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  1. Greetings. I seek practical knowledge.

    Done. I agree with the warnings, so many people go without a clue, and they don't think about the implications of possible trolling to those who seeks answers. Wish you a great day!
  2. Hi there, I hope we are mostly here for the same reasons. I found news about nei kung. I am a seeker, and I do meditation since I was in my early teens. I just don't tolerate hoaxs and fluff stuff. I am an online marketer, so I know about the lies and hype. My intentions are pure, and I always asked myself why people are so dumb and willing to remain dumb. Knoledge ought to be practical, otherwise that is called faith. That is not knowledge, it is just thinking. True knowledge has an origin, an end, and a meaning for that end. Many of the buddhist sutras amused me, as I am a rational person. I was glad to see on text that what I merely reached by thoughts and thinking was thought before me. That calmed me, but growing up I have quickly discovered the hatred and evil emotions people bear to the seekers, without a proper justification what-so-ever. I still do not condone that. Anyone that crossed my way knows that. If you want to be ignorant, that is fine by me, but you should ever even think about posing yourself between knowledge and seekers. That I cannot tolerate. I'd like to find out the most interesting practical knowledge on this forum, so I'll be lurking for the most. I dont think many will read this, so If you do, have a great day ()/