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  1. Chat room

    Yaaaaaaaaaaay! Thank You!!!!!!!!!!! :3
  2. Chat room

    I need help! Why can't I go to the chat room? Every time I go to the chat room it Saids, oops something went wrong. You do not have access to our chat room. Ummm why? Help?
  3. Evil whispering in my ear at night

    Thank you everybody who replied. I appreciate it so much! Anything is helpful and I will look forward to more replies and opinions. I truly appreciate it. If you would like to send me a personal message you can. Feel free to send or ask. But the other thing is that ... Well some of you won't believe me, but it's ok or some would know what I'm talking about. Someone put something on me wicked evil. I know who it was but I don't know why or what.
  4. I always have dreams at night but they can be really crazy. I know that dreams have a meaning of your life or future but I wouldn't know. Normally by the time I wake up, I never remember my dreams. It's once in a while when I do remember a dream. As crazy as it would sound but I would like to share it with you guys a piece of me because first of all, no one lives forever and if there's someone who understands what I'm going through or wants to be helpful, I would be very thankful to anyone who replays. There are mysterious/evil things going in my life. And I do kinda know why but I don't have all the answers. You know who Jenn is? She's on my friends list if you look her up in my profile. Her story is similar like mine. Ya it's sad and scary. I try to leave her a message but she hasn't logged on in years. But anyways there are demons haunting me everyday. They follow me everywhere I go. It's like demon attachment. They talk to me through any kind of noises, I've seen like a white foggy shadow flying a round and a dark shadow. I've also seen light. They like to whisper in my ear and enter in my dreams. I believe in God but there's Christians who would tell you that satan or his demons Cannot read your mind or thoughts or know what your thinking... BS! They can! And they have proven to me. A lot of times I think about something random or I say something in my head, and they reply to what I said in my head. And yeah my mouth is closed. They do threaten my life and hurt me on my chest. They want me to obey them and they say they are angels from God..... -____- anyways I'm not going to explain everything about it here I just said a part of it. Anyways since a month now every time I go to bed, I listen to this Christian guy praying at night in YouTube. He does many verity of prayers. And long prayers. So, I listen to him last night & a demon came in my dream. The way that the YouTube guy prays, well the "demon" came to my dream and used the guy prayer and twisted his words. I don't remember nothing what the demon was saying but I do remember he was saying evil wicked things & against me. But I must say at the time I was deeply asleep so I wasn't awake. So throughout the man on youtube praying as the demon was talking over him and twisting his words, as soon as the man finished his prayer and said amen, the demon who was praying evil told me and kept telling me to say Amen in my sleep. It said, say amen! Say amen! And I said No! After that I felt it flee from me . I then woke up as I immediately prayed to God. I was just thinking... me being that heavenly asleep, Thank God I didn't say amen to the devil. Plus the Bible does say, resist the Devil, and he will flee.
  5. I had a dream yesterday...

    I don't know what the dreams mean. But as for you guys, if you don't know either, don't waist his time....
  6. It's about me

    Hi I'm new here. My name is Jackie. I don't know how to use this. I can't change my profile or add things about me, I can't go to members because it would say, SORRY YOU DONT HAVE PERMISSION FOR THAT. Sound familiar? I can't add friends because it would say the same thing. I can't add my own Community Status. I try to search and click everything and looks for hell and nothing. I can't 'find content'. What the hell do I do??!! I'm so close of just deactivating my account or just a banding it.