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  1. Can any1 help me plz?

    @Marblehead. Thnx for the advice man. I am a meat eater. Have been for a long while, cos I couldn't digest fruits and vegies without issues. Especially fruits, but over the past 2 months I've been eating 1 banana a day, so I think that is some progress. I usually don't have any 'gurgling or upset tummy - its usually an issue when it gets to my intestines. My skin issue is because of my 'bio chemistry' (I think). So basically that is how it manifests, ie a problem, depending if I put the wrong food/particle into my system. But thanks for the tips.
  2. Can any1 help me plz?

    Thanks for the response guys. Let me elaborate if nobody minds. Current feelings: Blood pressure really low. Feels like my brain has a 'parasite sucking the energy out'. If it gets really bad, I will experience 'depression like symptoms' whereby I start feeling dizzy, unfocused, very weary, and I get really sad thoughts/feelings. I'm pretty sure its a 'chemical thing'. I've been to 2 doctors in the last 2 months - both are nice guys, but as usual, it seems they can't get to the root cause of my problem. 1st doc recommend I take 'Creon' for digestion. This has helped. Also, 'Iberogast' for gas - think its had an ok effect. Prescribed powerful med - 'Cilifit' - for depression, but this is a bad drug, judging from my reactions to it, so I stopped after 5 days.. Also, he said, an Egg a day plus 'Future Life' for nutrition. My mentality has been ok for most of the 1st month ie. not 'depressed' feeling in brain, and had energy to do stuff. I was surprised I was able to digest so many things without as bad reactions as I was expecting. So this gave me hope, and my head was feeling ok to talk to people and go outside and do things. I'm still taking the 'Creon' and Iberogast' - so that's been for over 2 months now, but the other things can cause bad reaction for my body, specifically, I get gassy, skin feels itchy, gas seems to manifest in certain points in body causing sharp pain ( can happen anywhere). So, I usually try to figure out what food I've been consuming and then try to eliminate it. So I stopped the 'Future Life" and eggs (a couple weeks ago) etc. I do this all the time, cos something keeps me awake, irritating my biology. As long as I can sleep in peace, that's like the 1st objective I have. So I bounce around with what I consume all the time, going back to old things, when new ones have failed. So my head started feeling completely drained and slightly sad again, so I went to an Ayurvedic doctor (2nd doctor). He said I must eat 'Kitcheri rice'. Also "Chywamprash" and 'Meltone Syrup'. The syrup had a good reaction for my brain, and one day I felt like I could think really well, but I had to stop it becos of the other reactions it was having in my guts, causing gas etc. I used "Chywamprash' for 2 weeks, but stopped it, then after like 8 days, I took it again yesterday, but then a mouth ulcer I have on my left hand side cheek ( inner lining of mouth) got swollen/ bigger, then I'm thinking I was right to stop it. Plus he prescribed "Sesame Seed oil' to be rubbed on body, and then washed off everyday. The oil was giving me pimples, and I knew this is not good. I tried keeping it on the whole day once, and that night, I could hardly sleep - felt as if my skin was crawling. So I obviously quit this as well. He also said I take "LifeGain' - similar to 'Future Life' , but of course this gave me some bad reaction to, so I stopped. After seeing this doctor I also had an upswing, but the last 10 days, I feel I've been going down. I had like 2 "OK" days in a row, whereby I didn't have to sleep during the day, but then again my energy is feeling really low again. This is so frustrating. I probably didn't explain all my symptoms, but this is just basically what's been going on recently. Any advice is welcome, cos I really don't know what to do. I go to doctor, they give their advice, and it almost always doesn't seem to help. Some things do help, but most doesn't. If anybody has any bright ideas, I'm all ears. Here's my email address if anyone want to contact me direct. : [email protected]
  3. Can any1 help me plz?

    Would really like some advice at least, if any1 has some words of wisdom. Been going through a rough time with my health, and need some direction or something. Thank you.
  4. Yell O Ya'll

    Ty Sir. What is it that you folks discuss here in general? Anything specific, or do I just have to go over the old posts to gain a better understanding?
  5. Yell O Ya'll

    Thought I'd join this forum to hopefully come across any information that would be helpful to me in my plight. ( AKA My Life ). Can't say I've ever heard of Taoism, so sorry for that. Just Googled it, and although I would like to believe in everything it represents ie. Harmony ( God know I need this), and Humility ect, I really see these as more romanticised ideals. But anyway, what do I know...just thought I'd say 'Hi', and was seeing if I'll be accepted among its members.