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  1. Huii Chun Gong - who knows it?

    i've been practising it for 20 years a very good longevity technique, focusing mainly in the kydney meridian system the problem is to find a teacher who nows what he is doing. since his introduction in the 1980's in china, and the succession of the lineages bosses it was profoundly changed. in my opinion they are missing the essential doing it like the majority of people i know do Taiji a simple ritual copy of the form that loses what is funda mental in this "INTERNAL" qigong exercise namely, understanding what Internal means if you want more information, you're welcome to ask
  2. Huii Chun Gong - who knows it?

    of the taoist Quanzhen of mount Hua Shan lineage
  3. Huii Chun Gong - who knows it?

    yes, the swimming dragona is a set of 4 exercises from the 13 of the Bian Zhizhong's, Hui Chun Gong aka The return of spring i appreeciate some video links
  4. Chuang Tzu chapter 15

  5. The Chuang Tzu

    where can i download the ZHUNAGZHI THKS
  6. hello from tamba

    the budhist techniques are of two kinds, meditation and movement for meditation i use tibetan techniques of visualization, like Vajrastava and others for movements one must is the yi jin jing, Bodhidharma himself wrote the book about the technique, then you have the kannon (chinese Tara) qigong and zhan zhuang, Chinese practicioners try to assert that is ancient chinese technique, it's not true, is a Buddhist adaptation of movements developed by wang xiang zhai who stayed a year in shaolin with an old monk 90 years old spontaneous qi gong is the BELL qigong from the Buddhist monastery of Tien Hoe, that i've learned the i adapted it to ZZ practice
  7. i know dayan qigong have 19 sequences of movement i knew 5 and forgot 2 of them , anyone knows more than that? can you give me a link? thks
  8. hello from tamba

    hi juls thank you for the interest. i don't like very much to speak of myself, otherwise i can give you my background in the arts and i would appreciate to have yours it started in 62 with harada karate, in the guinza of são paulo, that is the only country who have big japanese immigration, and their centers where in the town were i lived i started going zen meditatio in a beautiful dojo soto zen and it didn't stopped, later i moved to paris whewre i've stayed for 20 years and learned techniques with people in all europe, and tibetan buddhism, but the main center of qigong was and is paris andnd now it's ten years i've did plenty of things, now i'm putting them together, it includees spontaneous qigong, buddhist techniqes and taoist techniques) my main practice actually are the 2 first sets of DAYAN qigong (wild goose q.) my kind of zhan zhuang 1 hour of you can call it walking meditation when it pleases me or helps me i've got plenty of others techniques that i can chose from keepwell
  9. hello from tamba

    hello spiritual friends i have some expecience in internal arts, this include qigong and being alone there was a moment that the puzzle fell into place so now i'll look for what interests me for starters, , i would like to explore standing mediation spontaneous qigong i'm 71 years old , poorly retired (otherwise i would not be a bum) i was born in france and i'm living in a tiny village in the center of brasil, my english is barely enough to undedrstand an d eventually comment the topics in discussion, anyway will learn a little more english thank you tamba