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  1. Yang (right) side of body out of balance?

    Perceiver, I had similar symptoms to what you experienced. I'm a student of Chinese medicine, I tried everything I could think of to clear up Liver Qi Stagnation but nothing worked. I also experienced 50% decreased sensation on all of the whole right side of my body, even the right brain felt as if it was compressed with a very weird felling. I then consulted a very good pulse reading doctor, the kind of doctor that you don't tell him your symptoms, instead he takes your pulse and he tells you what symptoms you probably have. He confirmed my own diagnosis of Liver Qi stagnation but he added that the stagnation was very severe, probably from unresolved emotional trauma and prescribed me a very strong herbal treatment for 1 week. I took the tonic and I physically felt the medicine working through my meridians, it was incredible. I was in pain the first 3-4 days, especially near the genital area, I felt as if someone had kicked my pubic bone as hard as they can, it was excruciating pain. Then the medicine worked through the stagnation up to my head and face at the Gallbladder meridian. I now have the sensation back on the right side of my body and my face is back to normal, looking quite similar to the left side!
  2. Newbie! ;)

    Hello to everyone! I'm currently furthering my studies in Chinese medicine. I got my bachelor's degree 7 years ago and was practicing until a few months ago when I decided to go back to school and study full time again (master's) and I'm hoping to be able to get to China in a few years from now to do my PhD. I'm also currently studying Mandarin Chinese (HSK level 3 right now), I hope to visit China and be able to converse with the people in their language. Taoism has been an important part of my life for many years now. Its integrated it into my work and into my daily life. I also practice Qi Gong, it's changed my life. I'm happy to be part of this group and looking forward to reading and posting!