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  1. Getting into the I Ching

    Thanks Daeluin & Trunk for the insightful answers and recommendations. I'm going to have a look at those things.
  2. Getting into the I Ching

    Thanks Michael, for the explanation about the yarrow sticks and the book recommendation. I'm going to check that one out
  3. Getting into the I Ching

    I'd like to get a book n the I Ching and make it a part of my life. Any recommendations as which are some good books? Also, some people prefer sticks and others coins. Is one better? Or are coins just more convenient? Would love to hear everyone's thoughts in this. Ben
  4. Just a humble taobump to bring this to the top to increase awareness about Sifu Terry's lawsuit with dreamworks. As Kung fu Panda 3 is going to be released later this year appearantly more awareness should be spread about this. What are the latest updates on this Sifu Terry?
  5. Back Pain - How I got rid of it!

    Excellent post Ya Mu, Thanks for sharing your insights and experiences with everyone. Ben
  6. Back Pain - How I got rid of it!

    Silent Answers, Sounds like a great experiment to do. After the first week I gave up coffee and sugar I noticed a big shift I'm going to PM you something if you don't mind. Ben
  7. Back Pain - How I got rid of it!

    Thanks for sharing the things that helped your back pain. Stretching the right muscles certainly is an excellent and almost necessary way of healing / preventing back pain.
  8. Back pain, Why am I'm going to share this? Everyone is going to go though it at some point in their lives. It can become an obstacle to our Qigong or Tai Chi practice and so many other things of course. I read before that some members have had back issues also so I decided to share. Long story short, I had lower back pain and sciatica for over 6 months. I tried many things and eventually my back got healed. I wanted to share with you guys what had helped me. Having back pain for such a long time for sure was my karma, I don't doubt that. But I feel I should share with you guys the things I did that worked and that healed my back. 1 - Diet - Having an anti inflammatory diet is a must. The main two things I completely cut out of my diet were sugar and caffeine, especially coffee. Both of those things create more inflammation and slow down the healing process tremendously. Sugar and caffeine do much more damage beyond that but in the scope of this little post I like to keep it to the point. 2 - Exercise - Twists, leg raises and other exercises that strengthen the core muscles is really important. Once the corse muscles get trained properly and become stronger it's easier for you body to keep things in place. 3 - Correct sitting posture - No more sloughing on chairs and couches, always sitting straight without leaning against something really helps strengthen core muscles and keeps you alert also. Sitting on the ground is best. 4 - Chiropractic adjustments - I had a friend give me chiropractic adjustments, mainly my neck and back. My atlas kept going out of place, what created a strain on my back, my lower back being the weakest point, that's where the trouble started. After 5 sessions things stayed in place and my body was adjusting to the original postion of the spine again. 5 - Inversion Table - At some point along the road I was very desperate to heal my back so I decided to buy an inversion table. In that way I could hang upside down with no strain anywhere and that allowed my spine to relax, create space and align. This made a huge difference! It completely removed my sciatica (pinched nerve). I still hang upside down twice daily to keep my spine in excellent shape and of course inversion has many other great benefits. After a long day it's the ultimate way to de-stress. 6 - Prayer - Prayer is powerful. It never hurts to pray for the right thing. If you have back issues, pray, pray that you may be healed and keep having faith that one day you will heal your back. The right circumstances will happen one day to let that happen. 7 - Herbs - There are great herbs that you can take to reduce inflammation and assist the body in healing itself. One of them is a herb called "Sallaki" There are other herb also, either Ayurvedic, Chinese or other that can assist you but really depends on the individual. 8 - Acupuncture - Everyone knows this. It is always helpful. Can help greatly with reducing inflammation and clearing out the pathways for the energy to flow better to heal yourself faster. 9 - Qigong - For the little Qigong I was doing during this time I feel it has helped a bit. Specifically I was doing Flying Phoenix Qigong learned from Sifu Terry Dunn. I wasn't able to do much but when I did I feel it helped. If at least one person has drawn inspiration from my little post here then it was already totally worth it. If you have back pain, may it heal fast for you and may you continue to do great things in life. Ben PS: I'd like to encourage everyone reading this to share their ways of getting rid of their back pain.
  9. Medical Qigong Profession

    Ya Mu, I think it would be a great thing to do, so many people can be helped. I do feel that its best to undergo training and work experience in China for some years. My life at the moment is more about personal practise. Maybe I go that direction one day? Lets see what the future holds.. I was mainly interested in hearing opinions to get a better understanding and I did, so thank you all. Nevertheless medical qigong is really amazing and I hope many more will open up to it and let it heal one and all. Ben
  10. Medical Qigong Profession

    Thanks everyone for the insightful replies. Its a very interesting subject with many views. May everyone on earth benefit from qigong Ben
  11. I was wondering how are medical qigong "doctors" regarded? Are there actual titles you can hold and are they accepted as "valid" by the majority of people? Anybody has taken this path and wants to share their views? Ben
  12. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    OK let me put it differently: to fight / defend with as little effort as possible. Thoughts?
  13. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    This thread has proven to be very interesting. Thanks everyone for the great discussions A general question: of all the fighting arts that are out there what would be the one that comes closest to actually fighting without fighting, meaning, to use as little effort to defend and strike back by for example redirecting the opponent with your energy. Understand what I mean? That is what I find very interesting, fighting with little involvement, a true art.
  14. Haiku Chain

    No worries
  15. Haiku Chain

    While I brew the tea, Jing is on the rise, While the shen awaits..