mankinds?
  7. The origin of mankind

    Could you tell me more about Zoroastrianism? For example, where does it come from? Do they have their own god?
  8. The origin of mankind

    So ask yourself if You are going the right way...You won't achieve much you know that very well, blaming of life and trying to get everything for yourself doesn't work it's all over now and we must not forget about modern time we have today.It is a time to meditate and train ourselves.
  9. The origin of mankind

    Yes, technology have got involved somehow until today...but when I ask this question to myself why we are here.....it must be that we want to enjoy our life truly by the body and soul.
  10. The origin of mankind

    Origin of mankind got splited. I am sure something like this must had happened. Mankind must had splited somehow...!
  11. The origin of mankind

    It's pity, but reality is this man called'Jesus'is dead for a long time by now.I believe he might have done good job but I've been wondering still why he got in a situation that he had to die? Let's think about it...why still today millions of people think of Jesus as if he is around watching mankind from somewhere and praying for him as if he is a god. Personally speaking I am daoist and how I understand about a god is very different from many people.
  12. The origin of mankind

    Hmmm-origin of your son...?
  13. The origin of mankind

    Thank you again! Origin of mankind, after all we are finding out about why we are here and for what!
  14. The origin of mankind

    It's so nice of you Nungali, you lift up my thread!
  15. The origin of mankind

    Here in my thread, I am not writing about politic and about the truth.