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Found 3 results

  1. Hi everyone, I want to become immortal. Is there enough information on the Internet that would allow me to attain immortality? And what are the best resources that would allow me to do that? Thanks. EDIT: Obviously I am not talking about physical immortality but spiritual immorality where one doesn't have to reincarnate again.
  2. The Busy Mind

    I have noticed that I have several distractions to keep my mind busy. Reading, movies, music, internet. A busy mind indicates a mind that is not content. At least, busy with distractions like these. I live a pretty solitary life so maybe on some level I need these. But I would like to see how my thinking changes without these. So, as a start, I am going to see if I can do without Internet for a week. Even as I read books, I have the urge to look up info regarding what I read, on the net. The result of being a child of the Information Age. So, let's see if this is possible. If I post before next Friday, you will know for sure that I have failed.
  3. Unorthodox translations of the TTC

    I found the following Text while messing about on the internet, Im always looking for diferent adaptations of the Tao Te Ching as well as personal input and interpretations people have posted arround. Not only do I find it incredibly amusing, I think it has a certain clarity you won't find in many other Taoism texts out there. I apologize for the inconvenience if it's been posted before. Link: A slice for your reviewing. adapted by Ron Hogan originally attributed to "Jesse Garon"[...]15The ancient Masters were pretty damn impressive.They were deep. Real deep.Words can't even begin to describe how deep they were.You can only talk about what they were like.They were careful, like a man walking on thin ice.They were cautious, like a soldier behind enemy lines.They were polite, like a guest at a party.They moved quickly, like melting ice. They were as plain as a block of wood.Their minds were as wide as a valley, and their hearts were as clear as spring water.Can you wait for that kind of openness and clarity before you try to understand the world?Can you stay still until events have unfolded before you do the right thing?When you act without expectations, you can accomplish great things. 16Clear your head.Stay calm.Watch as everything happens around you.Everything reverts to its original state, which was nothing.And whenever something becomes nothing, it gets right with Tao.If you don't understand that, you're going to screw up somewhere down the line.If you figure it out, you'll always know what to do.If you get right with Tao, you won't be afraid to die, because you know you will.