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  1. simplify

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    "Corpus callosum"
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    clue bees and a kid.
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  5. simplify

    PS: ur interpretation of my name is a little wrong... "Corpus delicti"
  6. simplify

    well based on ur avatar doesnt say much to interpet a simple nickname.
  7. simplify

    SIGRNYS... no offense.
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  9. simplify

  10. simplify

  11. simplify

    Long live time travel within our minds. Our minds are very much capable of crossing "time"
  12. simplify

    the biggest mistake human beings make is they tend to depend on technology, yet it is run and operated by their body/mind. Time travel was natural for us since the beginning we slept and dreamed. Its all about perception. We dont need technology to get to us to places, all it takes is a simple thought and vision. Doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out we can jump from different planes either, its all in the mind.
  13. simplify

    pS: Dreams or when a humanoid sleeps is pure time travel. The time spend in dreams and different lives equals to years of your current present perception. We dont need technology to time travel, we do it daily. ::)
  14. simplify

    (s) titr001..... from the future and different timelines aloha!
  15. simplify

    titor was a test and a scape goat