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  1. Title says it all really.
  2. the value of life

    Don't worry about the dead, just do your tail dragging.
  3. the value of life

    Go away. Let me drag my tail in the mud.
  4. The Busy Mind

    A task I've taken on in the past and had quite pleasant results in thoughfullness and general productivity in my life. Personally I feel it depends on the activity of the mind. Is it an act to occupy it but achieve nothing, or is it an effort/gesture in cultivation? -OK so this conflicts a lot with 'do nothing' and duality. Hau Hau Ching was it that LZ explained the concept of cultivating oneself to the prince without desires?
  5. I use quan as a label for the versions that teach the combat application of the motions. In my area Tai Chi is taught more for health and wellness with no reference to the martial arts aspect.
  6. Yoga seems the most viable for me at the moment. I have a beginers manual, designed to start simple and gradually increase intensity. I dabbled in Tai Chi years ago, sadly lost my instructional dvd. I've shopped a little since then but I'm not sure which to get be it a simple or 108 form, also considered Tai Chi Quan. Qi Gong I have barely any experience with. I've heard that Tai Chi has better results, Qi Gong manifests faster, any validity to this?
  7. I 'think' I'm starting to 'see'. (Terms seem different, less definitive once you seek Tao) I came in with notions of 'right and wrong' ways to the Tao. In some ways I'm already there I just need to learn to be the tao. Not concern myself with 'errors' simply maintain a mindful caution in my actions. I expected a set course or path that would lead to results. I'm starting to see it is more wandering with random interventions.
  8. Generative force, relationship, and vasectomy

    But the spermatoza never leave the body, so a fraction of the equation is never lost. The question is the effects of that retained portion. Edit- Though it might be an unfamiliarity with the concepts of essence conservation on my part. Personally I see it as part of the 'package'. While perhaps not a great influence on conservation the body likely does use some resources to create the spermatoza.
  9. I respect those who perform retention, to each their own. Personally it will be a partial practice at best, engaged and very much enjoying the pleasures of the flesh. I've heard mention of methods to enjoy without normal release of force but unfamiliar with names/techniques and I would a appreciate being pointed in the right direction. --Looking back I can affirm during a time of physical cultivation and circumstantial retention I felt quite an energy, though at the time knew nothing of generative force, looking back it makes perfect sense. Also I'm curious to hear from retention practitioners what kinds of effects it has on intimate relationships. Also I've had a vasectomy performed, (if the procedure was successfull) no new semen will be created, and there should be no viable semen in storage (4 month shelf life) by the middle of next month. I wonder how/if this procedure effect retention and other energy systems.
  10. And where to look/learn? Correct if wrong; It's best to start with the physical cultivation (qi gong, tai chi, yoga) before begining meditation/chackra/tan tien. I'm really confused where to start and how to progress. It sounds like some lessons should be supervised by a teacher, how far can I safely go without one? Could I learn in time to teach? I recently picked up a book by the Barefoot Doctor and I'm curious others' thoughts on his work.
  11. Seeking Direction

    Ah some other odds and ends I forgot to bring up, I wasn't sure how these aspects of my life coordinate with Tao living. I am a body building enthusiast. While not extreme I lift weights on a near daily basis. Mild sore/stiffness is a regular and I didn't know if this was a concern practicing yoga or Tai Chi. I also follow a low carb diet that has helped remedy high blood pressure and roughly 100 lbs of weight, curious others thoughts on diet.
  12. Seeking Direction

    Hello everyone. I'm a 33 year old man from the USA. Read the Tao Te Ching several time over the past five years but never delved to deep into Taoism past that. My interest has been growing lately and I'm hoping that I can delve deeper with the help this forum. I have to admit I'm a bit overwhelmed and confused, searching the internet I find dozens of variations or I find little hints selling classes and courses. I'm not even sure how far taoism goes I get the impression that it has much 'science of living' for better flow with the Tao and a healthy balanced life. How can I learn how deep the rabbit hole goes? Is it something best progressed through stages? I've started reading about tan tiens, but then I ask 'Should I start here or with the Chakra points? Can one complicate the other?' I've side researched into the chakra points but I get the feeling you have to be careful not to break the balance of the 7 points or it can cause bad results. Cleansing the Chakras, do you have to comit to all 7 points in one session or can you tap one a day? I've also found reference to yoga and chakra, is it ok to do yoga at a gym class or from a book? Is there better methods? Funny thing about my relationship with the Tao is you shouldn't worry, but I'm worrying over it.